Bangkok, the clock is ticking

Bangkok is living under the tickings of a time bomb. The impasse between the govt of Yingluck and the protestors led by Suthep is heading for a grand explosion. The pressure is mounting with the anti govt using every ruse they could find to frame charges against PM Yingluck. And National Anti Corruption Agency and the Judiciary are anything but neutral govt institutions bent on removing Yingluck.

Yingluck has been accused by Suthep that she is only a puppet of her brother Taksin. Who else are also puppets in Thai politics? Ahbisit has wisely stayed away and not be pulled by a string attached to his back. And so has the Army. Is Suthep also a puppet of some forces or political master? Is the National Anti Corruption Agency or the Judiciary also puppets acting and kicking when the strings are pulled? Who is this powerful puppeteer that has the power to pull the strings behind Suthep, NACA and the Judiciary? Or are these three elements really independent political powers acting on their own to remove Yingluck and her families from Thailand, and to confiscate their family businesses and fortunes for the good of Thailand? Is this not robbery?

Who could dictate and exercise such sweeping objectives, to remove families and clanships, businesses and fortunes of a group of Thai citizens from the country above the laws? Whoever that be, the clock is ticking too. And the pro govt Red Shirts are not going to let their chosen govt be removed from office. A street battle for the right to rule Thailand is being prepared by both sides and it looks like bloodshed, very serious blood letting, is going to happen on the streets of Bangkok, very soon.

The death of the Thai people seems to be the least of concern of the leaders on both sides. It is all an issue of political power and supremacy. The losers in this battle will lose real bad and there will be no way to make a comeback once violence breaks out till a victor is announced. Thailand is going to pay a very heavy political price in blood.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Where got "ticking time bomb" lah?

This is the way Thai politics plays out. They fight each other. There is subterfuge, and traitorous entanglements. There is violence, mayhem and death. The Thais take the politics to the brink of civil war -- that's the way they roll.

Relac. Thailand has a degree of corruption which is generally accepted as a way of life. It is part of the culture.

No matter what happens, Soi Cowboy et al will still be going -- i.e. that scene is the MOST STABLE in Thailand :-)

Sanuk di, khrap!

Anonymous said...

In Bangkok, it is called democracy.
The right of a free people to freely congregate in a group in a country they they own.

Of course if you are not a free people.
Your citizenship will only have obligations and national service but no rights.
And your country has already been sold out to Aliens.
Then of course you have no right to freely congregate in your own country.

Indian foreign workers can freely congregate in Little India?
Can or not?
Singaporean citizens can freely congregate in Singapore?
Can or not?

But Singaporeans still have to do national service right?
But Indian foreign workers no need right?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The right of a free people to freely congregate in a group in a country they they own.

No, the Thais don't "own" their cuntry. The King does. You forget, it is a monarchy first. Democracy only came in 1932 and a constitution was written. A Thai King has the authority to revoke the constitution, whether he can without outright revolt is another matter entirely.

>> Your citizenship will only have obligations and national service but no rights.

Bullshit. Singaporeans have rights. Read the fucking constitution lah before you shoot yourself in the foot. Singapore is a REPUBLIC -- which means that it is every citizen's duty to uphold the constitution. If you don't, then it is your pasal. If you leave it to the govt to uphold the constitution, you have NO BUSINESS being a citizen.

Anonymous said...

@ April 10, 2014 10:57 am

I stand by what I have written.
I will let the facts and logic stand or fall on its own merits.

Your viewpoints are valuable to act as a check on my logic.

Enough Is Enough said...

I am a singkie living in Bangkok for past 8 years.

You are right that a clash is inevitable in fact for us working here and I guess for many Thais as well we're sick and tired of all these nonsense and wish for a civil war to end it all.

We crave for stability don't care who is at the helm however personally, really missed Thaksin.

Anonymous said...

/// We crave for stability don't care who is at the helm however personally, really missed Thaksin.///
April 10, 2014 12:12 pm

Come back home to Singapore.
We the PAP miss Singaporeans like you in the last General Elections.

Anonymous said...

Thaksin is a good leader for Thailand. He has done more good to the Thais than all the previous PMs combined. Unfortunately there is someone who for his own personal interest is going after his blood.

Thailand would be a better country, more dynamic and progressive and lesser corruption if Thaksin is running it.

b said...

