Japanese Imperialism: The mask and gloves are down

The Abe Administration is not going to hide anything from their intention to revive Japanese Imperialism. They have taken so many actions to defy and provoke China and the Koreas with the backing of the Americans. The condescending attitude to the Americans, hands in glove with the Japanese, cannot be hidden anymore. The Japanese knew very well that the Americans would have to go along with them if they want the Japanese to be a part of their pivot to Asia to counter the rise of China. The Americans are now the willing master to let the Japanese rearm and to become another big military power like its past. It is a marriage of the American mafia and the Yakuza.

Abe has repeatedly been provoking the Chinese and the Koreans over the territorial disputes and claiming that those islands were Japanese. He has led a movement to rewrite Japanese history to erase its invasion of Asian countries and the barbaric records or killings and lootings of these countries. The comfort women that Japan forced onto Asian women were to be rewritten as Asian women volunteering to be prostitutes to Japanese soldiers. The Nankin Massacre would be whitewashed as fake or nothing of that sort.

The visits to the war criminals in Yasukuni Shrine have been revived and will become a routine ceremony to honour war criminals, Japanese military aggression and invasion of its neighbouring countries.

Japan will be allowed to play a bigger military role in the region including fighting on the side of American allies. Abe’s latest move was to set up a military base in the southern most island near Taiwan and the disputed islands of Diaoyu/Senkaku.

The Japanese pacific constitution will be amended for Japan to resume its Imperial past and be a military power.

The conniving Americans are in this with the Japanese up to their necks. The USA has unleashed the most aggressive war dog of Asia to take on China and is not holding it back. The Japanese have been given the green light to take on China and the Koreans. Hopefully that would be all, and not the rekindling dream of the Japanese Empire over Asia.

With the aggressive and ambitious Japanese on the loose, and with the Americans behind them, war in Asia is only a matter of when. Japanese Imperialism and remilitarization is on the go. China cannot afford to be soft while the Japanese keep on advancing in every front to challenge its influence and to hold on to the loots of war time Japanese Imperialism. The two Koreans too would be in the cross hairs of Japan’s military expansionism.

The message of the 150 lawmakers visiting Yasukuni is simply that they are proud of what they had done during the Second World War, no shame and would do it again. Asia is waiting to be on fire.

The message from Obama is that the Americans would support and protect its allies, in this case Japanese expansionism. On the other hand he would want China to betray its allies and restrain them, in this case North Korea.

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Anonymous said...

So what has this got to do with Sinkies?

Will it be better or worse for Sinkies, assuming PAP is still the govt?

Anonymous said...

Better learn to be a translator for the Japanese government.
Just like LKY in World War Two.

Anonymous said...

If the Japanese invaded Sinkie land again, the smart ones will learn from the past and become translators.

No Guarantee, Just Some Calculated Crystal Ball Reading said...

Rb:// With the aggressive and ambitious Japanese on the loose, and with the Americans behind them, war in Asia is only a matter of when. //

As 5 Feb 2014- 4 Feb 2015 is the Chinese lunar calendar year of the wooden horse 甲午, which is similar to 1894 ( also a 甲午年 ), the year of the First Sino-Japanese War ( 甲午战争 ).

Likely, most tension-filled months could be May to July, followed by Aug to Oct.

End April/ late May may be a good time to let go of some " highly appreciated " equities?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.36am

Typo correction

//End April/ late May may be a good time to let go of some " highly appreciated " equities?//

Should be

"End April/EARLY May" NOT "late May" ......

Virgo 49 said...

This shit stirrer osama, 0oops obama when asked by a journalist is war inevitable with china with hey us a support for jepun, fumbled snd hee hee haw haw like a donkey until the lao beh quickly cut in japanese to cut short the conference.

Biden said Russia must massed troops on any nation's borders but they can hold war games next to North Korea.

Why must disarm North Korea of their nuclear arms whereas so many other renegade nations like Pakistan/India the double headed snakes are armed as well???

At least have the North Korean keeps Jepun and the USA in check if they want to try anything funny.

