From independence to servitude

The war cry of Malaysia is ‘Malaysia Boleh’. This is how Malaysia wants its people to feel, to psyche themselves up to build a prosperous nation. In 1965, we became independent. We were cast adrift like a flotsam in the ocean. We either swim or sink. We did not shout Singapore Boleh. We just do it. We did not sink, we turnaround an entrepot trading country into a prosperous city with manufacturing and financial services as the main driving sectors of our economy.

When we became independent, we were more or less in the same state of social and economic development as our neighbours. Some were better off than us. In a way we were the most risky state because of our physical limitations. Our people were not up to it to turn the country into an industrial and manufacturing state. We were ill prepared for that role. We were ill prepared for all aspects of building a nation. Our talent pool was very small. Our leaders and top civil servants were mostly lowly educated. Many were non graduates, many with only a school certificate or less. The trained and skilled workforce was non existence. We had to start from scratch.

The govt knew our limitations and weaknesses. They asked for outside assistance to train our people to build our nation. We brought in advisors from around the world to teach us how to industrialise. We levelled the hills and forest, we built housing and industrial estates. We built schools to educate our people. There were no foreign talents running here to help us. We relied on our very own people, the govt then had faith in our people to build a prosperous nation together.

It was all about self reliance, about independence, about training and nurturing our people to build our nation. We did not cry Singapore Boleh. We did it. From 3rd World to 1st World, with our own people.

Today, we have a very well educated, trained and skilled workforce. More than 50% of our new workforce is tertiary educated. We have been producing scholars and scholars, thousands of them over the years. Today, our scholars had a sudden awakening. Other than them, the countries are made of daft Sinkies. We need to import foreign talents to replace them or we will sink. As long as they are foreign talents, fakes also can, we will bring them in without questions. Fakes are better than daft Sinkies. We need the help of all the fakes to bring us back to the 3rd world. We have transformed ourselves from a ‘can do’ nation of hardworking and ‘never say die’ people to one when everything is ‘tak boleh’ without the help of foreigners. We are now a hopeless nation without foreign talents.

Everywhere, every industry, every level, we are now dependent on foreigners to run this country. Our people, the best workers in the world, the best educated in the region, are now being bullied and discriminated by the foreigners with dubious qualifications, and at their mercy for jobs.

At the rate it is going, if the Sinkies did not sink, the country will. How could a country be so desperate and dependent on 3rd World fake talents? How could a country, once proud of its highly rated and educated citizens, be rejecting its citizens in favour of unknown and questionable foreigners?

What are our scholars thinking? Are they smoking pots or popping ecstasy pills?

There is a sinking feelings, but some Sinkies do not think so.

Kopi level - Green


Anonymous said...

RB, I share your frustration but the 60% is like a rope tying your neck with a stone and dropping you in the ocean. I am looking at migrating to Australia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sad that the original Singaporeans are forced to run away from their home country that is now unbearable to live, gradually but steadily taken over by foreigners.

Anonymous said...

I feel extremely sorry for the
younger generations.

Life in this crowded and jam-
packed global and cosmopolitan
city state will never be the same
again as the GOOD-OLD-DAYS.

The sky-high property prices,
record high car prices, and other
high cost of living are here to

What choice do you have? What say


Anonymous said...

You don't feel sad that they are being replaced by foreigners and bullied by them?

agongkia said...

Dun be a loser and start threatening chaboe or migrating just because one is not use to the system here.Why choose to be a 2nd class citizen elsewhere when our Grand Ah Kong chose to die here.
Go and pay respect to them during this Qing Ming and remember your root.Pua Puay and ask them whether they agree with your daft thinking of migrating.
Many chaboe because they want to leave their age parent here but find no excuse.
Sinkies should be willing to work harder and longer hour if they want to reduce FTs,fake or not.Take up any jobs that come by,drive taxi,clean tables or sookoority...

Sinkies who are choosy and lazy should stop complaining about FT or poor Garmen policies.
I am a nearly pokkai and work 21 hours daily but I dun kpkb or complain.
Be a man,be a stayer.Act now.Work harder and longer hour.You can help to reduce FT.Action speak louder than words.Protest or whatever no use one.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I must say, it is heartening to know that RB has not lost his talent for over-blowing a situation (what situation?) and expounding on flimsy premises and presuppositions to arrive at ridiculous conclusions.

