It is time China learns and behaves like the USA

China is no longer a second rate superpower aspiring to be a superpower. It is a superpower like it or not. The only problem is that China still does not learn to behave as superpower unlike Putin and Russia. When one is a superpower, it is all about behaving as one. Failure to do so will be seen as a sign of weakness and will invite unending troubles from little pesky countries.

If China is to put a stop to all its territorial problems with its neighbours, it must act like Putin and send a signal to the pests that it means business and don’t fuck around with China. But it would be better to settle this problem the American way.

How did the Americans get rid of the native problems once and for all to claim the North American continent as theirs? The solution was simple, wipe out the natives decisively so that there was not an ounce of doubt that they were in charge. The native Americans were finished, no longer a threat, no longer a pest.

Americans might have the advantage of a western media that looked the other way to the genocide of the Red Indians. Even if they did make a little noise, it would soon go away, be forgotten. The little bad publicity and PR is worth everything to rid the problems of the natives claiming that the continent were theirs in the first place.

China could learn this trick from the Americans and kick some asses. Make sure their claims to the islands in East and South China Sea is uncontestable, beyond any reasonable doubt, by whacking the shit out of the irritating pests once and for all. 
Remember how the Americans seized Hawaii from the islanders and the other Pacific Islands? There is no room for being soft and niceties. Let the western media have a field day cursing and swearing as much and as long as they want. But China will have peace and no more nonsense from its neighbours and none will come scratching or wanting to claim any Chinese territories for good. There is no need to be bothered about western media. What ever China do would be wrong and would be bashed and condemned by them. Let’s face it, the western media and western powers would have nothing good to say about China even if China behaves like an angel.

20 or 30 years down the road, or 50 years into the future, there will be no more nonsensical claims from its neighbours, just like there will be no more Red Indians claiming they were the owners of the American continent or the Hawaiians wanting to be independent from the Americans. And to think that Chuck Hagel had the gumption to say this in Japan, ‘You cannot go around and redefine boundaries, violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations by force, coercion and intimidation – whether it’s in small islands in the Pacific or large nations in Europe…So I want to talk to our Chinese friends about this.’ This joker must be borne only yesterday and does not know the history of the Americans or how Japan seized Diaoyu Islands from China and how the treacherous Americans handed the islands back to the Japanese when they should return them to China.

China should tell Hagel straight in the face about the real America, the bully of the world. This is the way of a superpower. Would the Americans want to risk a nuclear war with China? The Americans have all their islands in all the oceans. The Americans can have their ADIZs unilaterally declared without consulting anyone. The Americans can have their Monroe Doctrine to claim the western hemisphere of North and South Americas as their sphere of influence and no European, Asian or South American powers is allowed to challenge their supremacy and domination over the western hemisphere.

China just has to do it, and cleans up its act in the East and South China Seas once and for all, if it is to be respected and feared as a superpower. By not doing so, any little pesky country would think it can challenge Chinese supremacy and claim Chinese territories as theirs. China must put a stop to such naïve abrasiveness and, be like the Americans, put an end to the Red Indian civilization, for good.


Virgo49 said...

Right Mr.RB,

Just one word: HOOT AH!!!!!!!!

Give them orr bak kak!!!!!!!

Waiting for it to happen. Then see whether got world recession and how the PAPies settle the FT problems after their prologue (rest with salaries)

See whether they deported all the rubbish locusts, snakes, parasites, hyenas or annihilate the sinkies.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Exactly what I said before. Putin is the world's baddest ass. He has a monumental ego, and his level of self-love is on par with the best dictators in our comical human history. Dick-Taters like the jolly old Idi Amin Dada, Kim Jong Il, the all-time favourite Hitler , and the Roman emperor who made death and blood his personal entertainment: Caligula

To be a bad ass, you have to DO STUFF to seal your reputation as a bad ass. Putin does this. Almost daily, he has been telling Obama on the phone to GET FUCKED.

China's problem is that its leaders are too polite and restrained. Look at the Japs: Abe is all pumped up, The Philippine's are all pumped up, and of course the Americans are always pumped.

So yeah. China needs to step up and be more "entertaining" as geopolitics and politics in general is Hollywood For Ugly People, and the China needs to be part of the "content creation" to feed the 24hr news cycle enjoyed by billions around the world.

b said...

If China steps up, the world will end and everyone will perish. China knows that. What China needs to do is to slowly weaken the enemy until they are totally obese and weak and without a brutal fight, win the war. It needs a lot of patience to deal with those particular type people who believe that the world belong to them and manipulate justice to their favour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


No lah. To command a presence you have to "relate to your audience". China is too stolid. It's that old Asian bugbear of not showing one's emotions because to do so is a sign of "weakness".

But the people enjoying the show want emotion. Like the Russians -- they are full of passion and emotion -- look at their art and their music. All the Russian presidents were emotional men, and they communicated with spirit and conviction. Kruschev, Gorbachov, Yeltzin all passionate vodka drinkers.

Putin...he's a wanna-be fighter. He'll take of his shirt and grab a knife to fight you -- but only if the camera is there to record the "show". Putin LOVES the camera. He is totally insane with power and narcissistic self-love. Putin has the kind of mental disorder, and power, and resources to be a really DANGEROUS individual.

Now, that is a guy you dun wanna fuck with.

China got long way to go lah. Premier Li should balek kampong and watch more Bruce Lee movies. He should maybe step down and make Jackie Chan premier of China, whilst he trains to become as bass ass as Bruce.

Then the world will really know what "Enter The Dragon" really means. Obama will turn WHITE with fear. :-)

b said...

Everything can be settled one. Just need to talk. Throw in some champagne, cigars, big boobies. Btw, bruce lee also died while having sex. Not good to learn from him.

Eddie Leong said...

Is this the start of World War III?

- Russia invades Ukraine. NATO reacts.

- N. Korea starts a war with S. Korea. USA has only limited capacity since they are now involved with Europe.

- China seizes Taiwan as USA has no more military capacity on multiple fronts.

- The Daioyu islands are seized by thousands of Chinese fishermen and now protected by Chinese coast guards. Japan is out-numbered.

- Iran starts a war with its long time rival...Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Bahrain. No more NATO or USA forces available.

- etc.

Anonymous said...

WW III has started with some smokes here and there.
The Fires will catch on and burn steadily for some times to come.

The Defining Moment has arrived.

Anonymous said...

The Americans thought they have everything worked out according to plans. The Asia Pivot was their final weapon to confront China and stop the growth of China.

But God finally said the days of the Americans are over. So God created Crimea and the Ukraine crisis to pull the pants down on the Americans. Yes, having overstretched and without the petrol dollar to back them up, and the greenback being rejected this time by the Russians, will start a domino effect that will bankrupt the Americans.

When no one wants to use the American dollar....