A super intellectual and expert on North Korea

The death of Kim Jong Il has spawned an army of pseudo intellectuals and experts about North Korea. And one cannot miss what they have to say about Kim Jong Il and the country. Let me just quote some of the enlightening news and views they would say.

Kim Jong Il was a mad dictator. He was egoistic, and wore a hair style and platform shoes to make him look taller. He was a womanizer, a lover of sports cars and cognac. He spent millions buying cognac. He was reckless and always provoked the South Koreans. He had several wives.

I have yet to see him in his playboy look, in his sports cars and surrounded by all the beautiful women, luxury watches, branded clothes, and half drunk because of his consumption of millions of dollars of cognac. Anything else is new?

As for North Korea, it is a poverty stricken country, 2 million people died of famine, under fed children looking like the leftovers in poor third world countries, skin and bones with eyes bulging. And they spent all their monies in defence and nothing left to eat.

The wailing and remorse for Kim’s death is all staged, all managed and propaganda. If they don’t do it, don’t pretend to be crying, (they are all watching over their shoulders to see who is watching), they would be arrested, perhaps sent to Siberia or tortured in Guantanamo. The North Koreans are not only stupid, robotic, unthinking but as crazy as their Dear Leader.

Now Dear Leader is dead, his young son is incapable to running the country. And he is so naïve, braggart, arrogant, and trying to prove himself. And he is planning to launch an attack at South Korea. Maybe he will fly his ICBMs to the USA and Singapore. So frightening dealing with these poor and mad people. It is a country of insanes but all very happy after being tortured and oppressed by their Dear Leader.

See how well read I am on North Korea. I know everything about North Korea from the experts by reading all the articles in reputable newspapers written by experts who have not even step foot in South Korea, not talking about North Korea. I think I am more expert and intellectual than all these pseudo intellectuals and experts because I know everything they know and more.

Anyone who wants to know about North Korea and Kim need not go further or waste time reading the reputable media. Everything that is needed to know is summarized here. Just parrot what I say and you can act like an expert, an unthinking intellectual.

The same things will be spoken by the future experts of North Korea and Kim Jung Un in the next 30 years. I know. I am the super intellectual and expert of North Korea.

Emeritus Professor Redbean


Anonymous said...

Dear Prof RB, have you been to NK and lived among the people unescorted ? If you have , you have evidence to confirm or refute the propaganda. If you haven't , then you are merely doing paper talk , anti-propaganda for the sake of anti-propganda. I give that mad dog credence when he says Oz is shite with the politicians cos he is living there even though on the surface he discredits himself with all the profanities and fantasies but I believe he has evidence to show Oz is a shitty place cos he lives there. On the other hand , if you don't live within NK , then you may point out that whatever in the media about NK is merely propaganda or otherwise. A parallel example is lao Mao. People post revolution thought highly of Lao Mao and even worshipped him , yet in pte he is a womaniser ( factual account by the inner circle) ... surely we didn't see that in the papaers or media... but doesn;t mean he didn't do it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Exactly, I don't have to be in North Korea or know anything about North Korea to be an expert. All i need is to parrot the experts who also read from the same source and called themselves experts.

See what I mean? The whole expert thing is rubbish. Everyone of the expert is rubbish. So is Emeritus Professor Redbean. But Redbean knows it is rubbish and did not pretend to be telling the truth.

And there are silly people who believe in these pseudo experts and hated the North Koreans and the Kims to the core as if they had screwed their asses.

So pathetic. How can people, supposedly educated people who think they are intelligent people, believed in rubbish? And North Korea and the North Koreans have nothing to do with them nor their lives.

Anonymous said...

Thanks RB , changed to jasmine tea today, got rid of my stale oolongs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That reply is Zen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The bawling and outward display of sorrow are very Confucianist. The Chinese, the more traditional ones, are also very good at that. In a funeral, they demanded that the children must cry as loud as they can to demonstrate piety and a sense of great loss. This has become a cultural trait.

What do the angmoh experts know of such cultural traits? When an emperor died, the whole country went into mourning. All govt officials would have to wear mourning dress. The West will just lower the flag to half mast and have an elaborate funeral procession.

In the earlier period of Chinese history, and to an extent the North Koreans, it would be wailing and crying along the streets. Fake?

And every joker that called himself a North Korean expert will tell you it is organised propaganda for external consumption. All fake. All wayang.

And the people are in fear if they did not do that.

IMAGOD said...


have fun lah. It isn't everyday that a super villain dies -- especially from "railway fatigue" (wtf is that?)

What's more to see the faker and the pathos amongst the so-called "mourners" is a nice bonus on top of the on-going comedy.

This young Singaporean is right on track!

Anonymous said...


At last M-S gets his well deserved recognition and accolade.
The man is speaking from his first hand experience!

I have great respect for Dear M-S for his understanding of superstition and the foolish believers.

Hail M-S!!!

Anonymous said...

I have great respect for first hand users too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I am having fun sharing : )

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just a word of caution. All the China experts are warning and warning of a potential China collapse. All economic systems will collapse. The faster they grow, the faster they collapse. That is the law of high economic growth.

But all these western experts could not see the collapse of the American and European economies. To them, they can only see China's economy collapsing, and willing and praying it will do so quickly.

Becareful of people who only want to see a glass is half empty and not half full, even if they are holding the glass. They can only see the things they want to see.

Worst would be those who want you to see things they want you to see, even fictions.

Anonymous said...

Well,speaking as someone who has very close relatives in Myanmar,I do know not for sure that the reports on the murderous Generals are true,and some were even worst but not reported.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 3:39. Every country has political persecutions. Even the USA have theirs except that they were done differently and the rest of the world did not know.

Myanmar is likely to have its fair share and with dissidents being encouraged by outside forces, the methods to deal with them would be more severe. At the fringe of both extremes, many ugly things can happen.

There are many political prisoners shown on TV. What else we do not know. There are many Myanmese around the world who could provide more info.

All these are nothing like the systematic termination of the Red Indians over a few hundred years or the gross injustice to the slaves for several centuries, and institutionalised.

Anonymous said...

Dear Red Bean,

That is why we should go back to that day when Adam and eve were created before we comment on any subject!

Just a joke!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right. Come to think of it, Adam was a victim of political persecution as well. Got banished from paradise and never to return.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Redbean, I'm a beach bum with psle (2 attempts) so I'm definitely no ex-spurt.

However I am looking forward to a blood-in-the-streets, horrific blood-curdling ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL CRASH in China. Their stockmarkets are at record lows already.

Entire towns are empty. Developers "owe money pay money " have absconded - chabut - nowhere to be found.

A crash in China will definitely have a HUGE CRASH here in kampung Perth. Which means cheap real estate!

Anonymous said...

A war with an external enemy will be the best thing to happen to China.


Anonymous said...

some ppl oozes charm....some oozes curry

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are many more photographs in the media of healthy and well dressed North Koreans in the papers, mourning for the Dear Leader. There is also a little revelation of what life is like in North Korea by a Annabelle Liang, who was there a few weeks back.

Among the things she said is that education is free up to university level, free medical and probably many social services as well.
No wonder their GDP is so small compares to ours. If they charge for medical, education, housing, transportation etc etc like us, their GDP would have gone up by a hundred times and two hundred times if they pay their elite like we pay ours.

Anonymous said...

Why are Sinkies comparing Sin to N Korea.
Do they know the differences in size(landmass), culture, system and history?
Oh! Singaporeans other than 'kiasu' and 'kiasi', they are MOST 'HOWLIAN' too, quite world renown for it.