Are NSmen really daft?

Apparently many people in high places think so. In the news today some are talking about giving the NSmen a stake in country to fight and die for? Just wake up huh? When we first became an independent country, not yet a nation, the first and foremost thought in the minds of the founding leaders was to give the people a stake here through home ownership. That is as simple as ABC. But through the years, people got lost in the maze of money and decided that citizens need not have a stake, like a flat in the country, to want to fight and die for the country. The NSmen are so daft, just order them to fight they will fight even if they don’t have any stake here.

How many citizens who have done NS are deprived, banned, from buying and owning a flat from HDB but forced to buy from in the resale market, and allowing foreigners to make a pile from them? Is this not sickening? Who forced our citizens to make foreigners rich by buying their public flats just to have a place to live? Why are citizens deprived from homeownership in their own country, the country they are to defend and die for while foreigners and new citizens could happily buy public flats?

No, the NSmen are not daft. It is the policy makers that are daft. And they still think that they could enjoy the good life, living in sprawling landed properties while the NSmen would be so daft to fight and die to protect them. The NSmen today are as highly educated as the daft policy makers. Many are even more qualified than them. You mean these highly qualified NSmen cannot think like these fools?

Why are many highly qualified Sinkies leaving this island? Dunno, don’t want to know? And some think they are very wise, to go overseas to attract our citizens to return to this island. What can you offer to them to return? Why should highly qualified Sinkies return to pay a ransom for a dog’s kennel call private condo when they could use half the ransom to buy a sprawling landed property overseas?

Why would NSmen who are prohibited by law from buying public flats want to fight and die for this country? So difficult to figure out? I think so, when the brain is only the size of a pea. Fortunately, after nearly 50 years of sleeping, some have awaken and remembered that this basic need for a home, for a stake in the country is the foundation to build a nation. You cannot build a nation of daft NSmen who have nothing and would be stupid enough to die for those who have plenty.


Anonymous said...

No worry lah!
PAP Millionaires will form a platoon of Millionaire soldiers.
This Millionaire platoon will be supplemented by another platoon of billionaire aliens.
If Singapore gets invaded.
They will just show their bank accounts to the invaders.
The invaders will get so scared, they will all run away.

Anonymous said...

Just like Aljunied GRC.
The PAP Millionaires will just march into Aljunied GRC in their white uniforms.
Low Thia Khiang will surely run away.

patriot said...

Sinkies who do not call for the Abolishment of National Service are already daft to start with.
And fighting to protect the Elites and a Political Party that exploits the Conscripts; what shall we call that? Goons?
Maybe got to consult Minister Lim Swee Say, he has wonderful vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

Are NS men "digits" or "disposable people"?

"Well consider that in the history of many worlds there have always been disposable creatures. They do the dirty work. They do the work that no one else wants to do because its too difficult or too hazardous. And an army of Datas ... all disposable. You don't have to think about their welfare, you don't have to think about how they feel. Whole generations of disposable people."


Anonymous said...

how to fight war when our brightest recruit is sent to study soil???

Anonymous said...

In the early days, uniformed officers were given priority flat allocations. Normanton Park was built specifically for military officers.

What's happening today? Ask the assholes. NSmen have no stakes in the country and expected to defend the country? Siow!

You think NSmen stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing about our NS is not tested. Army Generals think NSmen will fight when attacked but you think so too? I am not so sure especially they do not feel that they own the country. Looking at the rich and yayapapaya foreigners in town bullying our people, where is there a mortivation to fight?

Anonymous said...

I salute all our NSmen. Of course you are not daft!

But I feel very very sorry for you.

Out of schools into NS.

Out of NS into world of loans.

Sky high property prices, record high car prices, and various high costs and crowded living await you.

You have very little choice but have to take huge loans which you may take a lifetime to repay.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon@3.03pm

The first few batches of CAS (NS) Men were given jobs in the civil service.

Priority in the allocation of HDB flats etc.

All due to the instructions of Major Goh Keng Swee. He just put two crabs each side on his shoulders not like those with pips, crabs and laurels and do nothing for their compatriots.

Now the PAPies read of netizens kpkb, abolish NS, that they wanted to give benefits to the NS Men.

NS or GENERAL Not Tested? said...

@ 3.07pm // The whole thing about our NS is not tested. //

Yew may have phrased the sentence too generously.

It is likely more like below:

//The whole thing about our NS is THAT ALL THE PAPER GENERALS are not tested.//

Better bring back Maj Gen Winston Choo if have real war.

Yew follow the battle plans of say errrrr ...... //General kee ...... errr ..... kah ( P S: din say kee chiu here hah so pls don't misquote ) // may be sending the boys/ men to errr.......... not to do battle but could be more like errr......... massacred ( 不是作战, 是被屠杀 ) by the enemies .........

Who dare send their sons under the lumber 1 general to do battle, pls kee chiu?

Yew dare?

Anonymous said...

Other than to further trap male Singaporeans, NS does not serve any good to our male citizens.

Anonymous said...

No joke lah. Winston Choo gone to war meh?

You know what is war or not? The biggest battle fought by Lt Adnan was a platoon of men.

When the Indians were preparing for a war with China they built up a corp of several divisions over months only to collapse when war started.

When the Japs attacked Malaya and Singapore, the British fled. That was war.

DF-21 AND 奷-20 来了! said...

//Winston Choo gone to war meh?//

At least have higher chance for the boys to make it back.

Anyway, modern warfare early stages have undergone quantum change.