Singapore is A-OK. As a cuntree/ Hotel/ city, it is going gang-busters. Individual Singaporeans will have varied degrees of success -- from minus to huge surpluses. Which means, it is actually you who is ultimately in-charge of your own life. Blaming the government and thinking that you are an indentured serf is just patently false.


>> Action speaks louder than words

I'll top you on that: Action bring ACTUAL, MEASURABLE RESULTS. Talk is simply "organised noise" -- of which a small percentage spurs agents to act. Most of "talk" simply vanishes into ENTROPY -- i.e. the heat (thermal energy) from hot, pressurized air simply dissipating into the universe.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians cried "Malaysia Boleh" but their PISA rating is 39 out of 44 nations. How to be "boleh". Its better to just work hard and not talk loud.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, as a stateless person, you can have your world view of things from that status. I doubt a citizen of this island will share that kind of view except for those who want to replace the Sinkies with foreigners.

Many are already using the word traitor for citizens who think like you. You are already an ex so they would pin that tag on an ex.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!
Singaporeans also boleh.

So who cannot boleh?
Can it be the PAP and Traitors that cannot boleh?
Who in Singapore depends on million dollar monthly handouts from Singaporean taxpayers ... you tell me lah!
PAP Ministers or Singaporeans?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@RB -- posts the obvious, and hopes it will change things.

>> Matilah, as a stateless person, you can have your world view of things from that status.

I am a Singapore citizen, as defined by govts. In Aust, I am a British Subject -- again defined by govt. I have no choice in this. Because I'm not silly enough to go and fight governments even though I disagree with their "definitions".

However, I act as if I am stateless. Sooner or later you become the thing you consistently act upon or act like. People who paint consistently become painters. People who gamble become gamblers.
People who practice the violin become violinists etc. This action-thingy, I have a choice. And I have chosen.

>> I doubt a citizen of this island will share that kind of view except for those who want to replace the Sinkies with foreigners.

Oh my dear RB, since when do I need agreement or validation for my dubious opinions to feel "satisfied"? You of all people know better than that lah :-) I could care less about what people think, unless I'm doing commerce with them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

RB: The message I'm trying to get across (and failing miserably) is that ACTION -- individual, focused, goal-oriented and measurable action leads to destiny -- i.e. what one eventually becomes.

Spiritual leaders have said this for millennia. Since "spirituality" is fast disappearing from the culture (but not soon enough), the neuroscientists and cognitive researchers have proved this, that it is generally accepted as FACT by rational, mentally-stable, mature, proactive people.

The way you write is as if Singaporeans who've had a few "challenges" to face have zero hope of getting out of their funk. And worst still, you don't advocate that individuals take responsibility for their existence, instead choose to blame the government.

No government is perfect. In fact, they are all more BAD than GOOD.

In the US, for e.g. trust in govt is at an ALL TIME LOW at 19%.

India, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria etc all have or are going to have elections and all of their respective peoples are fucking fed up of their governments, which shows you that the tendency to blame the government for every ill conceivable is UNIVERSAL.

But they all forget Joesph D Maistre's famous truism:

“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite.”

So much for the idea that the majority is always right. And thus, I really don't expct overwhelming support for my anti-state, anti-govt ideas ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, didn't you claim that you have the choice? Now you said you have no choice but pretending to be stateless.

I need to debunk your nonsensical make belief world of being stateless and urging the citizens to give up their rights as citizens and to give up their country to non citizens.

A stateless world is only in your imagination. To all the citizens here, it is very real. Everyone carries a passport, you too. If they lose their country, they be better prepared to be boat people and crying for the Aussie govt to let them in.

This is no pray pray.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Now you are trying to make the case that ACTING is some form of delusion.

OK, granted that that is certainly possible. But you cannot run form the fact that continuous action changes a persons identity and sense of "self". I'm not going to nit pick about "self being an illusion" or some crap like that. The point is illusion or not, people live in their own experience, and in that add to their experience by ACTION.

>> urging the citizens to give up their rights as citizens and to give up their country to non citizens.

Err, no. I've never "urged" people to give up anything. They can choose and act as they wish -- it is of no consequence to me. The most I can do is give my opinion which may or may not contain "ideas" for them to consider and act by their own volition.

