Exceptionally talented politicians

Looking at the quality of life today, not the future, and comparing it with the pre independence era, material comfort is definitely incomparable. The convenience of life has improved tremendously at this point in time, putting aside the extremely high cost of living that is building up daily. PAP has a glorious past record and chalked up a lot of goodwill among the older generations. Until the year 2000, political analysts could have concluded that this party would go on and be elected for the next 100 years. As a political party, it has done very well to uplift the material comfort of the people, education, healthcare, safety and security, to the envy of countries around the world. The citizens really have very little to complain about.

And don’t forget it has so much money stashed away as the nation’s reserves. Just by spreading this money to the people to make their lives better would assure their reelection year after year. But that is not necessary. The money can be used to pay their top salaries and the salaries of those managing this money and the Sinkies would not care a damn, if only they stop squeezing them with higher housing, medical and the price to own a car. They have no reason, with so much money in the reserves to want to squeeze the people for their last drop of blood and leading to a lost of faith in their leadership. Funny thing is that they chose to do it this way.

In less than 15 years things have changed so dramatically. There is now so much anger against the party due to so many bad policies affecting the lives of the citizens, and going forward is really not looking pretty. Of course the PAP does not think so and still thinking it is doing all the right things and very proud of their achievements.

The opposition parties have been trying very hard to bring down the PAP, or at least challenging its dominant position in the polity but could barely make any inroads. But what the opposition parties failed to do, the PAP and its super talents did very well, to erase all the goodwill built over the years by the earlier leaders and creating so much negativity towards the party. The support of the people is at the lowest level the party has ever hit. It requires exceptional talents to do this, to self destruct, singlehandedly, without the opposition having to do much. This calls for really exceptional talents to do it so successfully.

The commonly acknowledged distribution of voters is 30% opposition, 30% PAP and 40% swing votes. This pattern has shifted quite ostensibly in recent years. The 40% middle of the road voters are actually for the opposition but voting for the PAP because they have no choice due to lack of good opposition candidates. But this is changing. The mindset is that any decent opposition candidate will do, will be better than top grade scholars and top earning professionals. It thus reads 70% for the opposition. Scary right?

What about the 30% hard core PAP supporters? This number is also shaky. Other than maybe 10% that would not switch come what may, the balance 20% voted PAP for vested interests. And if they think PAP is not going to serve them well, some of them may switch camps quite easily. They are political animals and only think of their own interests. The actual supporters for the PAP could be very small in reality and could be less than 30%. A big shift can happen anytime if the PAP is not careful. The PAP can no longer expect the people to be on its side anymore, there is no certainty like in the past.

 Thanks to the super talents in the PAP to bring the PAP to this sad state of affair. It is no small feat to do it. It is unbelieveable but the super talents in the PAP have delivered the PAP support to the opposition. They are making it so much easier for the opposition parties.

This is how I see it. Please feel free to disagree.

Kopi level – Green. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The 40% swing votes to opposition only happens during a by election, eg Punggol East.

In a GE, majority voters are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out of govt because the strongest opposition party WP is not ready to be govt.

RB, be honest. U not scared meh? Can Sinkieland afford to have a not ready PM?

I am also not ready to be PM. I will be very scared if majority Sinkies made me become PM.

Anonymous said...

RB are u ready to be PM?

If not, do u think majority Sinkies will be scared if u become PM?


Rb: // The mindset is that any decent opposition candidate will do, will be better than top grade scholars and top earning professionals. It thus reads 70% for the opposition. Scary right? //

// This is how I see it. Please feel free to disagree. //

Ha ha ha ha ha, RB has become like another "Superman", like "the mati guy" but his "opposite extreme" with a "common SUPARMAN" trait --- "SUPARMAN X-RAY EYES" can see through the 40% swing voters brains, read their minds and intended voting patterns and what they will exactly do on voting day.

Even Sinkieland's most accomplished statistician Professor Saw Swee Hock "would have to take his hat off" with RB'S "SUPAR NATURAL STATISTICAL EXPERTISE"!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

You are laughing like the PAP grassroot leaders in Aljunid just before the GE. After the GE their faces turned pale.

Anonymous said...

I think RB will be ready to be MP and even PM if PAP invited RB to be candidate.

Tio bo, RB?


Repeat of Gombak or Aljunied? said...

Anon 10.13 am // You are laughing like the PAP grassroot leaders in Aljunid just before the GE. After the GE their faces turned pale. //

Ha ha ha

Many supporters in Bt Gombak and Nee Soon Ctrl also turned pale after 1997 GE.

Are you foreseeing history repeating with your xray vision?

Remember ex-MPs Ling How Dong and Neo Chen Chai?

Rb:// The mindset is that any decent opposition candidate will do, .........//

Sure or not?

Ling How Dong --- experienced and seasoned senior lawyer cum politician. Not "decent" meh? Why he kena defeated by uncle type PAP Ang Moh Seng in 1997 GE just after one term?

You tell me lah?

Whose supporters faces turned pale just after one term, you say lah?

Your perception matters or voters final decision matters, you tell me lar?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Hougang and Punggol East? The WP team in Aljunied is not Ding How Dong or Neo Chai Kien.

See who the PAP will send to Aljunied to be sacrificed. Whoever sent there will have weak knees.

Oh ok, Khaw Boon Wan will volunteer.

Anonymous said...

See who the PAP will send to Aljunied to be sacrificed.
Anon 11:10 am

Already in news 3 of them.