If sudden war is near sinkieland, we may have already lost cos many planes and pilots are in the deserts overseas.

Without attaining air superiority, the war is as good as gone.

Yew have to take out all that can fly and all their airfields first to stand a good chance for stage 2.

Anonymous said...

For generalship, we must consult LTK of the Workers' Party.
He is winning the war to rid Singapore of the PAPig infestation.

Anonymous said...

Remember the stupid ad by SAF poster “How far would you go to protect our home?”

DJ Chris Ho then quipped “How far…? Let’s see… I’m with you foreigners! Kill the fckn-Singaporeans but not my friends, can?” And that comment created an uproar.

Now the PDICs event by Pinoys is happening on our central Orchard road, and patriotic Singaporeans (like one Gilbert Goh) says it is a War ..we will go to defend (apparently not just home, but our orchard road too that belongs to swanky commercial entity. And this time, the PM & TCJ are in uproar.

So, you tell me lah..i think the the poster should be asking :politicians, how far will you go to defend our citizens' home..tio bo?! They should bloody make up their mind if they want singaporeans to defend or NOT to defend. Otherwise, is very disgraceful to call us (including daft NS men) xenophobes next time you want to chiong xua.

Use your blain and gut lah..

Anonymous said...

That's why the Aussies are smart.

They targeted at our NS trained military guys and say they are welcomed to their citizenships under the special migration path. They know our NS men are well trained but unhappy lot who don't want to die for an ungrateful govt/country who keep importing up to 40% foreigners into our land called home. For what?

Our ah boys are deemed "man' enough to die for and defend our nation, but not 'man enough' to vote at 18yo and not 'man enough' to buy a home roof (ie. own a HDB flat) -- so what is there to defend? what is the PAP's defence on this subject?

And they got the gall to tell everyone the malaysians are doing a manful job!!! KNNB, might as well go tell our fnkg PM to do his manful job and give a clear explanation and solutions to the 6.9m population migration plans and the NS plans for foreigners & new PRs!

b said...

The NS men must learn to be smarter. Learn to migrate and leave the job of protecting the small island to the ahnehs, pinoys, the rich and the elite. The citizenship of this small island only comes with liability. Even if they give free hdb, tt is not worth die fighting for a small country like sg. No need to be a genius to figure out that.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Echoing the sentiments of patriot:

It is pointless in debating what NS coolie-kangs and the older lau pengs or cannon fodder should get when NS/ conscription is a form of state enforced legal slavery and kidnapping.

In Singapore life is actually quite simple -- if you want something, you can just buy it.

Problems solved.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor.
"In Singapore life is actually quite simple
-- if you want something, you can just VOTE wisely for it.
Problems solved."

Anonymous said...

RB, is patrick tan (tony tan's son) fighting alongside us if there's a war?

Anonymous said...

He will likely fight along side us in the same way as PAPigs work along side us.
With million dollar salary.

agongkia said...

Please dun have that mentality that Sinkies should deserve a stake in the country or home ownership just becos they serve NS.

Sinkies should not be spoilt further and NS should be seen as a privilege.
Doesn't make sense not to be loyal just becos of foreigners.

Majority of highly qualified Sinkies leaving this island is becos study too much,westernized.Brain enter water.Many chow becos they want to neglect their bortartcheh parent,but cannot give good excuse.Who is stopping these NS men from buying flat?

Anonymous said...

NSmen are not able to vote in a better alternative to PAP to better take care of the interest of NSmen.

Not able to = daft ??

Anonymous said...


probably singaporean gene had been genetically modified without our knowledge since the 1970s

knnccb ... lee hsien loong, KNNCCB

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, fuck u lar talking nonsense like matilar. U dare to disclose your name or not? No right no balls? Got check your two tiny still with you when you shower yesterday or not? Knn

Anonymous said...

Singapore = Singaporeans.
If we treat NS men (Singaporeans) well, this means we treat Singaporeans well.
Only PAPigs will say this is a subsidy mentality.

What's wrong with benefiting Singaporeans?
Save all the money for what?
To pay PAPigs more million dollar salaries?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This time agongkia needs to be slapped. Sinkies do NS as a privilege and don't expect anything, no entitlement mentality. to fight and die to protect the foreign commuters who are also Singaporeans and taking jobs from the NSmen.

Seriously, agongkia, is that really what you think should be the way?

agongkia said...

@anon 1013
How I wish I can be as good as Matilah.I like his expression esp.when he mention how he bang on those lau char bor.

I am GOH AH GONG,agongkia,prefer to use moniker agongkia everywhere than to call myself anonymous.

Whats there to fear and worry?Many easily know my identity.My only worry is that IB brigade,if they really exist ,may be waiting anxiously to confirm my identity and want me to serve them becos of my loyalty and intelligence.,can see outside the 'bock':--)

You dun quit even if you may have children abroad and the capability to do so,becos you have Sinkies welfare in mind.
Me dun quit even I have mei meis elsewhere,becos we share the same thinking.
Just that my thinking and expression may be different.
I bortartcheh mah.

b said...

Since day one, wars were fought to enrich the rich and powerful. It has never improved the lives of the people. It is a deception created to control and manipulated the gullibles into sacrificing their lives for the wealth of the rich and powerful.

"Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?"

Anonymous said...

RB, to answer your question, majority is a resounding YES. In war time, they would be so busy dying killing enemies. Food for thought...Lim Bo Seng died fighting enemies while our 2 cartoons were busy doing translation work. History would repeat itself time and again.