$350,000 overseas phone bill

This is how much was chalked up by Kave Goh during his 17 days in Taiwan. Singtel said he only needed to pay $12,000. The discount would have made the Royal House of Brunei feel very good. It was a generous discount. It would look even better if the bill is $1m and they only charge him $50k. It would be seen as a very generous gesture.

The HDB should do the same. After all the market prices of HDB flats are already so high, just announce a 30% price cut and come 2016, the people would be so appreciative that PAP would win all 87 seats in Parliament. See the professional trick at play?

Another example, a CEO shall raise his pay to $10m and then announce that he will take a 50% pay cut, a whopping $5m pay cut. No one will notice that he had raised his pay from $2m to $10m and a $5m pay cut is still a $3m pay hike.

Now I digress. A sensible amount to pay for this Kave Goh or any customer should be the price of an unlimited package. Maybe make the customer pay an administrative charge for converting his existing plans to an unlimited one. This must be standard procedure for all telcos. If telcos can charge $15 a day for unlimited usage, it means that it will still make a decent profit on that package. Don’t forget that emails using internet are getting their unlimited transmission of information for free.

Now how much is an unlimited usage package for roaming in Taiwan? How much is that compared to the $12,000 that Kave Goh has to pay. What is fair, decent and reasonable without exploitation, taking advantage of the customers and profitable?
Such instances of hefty bills for a limited package had occurred frequently and even young students had been hit when the intent was only to use the service sparingly. And they might think that doubling or tripling the usage at most will double or triple the charge.

CASE must step in to put a stop to this menace and give the customers a fair and equitable deal. Oh yeah, the terms of conditions are legal and the customers signed on the dotted line. Any one who applies the terms and conditions literally in such cases to rob the customers is simply ruthless and inhuman. My mind brings me to Ah Long and their formula for calculating interest.


agongkia said...

But why does Cave having so much to talk during his stay in ROC.He has a choice not to talk so much unless he really stay in a Taitung cave.
But even NT 350K still hard to believe.
I am more concern on those who do not have a choice.
A medical bill of 10 K here can turn up into a 30 K bill.,I heard.

Anonymous said...

$350Ks reduced to $12Ks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Telcos are way out. Most cuntries the unlimited daily package works out to a few bucks a day maximum. Ok, so most people have 2 devices: one phone and one either tablet computer or laptop.

Say both devices are connected to a cloud (iCloud or Apple, DropBox for Android, Amazon cloud etc) and the user is streaming ALL his music and ALL his video from the cloud. Plus reading books, and accessing his files. His "gila" bandswidth is 10GB per day. 17 days that is 170 GB

170 GB of data == 350 grand?!?

Profit margin better than organised crime!

Anonymous said...

CASE only cares to enrich by asking people to pay a membership subscription before CASE will look at if CASE can help you or not. There has been cases that after you paid the subscription fee and CASE may just tell you your case is beyond their scope. This is the truth.

Also, the Anti-competition commission is another big joke.

All these organizations are just wayang. The key problem is that we have an unaccountable and not transparent government. We have a fake democratic society.

Anonymous said...

Everything in Sin is joke, talent is a joke, good men/women running the country is a joke. Honest and caring leadership is also a joke. Sin it is!