China must prepare for war

When the mad man is broke, and agitating for war, China has to be more alert and prepare for war. After starting wars and fighting wars for the last 5 decades, and impoverished a great nation, the richest nation the world has ever seen, America is now under a mountain of debt. And the debt keeps piling up daily with more expenses for war. And war is the only business that America is hoping to keep its economy running.

Imagine if America had not embarked on this unending adventurism and destruction and killing of other nationals, America would still be the richest and most powerful nation on earth. It is still the most powerful nation on earth, but no longer the richest, maybe looking to be the poorest. But they are optimistic, and leaders of their allied countries are saying kind words to them. So are the Americans themselves, that they will come back stronger and richer.

The stark reality is saying otherwise. For instead of rebuilding its economy, it is still relentlessly pursuing wars everywhere. The next target, China, is going to be very costly. It is still hammering at China’s door. It is asking China to tell them all its military secrets. Is America willing to tell China all its military secrets?

It continues to pressure its crony allies to provoke China, in the East China Sea, in the South China Sea. Chinese fishermen are fair game to be arrested by the Navies of Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Hu Jin Tao has responded with unflinching words, that China must prepare for war. Its naval forces must armed and equipped itself for imminent war with the Empire. The Empire may continue to send its cronies to provoke China. There must be a time when the limit is crossed and China needs to kick asses. As a major power, it cannot be provoked or harassed continuously by pesky little countries. China must carry the big stick and use it when the pests come too close.

And it is a matter of time before China tells the US to get lost and stand up to fight for its rights. It is very important that before it does so, that its military is strong enough to take on the Empire. It has to, and it is only a matter of when.


Anonymous said...

One thing China must not tell the Americans, that their missiles can hit every ship in the western pacific within 2oookm of China's coast.

Let the American fleet come in and do a Pearl Harbour in the East China Sea. No need to go to Hawaii.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

America is still the wealthiest and most powerful nation DESPITE all the adventurism and sneaky antics of their subsequent presidents and their croneys, and profligate spending, and unplayable debt.

China should definitely prepare for war, but should avoid it at all costs, since because they cannot afford it.

US strategy is to be coerce China into warfare. China should resist and not be roped into a game which will set her back 100 years.

America will eventually collapse from within... Perhaps another civil war.

One just has to be patient.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I see the general sentiment here is China fans trying to tell the world how big China's dick is, but and that China will be 'win' if she engaged the US.

That is exactly what the folks at the Pentagon and Rand Corporation want China to think. They know that culturally China cannot 'lose face' and thus MUST fight.

In America, and WAR IS BIG BUSINESS--actually it's the biggest business.

Going to war means crony capitalists and their elite government buddies get to pillage the local population, and nationalise industries, kill off the middle class, and impose an Authoritarian Fascist State.

Hey, that is a Machiavellian politician's dream: ultimate controlling of the population, production, resources and wealth.

At that point winning a war isn't an issue any more.

E. G. The USA did not win in Vietnam. In fact they bailed out. However they left a wake of destruction in Vietnam and on the US domestic front plundered the wealth and freedoms of ordinary Americans and multiplied the national debt several fold.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China cannot lose face, the US cannot lose a war. The US is behaving exactly like the Empire in the Star Wars series. China has no choice. The Americans would bring war to the Chinese.

The only hope for China is to build its military to a point that the Americans would have to think twice to attack. There are many imponderables like new military hardware and technology.

The Americans wanted a war but are damn frustrated about the things they want to know but did not know of China's military capability. The most feared weapon is the anti ship missiles that have removed the threat of the 7th Fleet to operate in the western Pacific. Without this mammoth machinery, China can breathe easier.

On the other hand the Americans will feel incapacitated as putting their ships closer to China would risk their being wiped out.

China has to hold its cards closely and keep the Americans guessing. As long as the Americans did not know and are not confident of what they know, China is safe.

Anonymous said...

