Singaporeans should welcome the taxi fare hike

The result speaks for itself. The taxi fare hike has achieved the results that commuters wanted. All the complaints about no taxis, long queue and long wait for taxis is now over. Commuters need only pay a little more to get a taxi faster. Isn’t this what taxis are all about compare to taking buses and MRTs? The taxis provide a different level of service, more privacy, more comfort, faster and convenience. It is only right that commuters have to pay more.

And taxi drivers need to have their incomes raised given the high cost of operation and high cost of living. Let’s be fair to them. And now they need not have to work so hard, and longer to get the same or a bit more income.

Some drivers may complain of lower income yesterday. This will be pass as commuters get use to the higher fare. It is all psychology, nothing to worry about. To those who have to depend on taxis, it is an essential service and they have no choice, no matter how high is the fare, they will have to take taxis. There is a captive market for the taxi operators. And if the buses and MRT slacken and the services deteriorated, or if they put less trains/buses out or curtail their operating hours, the taxi drivers will find more commuters going back to them.

I still find it too cheap and not good enough. When I can snap a finger and a taxi will quickly coast in front of me, smiling and so courteous to pick me up, don’t mind paying higher fare, then I will start to take taxis. You pay the price for the quality of service. Higher price, better service mah. Now stop complaining, just pay.


Anonymous said...

Hawkers are blamed for price hike. Now taxi drivers from ComfortDelgro will likely take the blame for taxi fare hike.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There must be some kind of price level which would make sense to a taxi operator -- i.e. make it worth his while to provide taxi services.

However, no customer has to automatically "agree" to any price increase. No one is forced into patronage/ purchase. Don't like? Simple. Don't buy.

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