My stance has been crytal clear. For Singapore I support and often champion:

1.Open borders
2.Open economy (aka free markets)
3.Free speech and expression
4.Freedom of sexual expression and sexual orientation(s)
6. Plurality
7. Toe-to-toe competition -- from the battle of ideas to commerce
8. Minimal government involvement is the sphere of civil and individual matters
9. Entrepreneurship aka individual enterprise

So yeah. Not many folks will agree with me. That's too bad for them :-)
Me? I'm fucking fine...and I will be fine until the day I get terminally sick and die into oblivion!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I never say acting is a delusion. You said so. And you also said,

' But you cannot run form the fact that continuous action changes a persons identity and sense of "self". I'm not going to nit pick about "self being an illusion" or some crap like that.'

Just ask the Jews or Japanese or any racial group with some sense of pride being from his race, is continuous change going to change the person's identity or sense of self. Only the deluded and shallow yellow bananas have this kind of mindset, becoming world citizens and no self and no race. What a crap!

And ask your Aussie neighbours who they think you are. Let me answer for them, behind your back, 'a fucking chink' wanting to be called Australians: )

Honestly, tell us how many times you have been fucked or snubbed by the White Aussies and calling you a Chink because you are a Chink but under a delusion that you are not?

Anonymous said...

RB paints a picture that says all foreign imported talents have "fake" qualifications. I have to disagree with that. The Indian nationals who are here, the majority are highly qualified and mostly very talented in what they do. The Indian talents in Singapore provide a very supportive enhancement to the Singapore economy. Without this support Singapore would not be where it is today. Furthermore the PRC talents are also contributing enormously to the economy of this country. They bring in knowledge, experience and also cash to start your SMEs. The foreign talents who come to Singapore bring with them their families and children to be the workers of tomorrow. All in all I feel the PAP government is doing the right thing. Well done PAP. You have my full support.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't put words into my mouth that I said all.

I agree that a small portion of the foreign talents are really talented. The bulk are questionable. Other than the outright fakes, many came from universities with doubtful credentials or quality. And sad to say, these are now the choiced talents over our local talents that have to go through a very rigorous education regime.

Unless you believe that our education system is of the same standard as those doubtful and unknown, unranked schools and universities. Then you are right, they are all talents and better than the graduates from our education system.

Anonymous said...

I agree with RB. When education was education and not a commercial business, the universities will rate students according to their worth. Nowadays, many western universities are set up as business concerns, thinking only of the students' dollar.

Many questionable grades from questionable schools, including first degrees, are happily accepted as long as the students can afford the fees. And the grades and passing are so generous that many could literally buy their grades, excluding those from the degree mills.

Anonymous said...

The main reason for the importation of foreign talents is to boost the economy of Singapore. Many are here because Singaporeans do not want to do the work they do and also the low pay which Singaporean do not accept. If Singaporeans are not will to do the work at the lower pay, then why not give the work to foreign workers? The main problem is Singaporeans are too soft and expect too much. They want only jobs that are easy, in air-con environment, not too hot under the sun, no shift work, free every weekends and lots of pay. Foreign worker do not expect so much. If you are running a business and the bottom line is important at the end of the day, who would you employ? Honestly RB, who would you employ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:20, you are spouting nonsense. You are a new citizen from the ignorance you are showing.

The Singaporean children are the most hardworking children in the world, went through hot housing, tuition, special enrichment classes, the parents paid a big fortune for them to get to the best schools, to get the best results, straight As.

You said they are soft, lazy? You expect them to work as construction workers or cleaners after getting straight As or graduating from our world class universities?

I bet you, put those so called foreign talents through our education system, many would end up in the normal stream.

Use your head before you speak your ignorance.

oldhorse42 said...

I remember watching the Malaysian ping pong team in the last Olympic games.A malay playing ping pong in he Olympic game , mind you!. And he played a credible good game of ping pong. He is a home grown talent.
Malaysia did not resort to import sports talent and give them citizenship in double quick to play for them.
They believe in their people and will not spare any efforts to develop them.

Anonymous said...

If we stop believing in our people, stop developing them, what would happen to our people in 20 years time?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, just because you wanted to be fucked does not mean others wanted to be like you to be screwed in silence

Anonymous said...

/// If we stop believing in our people, stop developing them, what would happen to our people in 20 years time? ///
April 07, 2014 3:49 pm

In 20 year's time we will be slaves to the Traitors & Aliens.
Is this part of the PAPigs' long term plan for Singaporeans?

b said...

Under pap system, any smart ass will eventually become dumb ass. LKY is not created under pap system but the british system. He created the pap system. He is not singapore founder but pap founder. His son is created under the pap system but he is not smart and will never be as smart as his father. PAP people know their system is no good that is why they get all the foreigners in under non pap system (including lousy ahneh system) to replace sinkies.
Sinkies must migrate before it is too late because pap system is bad for your well being.

b said...

