Brave Sinkies commit suicide for their children

ZI Mo wrote in the TRE about his friend of 30 years, at 57, chose to hang himself after a business failure that left him penniless. But his main reason as stated in his suicide note was to withdraw his $200k savings in his CPF to support his two school going sons. Only death could he get access to his CPF savings.

Another blogger commented that one of his best friends jumped from his HDB last year due a $30k debt. He left behind a wife and two daughters and more than $200k in his CPF.

Let’s hope that their last wishes were fulfilled and their CPF savings all went to their families and nothing is being held back, like some being transferred to the beneficiary’s medisave minimum sum account. I stand corrected on this, but so far I have been told that this is the case and not all the balance in the CPF will be paid out in the case of death.

Is this suicide thing going to be a trend and one of the sad ways for a down and out Sinkie, jobless and penniless but with a few hundred thousand in his CPF savings, and killing himself is the only way to release the money to his loved ones?

Many PMETs are living precariously the moment they lost their jobs to a foreigner and find it hard to get another job. And to make matters worse, many have school going children and a housing mortgage to service.

Welcome to the richest city state in the world when one out of two citizens is a millionaire on paper. More such tragedies are in the pipeline.

My advice to those people meddling in people’s life savings and having designs on the money these people have saved for a life time to serve their private agenda, please do good, do more good, and return the money to the rightful owners. You do not know what the invisible hand will do to you next. Do not intentionally cause tragedies to others for your private amusement and vested interests. Go and squander your own money no one will care. When you start to mess around with other people’s money, like the two suicide cases mentioned, you have blood in your hand.

Repent before it is too late. Beg for mercy when you still have time.

Kopi Level at the moment is red.


Anonymous said...

RB, I thought there was also an old lady that called it a day to avoid medical fee burden on her kids?

Btw have clicked many website to bring your kopi up

Anonymous said...

I thought at 55 already can withdraw some money?

Or is it unless die, cannot withdraw anymore if only $200K or less in CPF at 55?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, aged 55 can withdraw but must have enough in minimum sum and medisave account.

Can withdraw only minimum if these two accounts do not meet the targets.

In 1998, I was forced to let go some assets due to been terminated from my job for going against the Management stupid policies.

At that time before 55. Ironically had thousands in cpf but cannot withdraw.

Luckily do not have to beg in streets. Now withdraw thousands and deposited in banks.

So no urgency to use them. So when you need to use your own monies but not allowed to and now no need to use them, you have excess.

The PAP must let those at age 55 withdraw all of it and their business on hiw to use it.

People are not so stupid to squander all they have

agongkia said...

Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.
Sad to read about such cases.Hope that his last wish is granted and be the last case.

b said...

This is very sad indeed. If I am going to commit suicide, I will bring down one of those traitor ministers. Gov who colluded with bankers is a crime. It should be stipulated in the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Someone we know was transferred to nursing home in JB after the strokeout. She is in her early 50s.

Anonymous said...

"Many PMETs are living precariously the moment they lost their jobs to a foreigner and find it hard to get another job."

Yes many, but still not enough to vote the PAP out, assuming they did not vote PAP last GE.

Anonymous said...

"The PAP must let those at age 55 withdraw all of it..."
Virgo 49 5:46 pm

I think the PAP will only do so when the strongest opposition party announce they are ready to be govt.

Or when MH370 debris is found in the Indian Ocean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 4:47, thanks. Kopi turning green.

We used to be very proud of our CPF scheme. It was a very good savings scheme for the people. Now see what it has been turned into? It is now a monster, and with people committing suicide or emigrating just to lay their hands on their money, it is so shameful.

The evil men and women turning this CPF scheme into what it is today will have to answer for it one day.

Anonymous said...

/// The evil men and women turning this CPF scheme into what it is today will have to answer for it one day. ///
@ April 26, 2014 8:56 pm

Blame the 60% who voted for the PAPigs.
Also blame the 40% who did not convert just ONE of their parents, relatives, family members or friends.

Just how difficult is it to convert just ONE brother or sister to vote Opposition?
How dificult is it to convert just ONE father or mother to vote Opposition?
How dificult is it to convert just ONE friend to vote Opposition?

Anonymous said...

thanks to red bean, i finally realised why the living fossil aka zombie aka lee kuan yew is still ALIVE



RIP ... to those fallen heroes

knnccb ...

Anonymous said...

btw .... red bean





by those mother fucking PAPigs


agongkia said...

Alternatively,if only he has read MSN on my comments,he may not have to go.
If he listen and treat CPF as a tax paid and with no return.
He will then work harder and continue to live because he knows that he still have 2 kids to take care.
Please forget about cpf and live longer or.Dun keep hoping and may increase the population in IMH.
Go buy 4 D better.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Chua Chin Leng,

If the no shamed, greedy and traitorous PM accedes to your proposal to return all the blood, sweat & hard-earned CPF savings to all the depositors, then where is Whore Jinx, the Marie Antoinette of Stinkapore going to draw her unlimited supply of ammunitions to speculate in the global markets and lose by the tens of billions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> "Brave Sinkies commit suicide for their children"

Brave? Hardly. I strongly disagree with RB's outrageously LOW STANDARDS.

These sick motherfuckers are selfish and cowardly.

If there would be a hell (sadly, there is not) these twisted, perverse cunts should burn and suffer for eternity -- blood shooting out of their arseholes, and shit shooting out of their eyes.

Dear Satan, fuck up these craven sickos. Use your evil creativity to punish these utter wastage of humanity. Make them suck your scaley cock and lick your rotting anus -- for eternity.

If any of you disagree with me, fuck you :-)

Happy Sunday !

Anonymous said...

Most schemes start out as good, that is why they are able to get started.

But most schemes eventually turn into shit schemes, because whenever humans have their hands on it, they start to change the rules, lost their conscience in the process, becomes greedy managing it because so much money can be manipulated for partisan gains, the ones that suffers are those who voluntarily or involuntarily subscribed to it.

Not only us RB. Those retirement funds put aside by workers over the decades in the West have also gone to the dogs. Some will not even be able to pay the pensioners when the time comes, and it will be very soon.

America has gone to the dogs. Their vice president goes on stage playing with his dog. Doggone funny piece of news!

Anonymous said...

I thought the dog was about to give a speech!