Medical fees, getting what you pay for?

‘…according to a study by the University College London (UCL), which was commissioned by the British General Medical Council (GMC) – the equivalent of the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) in Singapore.

It found that half of all foreign doctors in UK do not have the necessary skills to work there. However, they were allowed to practise there because the competency exam is too easy.’ TRE Editorial.

The above shows the quality of the UK medical profession and it also says that they are willing to compromise on the quality of the foreign doctors to make up the numbers. Half are substandard! By this act it puts the British public at risk when they seek medical treatment from these substandard doctors. And it is callous and irresponsible for the British Medical Council to admit such doctors to practice on their patients. They just did not know how substandard is substandard and how many patients are put to unnecessary risks or actually mistreated by these doctors.

In the case of the Singapore Medical Council, can we believe that it will do the due diligence, and unlike its British counterpart, only admits those that are on par with our own doctors? It has to be or else we would be exposing our own people to the same level of risk and mistreatment by substandard doctors like in UK. Anyone who is privy to the high academic and professional standard demanded of our locally produced doctors will know that we are having our best of the best as doctors. On this count alone it is fair to say that the foreign doctors are unlikely to meet the same standard as our very own, or at least many would not be. If they are of that kind of quality, they would be in UK or US. Is this a fair conclusion?

If the foreign doctors admitted here are as good as our own, then we can sleep in peace. I just got this hunch that it is not the case. And those who were rejected by UK would be here trying their luck. This is a layman’s perception and need not be right. Our Medical Council will definitely enforce the highest standard and criteria to admit any foreign doctor to practice here. It would be grossly unfair to our citizens when so many of our straight A students were rejected from medical schools only for the Medical Council to bring in substandard doctors from outside. We can’t be so stupid right?

And it is not only a matter of stupidity. No responsible Medical Council would allow substandard doctors to treat our people. On this count I believe we are in good hands. The second problem of a substandard doctor is the money we pay them. We are paying damn good money, first world medical fees. How can we pay so much for substandard doctors that are not worth a cent? In medical practices, a substandard doctor is a bad doctor and can kill instead of heal. Yes, not worth a cent. Think of the nightmare a healthy patient walked out from a substandard doctor with more problems, wrongly diagnosed, wrong medicine prescription etc etc and ended in more serious condition?
One thing the govt or the Medical Council must guarantee to the public is that any doctor certified fit to practice must be good, and in our case as good as our own doctors. If the gap is too wide, then the patients should not be made to pay the same medical fees. You pay for what you get and not anything they shaft it to you.

Are sinkies getting what they pay for? Should there be a fee difference for being treated by different quality doctors? Are Sinkies being shortchanged?

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Anonymous said...

If the standards are maintained then fine. If not, you think they will admit to this. Regulators check on their respective professions. But then who check on the regulators.

Anonymous said...

I only feel very very sorry for
our grandfathers and grandmothers
trying to communicate with the
many many foreign doctors flooded
in polyclinics and hospitals.


Anonymous said...

1 foreign doctor, many $$$ saved by the garman; nevermind no good or fake resumes. The elites dont use them if necessary, only the dafts , no choice.

Anonymous said...

Acid test for quality of foreign doctors:
Are our PAP Millionaires being looked after by foreign doctors?

Anonymous said...

Attended by foreign doctors, not sure of ability and pay top Sinkie fees.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore doctors are some of the best in the region. I would like to see a vigorous challenge to that report.

Some bunch of know-it-all's makes a claim with nary a shred of evidence, and yew dumb gullible motherfuckers believe them,without challenge or question?

Fucking stupid cunts,the lot of yes!

Anonymous said...

Among those who are not qualified, there are some who are "disqualified" by law for engaging in unethical practice in their host countries but are admitted into Singapore. Uniquely Singapore indeed!

b said...

"Singapore doctors are some of the best in the region"

- no doubt that some are the best but most are very hungry foreign aliens who are substandard. dont believe? next time single out one alien doctor and test them using a medical question. that alien doctor will try all his/her might to avoid answering you directly. moreover, they made it very difficult to get external independent examination for the cause of death of your love ones if you need one.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> it very difficult to get external independent examination for the cause of death of your love ones if you need one.

This doesn't concern me. Neither do the perceived standards or lack thereof of "aliens" working in the system. I avoid the public health system wherever possible and opt for private provider. The private medicos who treat me have been doing so for years.

When it comes to one's own health my theory is that your level of "caveat emptor" (in the market) had better be on the bola. For me -- I only deal with docs with spectacular reputations, who've been in business for long time, and are successful. The rest I don't concern myself with, and I couldn't care less if they fuck up with other people as long as it is not me or my family. (Self interest dude).

Although the Singapore public health system is one of the best in the world, I avoid anything run by the government -- any government -- as far as possible. (Granted, it is impossible to be 100% free of govt interference)

If the govt cannot even ensure that the MRT doesn't break down there is no fucking way I am going to trust them with my or the family's health.

What other people do with their health is their own business.

Like Milton Friedman said everyone is Free To Choose