China should not waste time in useless defense consultation with US.

China should not waste time holding useless defense consultation with the Evil Empire - US which is bent on creating troubles everywhere in the world especially in
asia. US is making use of this defense consultation to weigh on the strength of China and then to determine how to stab on China when they find time and situation appropriate. Do not trust US. The Evil Empire has all the wicked plans up its sleeve to always create troubles for China and to break up China. IF US is sincere it should encourage Taiwan to reunite with China, stop creating troubles in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Well, for the peace and security of China, the Chinese people and government should just continue to build up a strong and powerful military and economy second to none. US is wickedly using its proxies the unsuspecting so called Asian allies or rather gang members to provoke incidents in East China Sea and South China Sea to provide the Evil Empire with an excuse of declaring war against China. The Evil Empire is desperate with debts of trillions of dollars and so it hopes to abscond from paying the debts to China through wars. China should avoid fighting the wars that the Evil Empire may impose on her at any time if she can. However, if China has no coice but to fight she has to be fully ready to trounce the Evil Empire and see that it is obliterated never to give trouble again. China should from now onwards station scores of nuclear armed submarines on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of USA. The war should not be fought in Asia. It should be fought on American soil.


Anonymous said...

The real threat to the US in the coming years is not China but Russia, which the Americans think is now a lame duck.

The US is just ignoring the fact that Russia is quietly building thousand of nuclear shelters, experimenting with state of the art fighter jets and submarines, building up military strength all round and they have so much oil and gas in reserve.

The Russians are now economically different from the old days when they were almost bankrupted by the US in the arms race. No more.

China will be, at best, a perennial thorn in the US side and takes a long time to challenge the US militarily. But, the day will come.

Anonymous said...

China must prepare for war.

The US is dead broke and desperate and is trying to provoke China to fight. It is using its junior Asian gang members as proxies to create incidents in the East China Sea and the South China Sea to provide it with an excuse for starting a war against China. China must realise that US is a bloody country founded on the principle of brutal conquests and savage carnage and genocide of native Americans. Aggression, trouble making and wanton conquests is its historical tradition and the history of US is awashed with blood from the murders and killings of other peoples. For the last sixty or seventy years US has been conducting unprovoked aggressive wars on many countries which refused to follow its dictates. US is a savage brutal aggressive country in which China must be wary of and be fully prepared to confront it.

US must be made to realise that should it starts a war, the war will not only be fought in Asia but also in the American mainland. American natives , African Americans and Mexican Americans will rise up automatically in revolt to fight for their separate states. China must prepare hundreds of nuclear armed submarines to be stationed around the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the American continent. China should provide nuclear armed missiles to Cuba and Venezuella for them to protect themselves against American aggression. China should also conduct naval military exercise with Cuba and Venezuella in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific coast along north America. Time is of the essence so China must expedite at full speed the development of all high tech military weapons and hardware to be ready for all exigencies and to give US a total rout should it dare to start a war with China.


Anonymous said...

Two comments from netizens of China Daily.

Hahaha 2011-12-08 17:48
Talks, discussions, dialogues.....must continue.....

But, for her own safety and security, China must continue to expand and grow its military muscles; to continuously boasting her military power and combat readiness to meet imminent threats from the Americans! Obama's re-focusing on Asia Pacific agenda is a direct threat to China's national security and safety! We have seen how the Americans behaved belligerently in the past decades; how the Americans invaded and attacked other countries in Asia and around the world, and the most recent memory is that how the Americans CHEATED the world by LYING about WMDs in Iraq before launching the invasion and attacks on Iraq. The Americans can easily create some problems in Taiwan Strait or in South China Sea.....and then, we know what will happen. China must always be ready and prepared for the worst scenario!

Anonymous said...

Comment from a netizen of China Daily.

2011-12-08 20:06
US borrowed trillions of dollars from China; Apparently they are setting China up for a trap. Have you heard the loan shark and gangster story straight from the white house?

