Pakistan another powder keg

Pakistan is poised for a big explosion, a military coup. The Army Chief came out to deny that a coup was in the making. What is worrisome is the discovery of a note from a Pakistani leader asking the US to intervene to prevent a coup from happening. What a recipe for disaster! Now, who sent that note out for help? Or was there really a Pakistani leader that sent out such a note inviting a foreign power to move in to his country? Is that a sign that a certain foreign power are planning to meddle with Pakistan’s internal affair?

There were also talks of coup in China and in North Korea. Where would the support for such coups to come from? There have been frequent rumours in the media that these leaders are weak and the dissident groups are waiting to oust them out, and a coup is the perfect weapon.

No coup has happened in China or in North Korea since the end of WW2. Coups happened quite frequently in Arab land, in the Philippines, in South Korea, in South Vietnam, in Thailand, in Indonesia, but not even in North Vietnam. They are considered unstable govts but never had coups. Only stable countries have had coups.

Pakistan got to be very careful as the coup makers are working overtime for a coup, maybe with outside help.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah Pakistan's internal affairs are so messed up it doesn't matter who or what "meddles" with it.

The present govt should hand over (surrender) to the Taliban.

That would piss India off, who could then be enticed into launching a nuclear strike against the
paedophile worshipping towel heads of Pakistan.

Pakistan, also known as "the festering maggot-loaded arsehole of South Asia" has had many coups. In fact, it is a cuntry built on many islamic military fascist dictatorships....that's how they roll, bitches

Anonymous said...

Quick on the toes of Iraq comes Libiya and call anyone spell Syria ? Dominoes falling fast and furious . LAst piece to fall ? no prize for guessing

Victor said...

I do not subscribe to the terrorism facade fooling everyone else.

I also do not subscribe to the notion of an oppressor country annointing itself with the oil of self righteousness and setting nations ablaze, only to offer a loan to repair the country after destroying it for dubious reasons.

What happens next is that country is duped into that 'progress' proposition and sells their natural resources off cheap.

There is a reason for everything. How deep are we willing to go to uncover the unadultered truth amidst manufactured chaos?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Victor and Vanquished, welcome to the blog.

Why are all the wars happening in Asia and Africa while the Americans are worshipped by the Asians and Africans as the peace maker?

Victor said...


Anonymous said...

If not for the presence of the US, which is seeking every opportunity to be invited into Islam Lands, it is best to leave Pakistan alone. It is a country that is perpetually in trouble because of its' inhabitants.

denk said...

hello chua

i just posted a comment
but the next moment it was gone ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

*Why are all the wars happening in Asia and Africa while the Americans are worshipped by the Asians and Africans as the peace maker?*

house slave syndrome ?

by denk.

Sometimes it happened. What to do.