Thai people must learn that all rulers are evil, some more evil than others. They must learn to support those rulers that are less evil, less greedy, less scheming, less manipulative, less controlling, less cold blooded etc. The nature of the soul is the most important factor. Looks and Intelligence are not really the most important factors.

b said...

I think Thaksin is a less evil one compare to others there since he opposed prostitution and set up factory so women can find better jobs than being a prostitute. Who wants their mothers, sisters, daughters to end up as prostitutes?

b said...

1043 "Your citizenship will only have obligations and national service but no rights."

- I agree. Sin and many other third world citizenship only has liabilities and no assets value unless born with the correct birthright. Thats why the rulers tried to sell the citizenship so easily. However, the ANZ, USA, UK, Canada ones have high assets value and that is why it is so difficult to get it. Those people are indeed fortunate but they are still not happy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I have always argued that working and business people like a little bit of fascism in their cuntry. E.G.s notable fascist dick-taters: Saddham, Pinocet, Thaksin, Marcos, Franco (Spain). Under their corrupt leadership, the economies of those cuntrees boomed. Business prospered. People were gainfully employed. Contrast that to the left-winged Marxist cuntrees: N Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, USSR (the big one)...all economically fucked. The USSR shuddered and died with all their states breaking away to form separate nation states.

Fact is, except for western-influenced "progressives" who enjoy tenured positions at the universities and have never worked a day in their entire lives, the "real people" who work and run businesses for a living -- the people who keep the economic cogs turning -- don't mind fascism and are quite tolerant of corruption.

Why give a shit about corruption if your belly is full? Anyway, to me corruption is a form of "arbitrage" nothing more.

Thailand was my heart-warming 2nd home for a good 15 or so years. Fellow expats (the stingy fuckers) used to have to jump thru hoops and wait months for their work visas. I used to get mine in one afternoon, because my bosses were smart enough to pay the "arbitrage premium" of THB 10-20k or around USD 300-600 to ministry of labour/ immigration officials, in the grand scheme of things FUCK ALL -- less than a corporate night out or cocktail happy hour for the staff.

People go to Thailand and have no idea of the "real" culture. When the fog of bullshit Buddhism and Thai tradition clears, you will find Thais just as human as every other member of our species: you want something? Then trade for it. Offer money. In Thailand, like many other places, everyone in the "food chain" wants "their share" of the goodies. If you are a foreigner, then you are Santa Claus, so give plenty and don't be a stingy cunt. If you have no money, then sorry, you are not welcome in the game. Fuck off back home were you can get free money from the DOLE, you fucking lazy, unproductive loser.

The problem with Thailand is the idiot "intellectuals" at the many universities -- especially in Bangkok. They have their heads full of "western ideals". No govt corruption? Are you serious? Since when has their been a govt in history which hasn't had some degree of corruption.

Marx's "big idea" is that he thought you could "reform" humankind by "moulding" humans in ways as to change their nature to be obedient members of a collective society where everything is shared. Marx envisioned the "new man". I think he was smoking some damn good shit.

The year is 2014. It is hilarious to me that the majority of people --living in the most technologically advanced period of human history -- ACTUALLY BELIEVE in "good" and "evil". Fuck me, this is FUNNY lah. There are 4 forces in nature, and we've identified the concomitant particles which carry those forces -- except for the graviton. NONE of these forces are the forces of "good" and evil". But continue to be a silly goose and believe in the comedic dichotomy to explain HUMAN NATURE.

Human nature is neither good nor evil. Human nature is just so.

Eddie Leong said...

Wonder what will happen to the value of those apartments sold to Singaporeans at the property exhibitions?

BKK is so unstable.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> BKK is so unstable.

Thailand is one of the most stable cuntrees in the world. As long as King Bhumibol Adulyadej is still alive, his royal subjects (aka all Thai people) listen to him.

He is a cool cat. He allows Thais to exercise their democracy to extreme limits. Every once in awhile there is a coup by factions or the military, and often Thais are killing each other in the streets. Then the royal palace issues its word "Stop!" And everyone stops their shit. In Feb, the good King Bhumibol Adulyadej called up the political rivals and scolded them.

I'm no fan of democracy -- for a variety of reasons. But if democracy is to prevail, I can get "onboard" (ala Winston Churchill) with the idea and allow the people to fuck themselves up, then blame the people in-charge whom the people elected in the first place.

If there is going to be democracy, then let it be messy, loud, chaotic and if necessary, VIOLENT.