How much can Premium Outlet take from Orchard Road

The JB Premium Outlet selling branded goods has started with a big bang. Singaporeans as usual are visiting there to check the competition. When there is good bargain you can count on the Singaporeans to be there. I am quite pleasantly disposed to the competition given the cut throat business here. When everything is being charged a premium as if Singaporeans have no other alternatives, Premium Outlet is JB is most welcomed.

How much would it be able to snatch from Singapore, particularly from Orchard Road? The crème ala crème tai tais and the super rich would not be tempted by the inconvenience. But there is a section of the converts that are price sensitive and would not mind the hassle. The lesser the hassle, the greater will be this group. If Premium Outlet can take on 30% it will be good. This will force the rentals to go down or the shops to close down. And if they could take on 50%, then Orchard Road would not be the same again.

Why am I feeling good about this? But of course, the Malaysians have a lot of work cut out for them and they could easily unwind everything and all the goodwill and it will be back to square one.


Anonymous said...

The Malaysians must make sure no shoppers bring their money there to spend and got robbed. One or two cases will frighten the daylight out of Singaporean shoppers and Premium Outlet will be stillborn.

Anonymous said...

You are assuming you can get the same stuff but cheaper in JB. In reality, it doesn't always work that way because the suppliers may strike an agreement with dealers here on some products or models where others have no access in order to sustain the premium belt here.

JB outlet may end up selling passe or outdated branded stuff with lesser demand

Rony Maltida said...

It is like screwing a hooker. You can go geyland and jostle among all the cheapskate old uncles for the cheapest chanel scented pussy or you can go high class and get premium and excludive service.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rony, welcome to the blog.

Good competition is good for consumers. There are many younger customers who just want a LV or a Prada or a Zenga and as long as they got one, at the low end, it would be gone. This is the market Premium is looking at. The high net worth clients are very different and don't go for bargain. A price for everything.

Anonymous said...

People going to JB for cheap food and groceries only to get robbed by some Drug addict... Now those druggies can look forward to bigger fish in the form of wealthy tai tais, their expensive watches, wallets, jewellery and that nice mercedes.

Unless JB fix their crime rate, they can only dream of replicating the Orchard road (the CM of Penang was right to ding JB as a crime infested cowboy town!)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

1. If you wanted to give Malaysia an enema, JB is where you'd be sticking in the pipe.

2. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to JB. For the local time -- please set your watches back 30 years.

3. Why wasn't Jesus born in JB?

Because there are no 3 wise men nor any virgins in JB!

4. Why do guys in JB like to keep moustaches?

So they could look more like their mothers.

...in other words...anything to make the shit-hole that is JB more attractive and economically viable is a good thing!

JB -- Singapore's closest Turd Wurld Cuntry!

agongkia said...

Sorry hor
The rich and ignorant will always talk as if one can only fetch inferior stuff from neighbouring countries .
They are just jealous that those poorer than them can afford to put on the same branded similar stuff .
Please lah.I travel solo in all these years for the you know what and do not feel any major threat so far.
The sales staff overseas are more professional and friendly and their smile is already worth million dollars to me,not to mentioned the reasonable price that they offered.
Looks like there are more Bogeh sale staff here.
And dun think there is a difference from Geylang hooker and high class one.Besides paying extras,I dun see any difference.Cheaper does not mean inferior.
We can always condemn someone and grade them as C and say someone richer like A is betterer.
But the fact is,C may not necessary inferior to A.

Dun be a toad in a coconut shell.

Anonymous said...

I was excited when i came across the JPO advertisement. Looking forward to a fruitful shopping spree but was disappointed when i finally make it there.

1) the tenant mix was average. there's a couple of branded store, 2 or 3 local brands and some that are new to me.

2)the staff are not well-trained. i approached staff in different stores for assistant and almost all failed to be helpful.

first one passed me a completely different top when i asked for a exact piece on the mannequin.

second one stumbled when i asked do they have a ladies' dual face watch but at least he has the initiative to consult his senior. But the senior put on a very impatient look and just point to the one and only men's dual face watch they have. when i questioned, he simply reply: "it's unisex." i wonder who design such a masculine unisex watch!!!!!

others simply answered "I don't know."

3)there's flies in most of the stores. Padini has the most, easily 10 flying around.

4) the stocks in most stores are average and the price may not be a good bargain.

i saw a pair of footwear in sg that was S$62 after discount and they charged about S$80 aft discount. another piece of dress i bought for only S$8 during sg sale was selling at S$15.

my advice is to check the price in sg before going to ensure you get a good deal.