MH370 – When the show is over

More than one and a half months of frantic and fruitless search for MH370 in the Antarctics have proven nothing. Not a trace on MH370 or a piece of debris. The families of the victims are starting to question the purpose of this search, was is a joke, or was it a planned or misguided search into a wrong area, a red herring from the start?

Have all the victims and the govts been misled into a foolish exploration of the Antarctic Ocean when they should be looking somewhere else for MH370? The conspiracy theory is gaining more credibility, that this elaborate scam or espionage was conducted to serve someone’s agenda, and in the course of its execution and the need to hide its trails, everyone is made a fool of?

If all the information given from day one was to disinform, to misinform, to fool everyone to look into the Antarctic, a cruel act of deceit and treachery, should the people involved in the disinformation and misinformation be prosecuted for such a wicked crime devoid of compassionate and human kindness when there are hundreds grieving and waiting for the loved ones to return?

Should an enquiry be conducted on how the information was disseminated that were untrue or sheer fabrications with flimsy level of credibility but pushed through as the truth, as real evidence to mislead everyone on a wild goose chase? Anyone has any doubts about the information provided and wanting to know the source and the whys while the passengers and the aircraft are still no where to be seen?


Anonymous said...

I was very surprised when they
started to search the ocean floor
for the black box even without
first finding a single debris from

Anonymous said...

They planted it there.

virgo49 said...

Now need a whistle blower with a conscience to.blurt out the truth

A wild goose.chase cruelly planned by the evil forces and collaborated by the equally evil.forces

patriot said...

No matter and whatever is the Outcome, the Malaysian Government and Malaysian Airline System are both guilty of negligence. Both had failed in their duties to ensure the Safties of the Passengers and the Aircraft of Flt MH370. Specifically, whence Flt MH370 was detected to have flew away from the Direction of it's intended Destination Beijing. The Failure to inquire and investigate the Detour is criminal in nature.

And to date, no explanation has been given regarding and about the Detour.

And why are the Malaysian and Australian Authorities so sure about the Flt MH370 Aircraft had gone into the Indian Ocean? At least the Prime Ministers of both Australia and Malaysia had sounded cock sure that the Aircraft is in the Indian Ocean. What are their evidence and logic???


Anonymous said...

They planned all those false information to draw searches away from the place that they should be seaching all along, while they have all the time to get rid of all evidence when everyone was far down South.

This was a carefully planned execution, right from the timing of midnight when everyone was least alert in this part of the region. The purpose, as someone did mention, was to create a wedge between China and Malaysia, which had been on relatively close since Mahathir's watch. The whole purpose was to isolate China completely, never mind the collateral damage of a few hundred lives. Those are nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If there is a definition of what is real evil, the forces behind all these must take the cake for acting like angels while all the time planning so much evil deeds it really makes one sick.

Anonymous said...

Because the Immarsat satellite is the only and so is also the best available source to rely on to do the search, tio bo?

So if don't rely on Immarsat, then rely on what, u tell me lah? Rely on the Bomoh?

denk said...



rex said...

the affected families should insist and protest to ask malaysia to disclose the detailed cargo manifest. 90% of the mystery of mh370 will be solved then.

rex said...

surprisingly the malaysia authourities now said that the conspiracy theory re. Diego Garcia "seemed" absurd. seemed...it is quite a weak word....

Anonymous said...

Malaysia seems to be part of the conspiracy. They knew what was in the cargo, '4 tons of mangosteens' not in season in Malaysia.

Now Malaysia is going to be rewarded when Obama comes visiting to say thank you for the assistance in this wicked scheme.

denk said...

April 23, 2014 9:06 pm

i smell a rat
from the moment i knew there were so many chinese on board.
when china, malaysia started quarreling my fear was confirmed.

dont be surprised if in malaysia obama gleefully embracing najib, who finally decide to join the happy family , asia nato...the muricun orchestrated anti chinese posse !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I can't wait for the movie to come out. Better still, get Disney to make it an animated musical :-)

Anonymous said...

fuck lah ...

neber ask the most advance asean cuntry govt ...

americunt running dog singapore is keeping mum on the fate of this fateful flight

China President Xi should kiss his arse for the gospel true


Anonymous said...

Quote from April 23, 2014 11:45 pm: "Because the Immarsat satellite is the only and so is also the best available source to rely on to do the search, tio bo?
So if don't rely on Immarsat, then rely on what, u tell me lah? Rely on the Bomoh?" Unquote.

This is absolutely untrue and yet it is precisely what at least half the world's poulation believe.

What I tell you now is pure facts and science, not conspiracy theory, disinformation or misinformation.

It was reported in newspapers that the CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, an organ of the UN) has found no sign of any explosion or plane crash related to MH370. The spokesperson for the UN had invited scientists worldwide to look through its database.

It turns out that the CTBTO uses 4 means to monitor illegal nuclear testing events - heat, sound, vibration and radioactivity - 3 of which are able to detect explosion or plane crash the size of the Boeing 777-200. The spokesperson did caution that their monitoring station is quite far from the Gulf of Thailand to be 100% confident, and when you follow the link to their website, you do see that their nearest monitoring station to the Gulf of Thailand is in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

However, if you go beyond this, the fact jumps out and grabs you by the throat that this same monitoring station is in the neighbourhood of the Ocean west of Australia, where they have spent the last few precious weeks searching. If there is any fancy mathematics that brings you to imagine that the plane crashed here, surely a search of the CTBTO database would lead you to the exact spot where the crash occured? How much cheaper and faster would a search of an existing database be compared with trawling the ocean with ships and submarines? Remember the UN had INVITED scientists to search their database, they did not give any excuse like it's confidential or it's an ongoing police matter! So isn't it amazing that the CTBTO data has been ignored, isn't it amazing that the press had dismissed it until most of you are not even aware of it?

And conversely, if the crash is not detected in the database, then you don't have to waste so much time and resources searching a place based solely on dodgy mathematics.

So it's not that the Inmarsat satellite is the only or best source, sorry that's totally bo tio. The CTBTO does not rely on dodgy mathematics, it gives you all the physical readings on explosion heat, sound and vibration and the records are readily available.

Let's not be mistaken, I'm not saying that the CTBTO data can help us find the plane, what I'm clearly saying is that the CTBTO data can tell us the plane is not at that Australian ocean where it's within range for the monitoring station to be deadly accurate.