Hormuz the next flash point

This will be the big one. No peace in the Middle East with the Empire threatening to impose sanctions on Iran to cripple its economy. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour when the West and the US tried to strangle its economic development and curtailing its access to oil and natural resources. Iran is not going to stand still and allow the Americans to hurt its economy. It is threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz if the US applied sanctions against her.

The US has sent its aircraft carrier John C Stennis to the Hormuz. US Chief of Staff, Gen Martin Dempsey has revealed that they are planning to attack Iran once the White House gives the clearance. Israel is opening talking about a preventive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It is Iran’s fault to force the peace loving Empire and Israel to want to attack it. Blame it on the Iranians. A new coalition of peace loving countries will be gathered to attack the hostile and unfriendly Iran. God bless the peace loving countries. Iran must be destroyed and there will be peace on earth. Iran is only the third country to be attacked by the peaceful countries and the peace loving Empire. One by one they will be attacked by the hordes of hyenas dressed like angels.

Next to be attacked by the peace loving countries and Empire will likely be Pakistan, North Korea and China. All these are aggressive warlike countries planning to attack countries of peace loving people. So the peace loving countries and Empires must strike at all these war mongering countries to maintain peace.

The logic of peace loving countries that daft peace loving people of the world are expected to believe and swear by it. Only peace loving countries will provoke and attack other countries in the name of peace and start wars. With America around, the world can be guaranteed to have wars every day, in the name of peace.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Iran can hardly be described as a "peace loving cuntree".

They're very silly to do this. Most cuntrees won't side with Iran, as their actions will probably cause everyone's energy bill, and if prolong every one's cost of living to rise some more, where it is already painfully high (due to money printing by all government central banks) for the average earthling.

Thus if the US decide to shoot and bomb the fuck out of the Iranians, most people will begrudgingly approve.

I say, stop talking and shoot already. Stop wasting time. The audience is getting impatient!

Anonymous said...

Getting exciting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red Bean,

Hope u wont mind if i find some interesting articles that is relevant to your commentary and post this links

Hidden Agenda Behind "War on Terror": The Conquest of Oil, Gas, Water and Vital Resources


A good theory on why Iran is being targeted now... Or Libya because it wants to switch to gold std?

Is it because of the energy trading bourse Iran setup in 2008?

Very extensive covering the BRIC nations to Mid East and ASIA.

Drugs as a War tool and Mackinder or BrzeziƄski forms of Deep Geopolitics

Enjoy :)

Political Bengster

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bengster, go ahead.

There is a dearth of alternative views on these issues and what the evil empire has been doing and many were conned to believe one sided truths. It is good to share all the different views for a clearer truth.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing about the Americans : they bring to bear their terrific experience in the field of entertainment, notably comedy. Americans have a wonderful, fully human sense of humour which they bring to every theatre of war the US is in.

ha ha

ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

wha ha ha ha ha

May the humour and entertainment continue!

Anonymous said...

Other than the vital resources,
the Americans are all out to do
They know
the Ultimate Victory is to colonize and control the minds of their victims.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, Arabs are also human beans. Please ask those Arabs buried by American bombs if they can laugh. haha hahaha ahahaha

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


derka derka derka!

Anonymous said...

Iran is a foregone conclusion. What I amm looking at next is Syria.

Anonymous said...

not sure if Iran will take the bait ??? If they do , it's just what the yankees wanted all aong whatttt..... dun think china will fall for it in similar circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Is this Armageddon? ending according to the Mayan?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let there be no miscalculation. On paper, the US combined with Israel, can flatten Iran easily. It is a sure win war. That is why they are so garang, gungho, to want to attack Iran. That is why a nuclear Iran is the safest bet for peace for any Middle East country.

A miscalculation to attack Iran may have immeasurable consequences and unacceptable losses. What is Iran's counter plan? Would Iran be like Iraq and put down their weapons and run to hide? Or would Iran just pour whatever they have into Israel, at the same time send all the soldiers on a march into Israel which is much better and safer than staying put to be pounded to death?

China is a different kettle of fish today. China knew this day will come and has been preparing for it all these years. All their military strategies were aimed to neutralise the carrier strike force. Think they could do that now.

There will be no winners if the American and Chinese were to engage. That is what making the Americans so frustrating. They could not deal with China as they like it.

Anonymous said...

The American/Israeli only think they can hit others but do not think others can hit back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is their strategy. Any country that is nearing the stage of having the capability to hit them, they must do the preemptive strike to kill that ability. And that will buy them time for continued dominance, and be safe from their enemies.

War is their tool for dominance and war is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha .... US just sold more weapons to saudi arabia ... I wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

RB , that's a far fetch. Without Israel in there sticking out like a sore thumb , there will not be a pawn for the yankees to use againts the Arabs ultimatey. USA cannot have a truely united arab league that could hold US by the balls , I mean oil.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right. Arab unity is a hopeless case. That is why all the Arabs are still being treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

Eh M_S , prease lah , can change your icon to yourself flashing instead of a little girl or not harrr ? damn gross leh ... have a limit larrr... OB

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 452

I aim to please, and do consider any constructive feedback. Sharikat Matilah Industries Sdn Bhd has high standards, and maintains itself as an icon to private enterprise.

Here is the offending pic. Notice the cheeky, flashy, Islamic girls is wearing a suicide vest. The picture is wrong on so many levels..and is meant to provoke, and cause discomfort -- which it obviously did as per your protest.

You'll notice I've replaced the little girl with a pic of what could be that of her mother ;-)

Arab mother A to Arab mother B: "How are the children?"
Arab Mother B: "Heavenly. The all blow up so fast nowadays!"

(groan...an oldie...)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing about geo politics, is that the webs of entanglement are so complex. Also everything is in flux -- all moving, all interacting with or against each other, non-linear dynamics, and can become chaotic in nature.

There is no monolithic Arab Islamic culture, i.e. there's more than one type of camel-fucker.

There is the schism between Shia (who control much of the oil) and Sunni (the largest number)...and of course, Wahhabi Islam -- popular brand of the violent extremists.

Anyway, to me all religions are fucked. Islam sticks out like dog's balls because there is a violent element to the belief system which reinforces and justifies itself. In fact, by criticizing or ridiculing any aspect of the "faith" could, and often does result in a bloody, extreme, violent response.

So fuck them.

Victor said...

Disagree about violence and Islam.

Whatever they're portraying to taint Islam doesn't work on me.

With all due respect, only one country terrorises every other. And they do it democratically.

Make an intelligent guess?

To_Mati_Or_Not_To_Mati said...

@ M_S 1120. That's much better , TQ very much.

denk said...

the other day
matilah was swooning over obama the *terrarists* exterminator

well i guess
it take a *terrarist* to know one
eh ?

denk said...

wrong link above...

it takes one to know one