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The Emperor had measles

During the dying years of the Qing Dynasty, Dowager Qi Xi usurped the throne and was the de facto emperor. She placed little children as emperors and did not allow them to run the country the way they wanted. The emperors were allowed to happily spend their time in the brothels and surrounded by pretty women while the Dowager ran the Empire to protect her position.

One of the emperors had syphilis but the Imperial physicians would not dare say so and diagnosed it as measles, and treated it as measles. Of course the disease would take the emperor away in the course of time. The Empire continued for several more decades, appearing good but rotting and dying through neglect and mismanagement and the illusion that everything was just fine.

We used to have a healthy and vibrant stock market. Many people made money, some became billionaire and millionaires. The industry provided many jobs, good jobs with good incomes. Many still believe that the industry is healthy and looking pretty good.

My understanding is that the industry is suffering from financial syphilis. The open sores are there but no one wants to see them. So everyday is still a party. But the ugly truths cannot be hidden for long. Some broking houses have started to take remedial actions to cut operating costs. They need real incomes to support the operation, rental and payroll, operating costs etc etc must be paid in real money. With dwindling commission, the operation cannot go on like before.

The first sign of trouble would come when backroom staff is cut. Retrenchment is the best proof that the industry is blowing in the wind. Just wait for it to happen. Next to go with be the remisiers. If the remisiers cannot generate enough business to cover their operating cost, they too will walk out voluntarily. And this is not going to be the end. As the revenue from commission keeps evaporating into thin air, don’t believe in the fictitious volumes chalked up by the machines, the slide down will gather speed. Broking houses will do M&A for different reasons, down sizing and selling off whatever is left to other houses that still think they can continue to operate and make profits in a dying industry.

Every action will be taken to treat the sores. But no one would want to know anything about the syphilis and how to get rid of it, how to cut the gangrenous foot that is rotting away, how to put the patient through a regime of chemotherapy to kill the cancerous cells. As long as no one bothers, there is no problem really. Where got syphilis? Everything is just doing fine.

How many white rabbits can a magician pull from his little hat?


Matilah_Singapura said...

More technology moving towards artificial intelligence and autonomy.

Most quants or finance whizz kids have math, engineering and physics advanced degrees. These are the folks designing the models and are the software architects.

Don't be such a baby lah redbean. Everything changes, so one has to adjust oneself... or become irrelevant and then extinct.

Anonymous said...

would the casino allow the whiz kids to bring in their computers?

supreme courts exist to administer justice. would supreme courts allow the big time lawyers to take advantage of small time lawyers?

Anonymous said...

What meales? Didn't you hear our new generation shouting their lungs out to girl's complete my life?

Old man, you are out of touch with the world.The "measle" is powerful,alive and kicking while your mojo is calling it a day.

Anonymous said...

Yea, live fast, die young with a s.t.d. riddled corpses ah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:45, this one I catch no balls. Yeah, old man out of touch liao.

Anonymous said...

you believe the std crap?

Millions have screwed around and they live longer than

Anonymous said...

The stock exchange is suffering exactly the same thing. Want to live fast and wild, then forgot about protection and kenna all kinds of VD. Now see how to get rid of all the VDs and come out alive.

Anonymous said...

Businessmen are still screwing right? Any VD reported among them?

Anonymous said...

goodness, if fukking around kills you, the world would have died long ago or we would have been extinct lol

Anonymous said...

do you know when a businessman screws a mistress, how many other men do you think he was screwing through the mistress?

and how many women do you think the mistress bfs were screwing?

the businessmen are sleeping with tens to hundreds of partners. if you think gods gonna strike them dead because they have several mistresses, you wld have been jobless by now HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Don't forget STDs include aids as well by which many have died and many more will in due time.

Anonymous said...

at the time of the emperors, there was no cure for stds.

today no one dies of screwing around. what aids? they are all living and probably die of old age, definitely not of aids. dying of aids is a myth.

Anonymous said...

Today VD wouldn't kill except aids. There are all kinds of antibiotics to get rid of them.

But VD can still kill if not treated or refused to acknowledge the VD and let it rot.

I have yet to hear anyone who screw around and got VD unless they are going to announce to the world.

Anonymous said...

Annabel Chong had her asshole screwed by 251 men, some without condoms.

She has since quitted porno, but no where does that mean she will stop screwing around, and no report of she contracting aids or vds.

She is still healthy and alive today...and a role model LOL

Anonymous said...

You damn right man. Those doctors diagnosing patients of VD are conning them. The VD clinic is also a con job. Where got VD!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I see we have a lot of commandos here. And now I know why those rubber balloons are called con...dom. They are just conning the users that if they don't wear them, they will get STD.

Uncle really out of date liao. Also got conned : )

Anonymous said...

The danger of aids is that the gestation period between contact and infection may sometimes take years before one gets a full blown affliction.
The social stigma of the disease is in itself a kind of 'death' although you may still be walking around.

Anonymous said...

erm..yeah..I see Hugh Hefner dying from aids anytime soon.

he is 85 today

Anonymous said...

Currently, there is no known cure for aids. At best there are therapies and medications to mitigate the advancement of the disease.

Anonymous said...

When one can still eat, eat all you can.
If drinking makes one happy, no harm 'tien tien cui'
Should one be attractive, handsome/beautiful and enjoy the thrill of tryst. Get yourself wet all over.
Some, like Agongkia is not interested in the sexual act, he is more interested in producing Gohs bcos he is very impressed with another Goh.
The above are all blessed and they will all die happily. Those who scare themselves to death are the foolish ones. Philosophical leh!

Anonymous said...

My god, I am beginning to think the human evolutionary process has somewhat regressed rather than progressed!