Remember Laurentia Tan the paralympics? If she stayed in pap system, she will never win one single medal in her entire life. She will just be treated as someone to be replaced and disposed. Fortunately, her parents made the decision to make her grow up in anglo system.

b said...

April 07, 2014 2:20 pm

>> you are deeply brainwashed and believe in those bullshits from all those controlled media. what they tell you is only half(maybe less) of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Migration is one good option.
To stay and fight to keep the State in the hands of Native Sinkies WILL BE FUTILE. There is no need to wait for 6.9 in 2030, the population target will be moved up again by then. Liu Thye Ker and some others had iterated repeatedly that Singapore can accommodate 10 million in population. Sinkies who are uncomfortable with current population will definitely get more discomfort as time progresses.

Living will be more challenging for most of our offsprings. As it is, there are tens of thousands or even more students working part time at around $5 an hour. There are undergraduates working tough menial works at logistics and movers companies. Some have to work whole night or odd hours with no other benefit and incentive. Works can be heavy and dirty, most have to bear with the hot humid weather.

After all these years, it is such a great disappointment to realize see Native Sinkies having to slog so much and get pittance in return.

b said...

'However, I act as if I am stateless'

- anyone who has to act as if stateless is really very SAD. It sounds like having to be deserted, abandoned, forgotten. THis person will most likely turn the hatred into drugs, alcoholism, mistreating people such as exploiting people, con people, tortured people. Will live a life that is devoid of emotion because it hurts every time this person faced his inner feelings.

Anonymous said...

Anyone good in acting to live is either not respecting ownself or likes to exploit others by acting.

Anonymous said...

/// Remember Laurentia Tan the paralympics? ///
April 07, 2014 4:35 pm

Laurentia should have competed under the British flag.
The British trained her.
She should have brought Olympic glory to Britain and not to PAP.

Anonymous said...

This is April 07, 2014 2:20 pm again

Foreign is definitely need to help Singapore grow. Without FT from India, China, Malaysia and other surrounding countries Singapore will be doomed to failure in 20 years time. What is wrong with importation of FTs? They contribute to the growth and the advancement of Singapore's economy. If a job needs doing in Singapore, whether it is done by a local or a FT, what does it matter who does it? As long as the job is done and it benefits the country who cares who does it? I think most Singaporeans are jealous because they cannot compete with the FTs and feel threatened. There are no more iron rice bowls, so please Singaporeans, do not bitch and sulk. Go out there and compete. Do not blame the government because your rice bowls are cracking. One of the Anon above said that the students of Singapore are straight As students. What uses are all the As when you are not capable of lateral thinking? All the regurgitating of passages from past exam papers and formulae will not make your student world class. How many Bill Gate or Steve JOb have you produced? NONE. All you care about is to achieve your 5 Cs. That is what you all aim for. Nothing further than that. So, to cut to the chase, just don't blame it on your government for bringing in the FTs. Without FTs Singapore will not survive for long.

Anonymous said...

6.08 pm if what u said is correct then the education minister should be sacked right? I just pray that u, your whole family inc your children all kena replaced by FT then see whether u can still talk cock or not. Stupid idiot with no brain, knn

Anonymous said...

April 07, 2014 5:32 pm

>> if she competed under british flag, we will not have uncovered how dysfunctional pap system is.

Anonymous said...

April 07, 2014 6:08 pm

>> this is as good as saying without pap, sg cannot survived. think deeper, we will just have a slower pace of living (which is good for health) where everything is cheaper. want to live or just exist?

Anonymous said...

Another reason to keep certain foreigners out.


Anonymous said...

/// What is wrong with importation of FTs? They contribute to the growth and the advancement of Singapore's economy. ///
April 07, 2014 6:08 pm

Who is this Singapore that is growing and advancing because of the importation of FTs?
Can you please identify the Singaporeans in question?

Is it the PAPigs who benefits?
Is it the Singaporean Permanent residents who benefits?
Is it the Aliens who benefits?
Is it the Singaporean business owners who benefits?

Pray tell who is this Singapore that is benefiting?
Don't just say "Singapore".
Be specific.
Who is this Singapore?

Anonymous said...

