USA signing another defence pact

Signing military pact is about the only thing left that the Americans can do well. It has nothing else to offer to the world except military might, the ability to incite and start wars, to intimidate, to threaten and conduct regime change. It has been doing this since the end of WW2, professing peace but starting wars and conducting wars across the world.

Yesterday it signed another defence pact with Manila and officially claiming that ti was not meant to contain China but knowing very well why Manila needs this military pact to back its outrageous and foolish behaviour against China. Obama also cited US defence treaty to defend Japanese territories, including territories in dispute or not part of Japan. For all intent and purposes, no one is believing what the Americans are saying and everyone is very clear the intent behind all these military pacts. Do not be surprised if a proposal for another military pact with Malaysia was on the table during Obama’s meeting with Najib.

China is furious and justifiably so. The military pact with Manila would simply embolden Aquino to be more reckless to take on China in the South China Sea. This military pact would only raise tension and the likelihood of a military confrontation between China and the Philippines.

China should not waste its time trying to be diplomatic to assuage the Americans from supporting the Pinoys. That is their intent and they will go all out to encourage the Pinoys to provoke the Chinese in the disputed islands. Both the Japanese and the Pinoys have the Americans behind them and would be more trigger happy to harass and attack the Chinese ships in the disputed seas. Regional tensions would only increase with the Americans claiming right of action to defend their military allies.

Did the Red Indians say white men spoke with fork tongue, or should it be changed to black men speak with fork tongue? With a bankrupt economy, the Americans have nothing left to offer except weapons of war.


Virgo49 said...

North Korea and South Korea traded arty fires.

HOOT Lah!!!!!!!

Why waste time???

Annihilate both the JAPs and the Pinoys from the Earth!!!

See the newly promoted Ministers handled the BIG Recession and Depression.

Now dont kook when want to koot??

May be booted out the next GE.

GE will be held back till 2030!!!

b said...

USA is not controlled by white men but the not so white.

Anonymous said...

The only forked tongues belong to the PRCs. Can't wait for the fun to begin and see China blown into smithereens.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants USA in their backyard. Goes without saying lah. With superheroes galore - superman, batman, spiderman, he-man, captain america, g. i joe, wonderwoman, catwoman, g. i jane etc, etc,etc, you name it, they have it, who does to confront the USA.

Now, even matman also cozying up to USA.

BEST NCDEX Tips said...

That's good that Both the Japanese and the Pinoys have the Americans behind them and would be more trigger happy to harass and attack the Chinese ships in the disputed seas.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys are now iron-clad. Don't play play hor!

The Japs are gettiing roasted by radiation from Fukushima. The bad news has been covered up by all the talk about Abenomics, Island Disputes with China, N. Korean missiles and shrine visits etc.

Those who will take part in the Olympics that Japan will host will also get to enjoy the radiation, courtesy of the Japs. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

what the difference whether any "declared" signing of defense pact?

singapore reported any signing??? yet the fact that we are the americunt running dog, air bases and naval base are opened to americunt military like the SPG opening their thighs for the angmohs

softball field in the base for fuck??? singapore soldiers???

knnccb ..... hsien loong, u one up against your running dog father

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Anonymous said...

He turned his famili into one BIG CESSPOOL.

Anonymous said...

The first real contact between the Americans and the Chinese in the battlefield was in Korea. Who came out on top? Who got whacked real bad?

In those days, the Americans were the one and only superpower with the best military hardware. And they got chased like little boys all over Korea by the peasant soldiers with only rifles and bicycles and without food.

Today the hardwares are more balanced. Put them in the field and see the outcome.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, battles fought and won by fighting men and women who die in the battles are motivated of their love and passion for their mother lands not by these americunts cowboys looking to stir shit and spoiling fir fights everywhere.

The PRC armies are been conditioned to protect their motherlands with daily indoctrination of how they are been humiliated and sufferings in the past.

Now released like wild animals they will tear any armies apart even eith their bare hands in dying for honour of their motherlands.

Likewise the North Koreans. Any capitalist countries armed forces with their their good lives of living in luxuries with their beer bellies reaching the floors and carrying twenty kilos of sleeping bags with them to battle for lambs for slaughter to the PRCs and the DPRK.

These jokers just need to fight for the sake of fighting in bulling other nations do not have the resolve in battles.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

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Anyway back to the subject at hand.

China can relac lah. USA has a deal in force where it is obligated to protect Ukraine. So far the best Obama can do it say a few stern words and put in a few sanctions here and there.

The US defense pact is for show only lah -- make the stupid Pinoys happy during times when they are not getting stoned and fucking.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 1:28, thank you and all your sisters for the kopi. I must admit I was quite a looker when young. Even the guys said so: )

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