A gangster who is so strong and powerful borrowed trillions of dollars from a loan shark. The gangster don\'t intend to repay the loans; as he knows he owns 20 guns. The loan shark only has 2 guns in hand.

If the loan shark seeks to demand the loans to be repaid; the gangster is predicted to turn the loan shark into a beehive with its 20 guns. But the loan shark learns that this day would come. Thus, it make perfect sense for the loan shark to own a few more guns for self-protection.

I have already pointed out the obvious, don\'t say i didn\'t warn ya (China). Don\'t put all your money in one basket.

Anonymous said...

Concurs fully with Anon December 08, 2011 4:39 PM.

Russia is quiet BUT, it will bite and the US definitely knows.

China MUST Fight the war with the US, it should not tolerate the US provocations and posturing for too long. The barkings from the US has been for too long and getting too noisy.

The Chinese must go all out the moment the war starts. Make it or break it at one go. The Chinese has a saying that all(whatever it takes to win) is fair in war. If the US starts the war, China MUST inflict the greatest damage within the shortest time to it's enemy(enemies).

I wish the war will happen as soon as possible.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heard of Col Sherman Potter? He has passed away. The veteran actor was the star of the only Korean War TV serial, MASH, that the Americans were proud to make. That was the only movie that did not see them being ambushed and whacked by the peasant soldiers with antique guns.

They would feel terribly ashame to make any movie about victory or winnings of the Korean War except when they were chasing the North Koreans in the prelude to the main war.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

War is the #1 US business.

To entice China into a war IS THE IDEA.

You dumb motherfuckers really need to educate yourselves better.

You're too caught up in cultural/ racial bullshit and PERSONAL INSECURITIES and feelings of INFERIORITY that you're blind to the reality: THERE IS MONEY IN WAR, and HUGE political lobbying contingents, not to mention HUGE financiers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

War is a damn good sport when one country can hit the other without being hit in return. And all the silly citizens can scream their asses out, Victory, victory! We are so clever and everyone is a hero.

When they are on the losing end, just like the story of this Jimmy Chew guy in the papers today, ended as prisoner of war and barely anything to eat, war will not be so fun.

The crazy Americans are doing it because their victims could not hit back. When the victims hit back, like 911, see the fear in their eyes and the shock that it could happen to them in home soil.

The stupid Asians better pray that there is no war. China had suffered many years under foreign aggression and has learnt its lesson well. Though it would avoid war, it is preparing for it to make sure that history will not repeat itself and tragedy will not befallen on their people one more time.

They are prepared for the Americans. The supeficial superiority of the Americans may turn out a fake. With electronics and the control of satellite communications, the Chinese could incapacitate all the communication network of the American war machine and turn them into white elephants.

For a start, the 7th fleet will not be allowed to be nearer than 2000km from the Chinese shore. They will be buried in the East China Sea. The Chinese has leaked to the Americans that they could do it, so don't pray, pray.

This new China is not the peasant army China they knew in Korea.

Anonymous said...

When you know that no one has the ability or resources to hit back at you, war is fun, a game, profitable and you can even say that you need to start wars to have peace or something along that ridiculous line of argument.

When others can hit back at you, the reality is more sombre than fun. Does 911 taught the USA a lesson? Probably not!

All through the centuries, since Columbus, the US has been working on the assumption that no enemy can possibly hit back at them, because of the distance even if they were to try, by using planes or warships or even shorter range missiles. That was why they were terrified of the Soviet attempt to set up base in Cuba in the sixties.

But 911 change all that when they realised that the threat may come from even closer to home. An attack on the USA was proven possible with some ingenuity and this set off a chain of alarm and fear.

With intercontinental missiles carrying nuclear warheads being improved for longer and longer distances, everything is possible, no matter how far away the enemy may be. Whether the untested missile shield will be able to stop the multitude of missiles coming in at once is still a big mystery.