/// I think most Singaporeans are jealous because they cannot compete with the FTs and feel threatened. There are no more iron rice bowls,///
April 07, 2014 6:08 pm

This PAPig admits.
PAP's policies do not benefit most Singaporeans.
This PAPig has thus admitted by his own arguments;
- PAP is anti-Singaporean
- A vote for PAP is a vote against Singaporeans

What do you call policies that goes against the best interest of Singaporeans?
- Would you not call these acts of treason?

What do you call people who commit acts of treason?
Do you call them traitors?
Do you call them translators?

Anonymous said...

The reason is simple: the PAP govt wants to squeeze as many people as it can onto this small island. The quickest way to achieve this is to open the floodgates and let in all the foreigners.

It doesn't matter if they have dubious qualifications... to them, quantity is more important than quality.

Why does the PAP govt want to do this? Simple: greed. Every foreigner that comes in enriches the middlemen cronies who facilitate their arrival.

The other cronies of the PAP govt (e.g. Breadtalk's George Quek) are also delighted at having a huge pool of cheap and underpaid workers. More money goes into his pockets.

The PAP govt also goes around the world and signs FTAs with various countries, guaranteeing employment for some of their native people. Why? Again, it is greed. My educated guess is that Temasek gets some perks or exclusive access to business opportunities in those countries.

Oh, and what better way to inflate the property bubble than letting foreigners easily purchase them? Low occupancy rate at the Marina Bay Suites, PRs (and newly converted citizens) allowed to buy HDB flats... you think all of these happened by accident?

Consequently, the entire Singapore has degenerated into a rent-seeking Ponzi fraud scheme. But the 60.1% are okay with this. They won't believe it even if their bunks are flooded with sea water and you tell them the Titanic is sinking.

Anonymous said...

Cool man,
1st you allow a stateless prick disturb you, then that anon 1.44 pm...ppl like these are the ones that could even look over the fence, forgetting their children or their children's children will hv to face the shit, this island gets its money frm the ppl, squeezing and squeezing from every job there needs some kind of qualification and that, "so call qualification," meant paying and paying non stop to mantain.

Its simple to understand the rational frm why there is an open door, and it'll never ne shut....cause, it makes them money....period.
If all those (60%), still can't see it now, they never will. Cheers RB.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Honestly, tell us how many times you have been fucked or snubbed by the White Aussies and calling you a Chink because you are a Chink but under a delusion that you are not?

In the nearly 40 yrs I've lived here: 3 times, twice on separate occasions by Aboriginals, one time in Sydney by some WW2 vet who was obviously facing "anger issues".

You can't stop people calling you names lah, or forming any idea they like in their minds. People have the right to their opinion, even though you yourself might not like it.

However, cannot beat Singapore. I used to date Indian and Malay women -- all fucking gorgeous, BTW. I used to kena all the time from their JEALOUS men -- who used to verbally abuse the women, and then have a go at me. I can't even begin to count the number of times this occurred. OK, it was a different time then back in the 1970's. You probably won't get that shit today.

One time it was so bad. It was in the Kovan / U Serangoon area. A group of menacing Indian/ Paki/ Sri Lankan youths started to verbally threaten violence. That was it. Calling names and taunting is OK by my standards of free speech. Threatening violence is crossing the line.

So I made police report at Paya Lebar Police Station. Sent the GF home in a cab. The cops took me out in the patrol car and we found the group at a nearby kopitiam. It was priceless :-)

Anyway, I don't really care about racist slurs, because I know that there is no such "thing" as race. Like I said, people are going to form their opinion of you -- it is their mind at work, you have no control, so fuck it, dun worry about it lah.

Relac lah. You dun have to get mad just because someone makes fun of your race/ culture/ ethnicity. These nasty people are a minority. Most people are polite and decent -- at least to your face.

However, I find that Asians in particular are VERY SENSITIVE about being called names. IMO they are just being silly assholes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, like it or not, these racial, ethnic and religious traits will not go away for another 100 years. God created people to be different and to keep them different in the name of diversity and also another form of divide and rule

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I doubt if it will ever go away. Humans are social animals ("sociality" being a favoured trait for survival, thus selected by evolution) -- they form groups for a variety of different reasons. Every group will eventually evolve various degrees of "group think" which are shared memes, opinions creeds etc which overcome individual thought and identity, again by varying degrees.

...and then you get the issues of group vs group.

No, given the nature of our evolved brains, in-group out-group thinking, identity and collective action, aren't going away anytime soon.

The only way to deal with it is by one's own individual effort and critical thought i.e. choose associations wisely.