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We also contribute to your economy….

Might as well say we are here to help you Singaporeans. Without us foreign talents, Singapore will go down to the third world. Then I will say, good, then you will wait for us at your door, in your third world, to welcome us.

We have heard some foreigners are unhappy with the property curbs. And they are claiming credit to help our economy and demanding that they should be treated favourably. Now where did these foreigners got this silly idea from, that they are here to help us and we owe them a living?

Did they not forget that it is here that they have the best opportunity to earn a decent living, some even making it rich, and being very well treated? They should be kneeling down on both knees and say thank you to the Sin govt. The average Singaporeans are not too keen for their presence and would want to get rid of them soonest possible. If they can find a better place elsewhere, or can do better elsewhere, would they be here?

Time to dispel this silly myth that the foreigners are here to help us and Sinkies have to go down on their knees to serve them, yes masters! Our apologies that you are disappointed with us. Please go somewhere that you don't have to be disappointed. Maybe can go home first, where you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Just give him a citizenship and he will get all the privileges of a citizen. QED. Can add him to the statistics as Singaporeans and nobody can complain anymore.

Anonymous said...

Luckily that foreign worker on CNA never say "If not for me, Sinkies will be jobless and will need to send their wives and daughters to become maids and sex slaves in my country."

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean, there is no "glory" to sinking to the level of a wipe-backside Turd Wurld Cuntry.

The idea is to move upward (upward mobility) and increase the standard of living across the board.

To do so, you need open borders. You need to be exposed to external ideas, cultures and competition.

Keep those borders open. Rock on 15 million!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Are we moving upwards? With this kind of ordinary third world immigrants they are not going to bring the country to the first world.

Maybe it gives variety to the nerdy stocks that needed some brawns to strengthen the structure. Otherwise next time they would all be beaten to pulps by the more hungry and aggressive stocks.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Norman Lu's bold request in CNA to be treated equally like any of us, he makes me sick. Even bird need to learn how to walk before learning how to fly, yet we have this fresh foreigner on first foot to our shore and started to make huge demand in front of Singaporeans eyes. What more can we say about reckless flood of other immigrants here. Than we have a thicked skin leader still sour over aljunied voted still sour over the lost of aljunied GRC instead of paying attention to what caused all his leadership failures.

Anonymous said...

This type of trashes are plentiful here already.These barbarians inside the gate are eating us up slowly.60% Dafts are still sleeping...

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are thinking too highly of themselves!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually you are right. With the new foreign talents, Singapore will still be a sleepy fishing town. Sinkies need to be very grateful to these new foreign talents.

Come to think of it, even our own local sinkies are claiming credit for what it is today and demanding very high pay for it.