The American gangster’s double talk

The native Americans used to say that White men spoke with fork tongue. They thought it was words only and was wiped out from the American continent, their native home land. The world is not taking heed at what the Americans are saying and doing. Chuck Hagel was in Beijing last week and told the Chinese ‘no country should resort to intimidation, coercion or aggression to advance its claims.’ And the Americans warned China that it would defend Japan and the Philippines under their defence treaties. So, is this not intimidation, not coercion?

What were the Americans doing in the Middle East and Africa, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, in Afghanistan, and threatening Iran and North Korea with sanctions and wargames at their doorsteps, and now intimidating the Russians over Syria and Crimea?

What are the Americans doing with their pivot to Asia, amassing military hardwares and soldiers in the region and signing defence treaties everywhere they go? And they are trying to sign a military treaty with the Mongolians wedged between Russia and ChinaRussia and China must put a stop to this treaty like the Americans putting a stop to Kruschev wanting to put missiles in Cuba, or they will both be in serious trouble with the American gangsters.

The USA has been using threats, intimidation and coercion against practically every country in the world, allies or enemies, to push its agenda and to protect its interests. And it is telling the world, in this case China, that they should not use threats and intimidation?

What horse shit do the Americans think they are serving? This is a clear case of the devil calling everyone else devil. And Hagel went to Beijing to threaten the Chinese of US military actions!

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Anonymous said...

RB, kopi level red so I click I think 5 websites and within click many times. I also leave it open but dies it count?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh thanks alot everyone. It is green now. Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...


In Ukraine, it looks like the choice is to rejoin Russia eventually. But the gangsters are saying that it is illegal to conduct a referendum to that effect.

WTF are they talking about when it is the wishes of the Ukranian people. Did not the Americans used the same tactics in many other countries in the Middle East and South America, and they say it is a vote for democracy and should be respected? Now that it is going the other way, it becomes illegal. What kind of fucking logic are they using?

What the fuck is Ban Ki Moon doing at the UN? This fellow is a fucking lame duck, put there for show.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the Straits Times recently, someone very important in the PAP government said that USA should have a strong presence in South East Asia. When I read that I asked myself WHY? Why is it important for the Americans to be in South East Asia? Maybe Singapore should be like the Pinnoyland and invite the Americans to establish a naval base in Singapore. That would be very good for the GDP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


This is a short talk by Malcolm Turnbull, an Australian politician, on the rise of China as an economic power. The presentation is factual and solemn minus the normal western rhetoric.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The USA has been using threats, intimidation and coercion against practically every country in the world, allies or enemies, to push its agenda and to protect its interests.

And so fucking what? The American govt is behaving in EXACTLY the way it is supposed to. Why are you so "shocked"?

Notice how the US dares to yaya-papaya with China, but when it comes to Putin and Crimea, they wayang a bit, then impose sanctions. Putin gives Obama the finger everyday...and Obama's response is even more bombast. It's pretty clear the US is "scared" of Russia, especially under an egotist and attention-seeker like Vladimir Putin.

Putin has told everyone to fuck off: the UN, the EU, and that useless waste of historical garbage: NATO. Putin has told the rest of Europe: "Hey motherfuckers, no gas for you. Hope you have a merry christmas! Suck my dick!!"

So now the west are essentially leaving the Ukraine alone for Putin to do as he will.

Putin is still the baddest ass in the geopolitical arena. Even the old behind-the-scenes puppet master of US Foreign policy -- that decrepit evil jewish fucker Henry Kissinger is all out of moves.

Putin checkmated the world. He made everyone his bitches.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, why am I shocked when I am telling the daft Asians the truth they refused to see?

And why is Putin the baddest ass when Georgie Boy and even Obama were killing people in the Middle East and Afghanistans like swiping flies? And Hilary was making a joke out of it?

Only an US ass smeller like you will think that US exceptionalism is unquestionable and everyone is bad except the US.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You misunderstand. I think that US exceptionalism is the best comedy premise ever for on-going global entertainment. Latest: "What is that? A bat?" What a dumb fucking fat-assed cunt she is.

US exceptionalism: funny lah, die laughing or just die :-)