ROK and PDRK will merge one day and whacked the Japanese with PRC for their long waited revenge.

LHL, the wog will side with the evil forces as they two faced hypocrites as in the past

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The conniving Americans are in this with the Japanese up to their necks.

Haha...or so it seems. One thing the US is, that yew are a damn fool if yew go on what you see, or think as "obvious".

At the last minute, the Yanks will change policy and pull out their support leaving the aggressive Japs hanging without US support.

The US acts in what it perceives to be US interests -- it doesn't do "favours" for anyone or any cuntry. Any "favours" America seems to do is always quid pro quo -- i.e. America's interests come first -- what larger benefit can be gained for the USA if they acted to "help" another cuntry?

China's no fool to engage the US in direct military conflict. Direct and open war is a woefully expensive and ultimately futile. The way the Chinese would respond to any US expansionist and imperialistic shenanigans is by reigning down devastating financial warfare of Biblical proportions as theorized by Jim Rickards in this example scenario.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To defang the Americans, China should sign a military alliance with Russia and North Korea, if they have not already done so, and announce this to the Americans that war with China is war with Russia and North Korea.

On the other hand, would the Americans want to send their boys to die for a few uninhabited islands that they knew belonged to China but given to the Japanese to administer by their own treachery?

Fighting with China is not going to be a cakewalk.

庸者自庸, 自作孽不可活 ? said...

Rb: // The message of the 150 lawmakers visiting Yasukuni is simply that they are proud of what they had done during the Second World War, no shame and would do it again. Asia is waiting to be on fire. //

If the military temperature in East China sea is fast rising in the near future, then all the more likely drivers and co-drivers license renewal exercise might be brought forward........

But one new bugbear cropped up unexpectedly which is one paper tiger shot his own foot and likely misled his chief to blindly join in the self foot mutilation misfire.

On the other hand, with the "gun powder smell" still lingering heavily in the air likely at least for months to come and maybe longer from the self-inflicted shooting in the foot, the risk has risen that some and more drivers license might be suspended or permanently disqualified by the approving stakeholders.

As the license run out date ticks by each passing day and month, the window period is narrowing and the element of surprise factor will be further diminished or nullified.

Is this 天意?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Ayiah, why bother about Japan. It is sinking fast and nobody cares about them. Japan is becoming pooere by the day and very soon it will be kick out of the G20.

Anonymous said...

Japan is not becoming poorer. It is Sinkie country that is becoming poorer. The economic growth numbers is fake and manipulated to show growth. But growth with runaway inflation is negative growth. That is why when you need to pay something for $1, now you need to pay $10 for it but your income does not go up by 10 times.

Japanese growth may be small but inflation is small and net value of money is maintain.

Never believe the economists churning up numbers blindly.

Anonymous said...

Only when the sun rises from the west will uass defend them. Uass always like to pretend but also like to play hero such as dropping two atomic bombs on japan whenever needed. Uass and europe and the rest of the world has so much to gain if japan is wiped off from the surface of this earth.

b said...

I think China and US is trying to do japan in by pretending to dislike each other.

Jacky said...

Agree. Its not only the American, the philippines government is also learning from the japan. Imposing the rising sun on their poster. The problem is japanese especially those ministers still think they are of superior race when they had learned so many knowledge from the Chinese especially during the Tang dynasty be it in architecture, art of brewing tea and even Chinese characters. Their politicians had no shame in praying to the war criminals, isnt it a cause for alarm? They only like to create problems. Americans have not learned from world war 2. Once the japanese gain benefits, they will strike USA like they done to the pearl harbour.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys are waiting to be colonised by the Japs one more time.

Eddie Leong said...

China must be pouring in resources to develop cyber and drones warefare.

China has the Sunbeam missiles from Russia that can fly above the speed of sound and hence can sink warships and aircraft carriers.

China does not need to invade other countries. This islands are just for making noises. China can wait.

In any conflict, Japan will lose as USA cannot be fighting in Europe an Asia at the same time.