1. Chua Eng Leong - son of former Minister Chua Sian Chin. (Eunos division)
2. Chan Hui Yuh (serangoon gardens division)
3. Kahar Hassan (Kaki Bukit division)

Left 2 more to announce for Paya Lebar and Bedok reservoir-Punggol Division)

So u mean the above 3 to be sacrificed?

Anonymous said...

Ting Pei Ling for Aljunied?


Anonymous said...

RB for Aljunied?


Anonymous said...

RB for Aljunied?
Anon 11:30 am

Good idea. Why?

1. He will be very happy to be PAP candidate. Boost one's ego to be one, u know.

2. He will stop his anti govt, anti PAP blogs, for sure and once and for all.

3. He will be sacrificed by not being elected, which may be PAP's intention anyway.

So u see for PAP, can kill 3 birds with one stone.


Anonymous said...

RB, I was the 30% supporters that have switched. In fact my closer families were all in the 30% except for one in the family! all have switched!

Anonymous said...

RB, you are so important that the whole PAP IB is here in your blog to keep you company.

You should be honoured.

Anonymous said...

The few IBs here will also switch when their dream of being fielded after working so hard goes to naught. Hahahaha.

Fair weather supporters or paid assassins?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must thank them for the company and their nice words. Don't forget my kopi or shall I buy them?

Anonymous said...

" RB, be honest. U not scared meh? Can Sinkieland afford to have a not ready PM? "
April 12, 2014 9:56 am

In 1965.
LKY was also not ready to be Prime Minister.
He was so scared, he even cried on TV.
So Sinkeland can afford to have a not ready, PM.
Not a problem.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand.
Can Sinkieland afford another over-mentored PM like LHL to be prime minister?
Another PAP Prime Minister like LHL for the next 20 years.
Singaporeans got enough money to pay for more expensive PAP government projects & policies or not?

Anonymous said...

11.46 don't be an idiot lar. We switched due to policies not because of what u said. This validate RB analysis so don't be an idiot and open your big mouth anyhow say

Anonymous said...

"With great power comes great responsibilities."

"With great salaries comes loss of courage and moral vision."
Typical PAPig Minister?
True or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No one in his right mind would be arrogant enough to say that he is ready to be the PM of a country. But that doesn't mean that he is not ready or no one is ready.

When a boat comes to the bridge it will straighten itself. When the time comes, a PM will appear. And depending on his destiny and the destiny of the people, he could be a good PM or an ass.

Does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

/// No one in his right mind would be arrogant enough to say that he is ready to be the PM of a country. ///

But is there an arrogant old man who says he can mentor people to be ready to be prime minister?

Did this old man get Sinkies to pay him a very high salary to do the mentoring?

Do daft Sinkies have a "if not satisfied, money back guarantee" from this old man?
Is the promise 'I will rise up from the grave if something is wrong in Singapore."
Is this a good promise and guarantee?
Can you use that to get subsidies from the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

1965 video of LKY becoming Prime Minister.

Does he look like he is ready to be Prime Minister?
Does he look like he wants to be Prime Minister?


Anonymous said...

Materistics sinkies are in their comfort when they don't have to come to the front and still reap the rewards, its foolish to believe that, that will change, the 30%, so call, "hard core," will remain, but i do think that its more like 40% rather.

Just like our neighbours even loosing the 50%, they are still able to retain power and control, the swing that you have forecast must be more, and in reality when there are so many questioning the ability of the opposition, can you still say the miracle will happen?

The hooks and claws have sunk into every sector, from food to you name it, the WSQ, the ITE'S to the schools and poly's. .....it cannot be in 2016, it must take longer for the links to be reestablished, for the LTA's to be neutralise, if not there will be a severe consequences as not only the economy will stop, the whole state could be in chaos as even the law enforcer are put in place by them, but the torn within all these predicament is do we have the time.....as the influx overflow into parliament, the custom and identity will also be corroded or eroded, which leaves us this genearation.......ready or not, time is running out!, vote or not, all these oldies have better choose..wisely.


Anonymous said...

RB, the IB have infested your blog. You should feel very very honored. Your stand for election, sure win one. Guaranteed !

Anonymous said...

I am also puzzled.

How could such a successful govt turn the people against them when they could have the people singing them high praises?

Anonymous said...

PAP will be in power for the next 5 GEs at least. All they need to do to make this happen will be to give a few angpows and bonuses just before each GE. The will also promise HDB upgrades to areas where the opposition might just win. Singaporeans are only able to look as far as their noses and no further. Well you get the government you vote for. Oh and before I forget, redrawing the boundaries would be another way to ensure victory.

b said...

Singapore is not the best but also not bad when compared to third world countries.

When will LTA allow us to have one of this? THis will solve the traffic problem. No need expensive tunnels or expressway or mrt. Its a bike. Bike COE is still affordable.


Anonymous said...

Hullo, why are you going around telling these pple they are doing what the oppn cant - ie making themselves look real bad?

Why pechah lobang like that??!! Where's the patriotism RB? Just keep quiet and let them get on with doing the right thing lah.

And if things fall apart, they can be mended sooner, isn't it? Why wait for them to get even worse? The cure will take longer and be more painful then.

Anonymous said...

If u want to whack the dog, must see who is the owner.

If PAP want to "whack" Sinkies, must see who is the strongest Sinkie opposition.

Tio bo, u tell me lah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 4:06, Do you think a drug addict can get rid of his addiction?