Pinoy Independence Day – An opportunity for the Little India COI

With 200,000 Pinoys living here and all very patriotic and wanting to celebrate their Independence Day, a public place is only a natural choice as the turnout would be big, like our National Day Celebration. And this one would not only be celebrated by the Pinoys but also by their friends here, the Sinkies and most of all the India Indians and Bangladeshis. Many Pinays have boyfriends here who are foreign workers. Now, with 200,000 Pinoys and 500,000 Indians/Bangladeshis, actually more, the crowd at Ngee Ann would flow into the streets. It may be a better idea to close down Orchard Road on that day to accommodate the crowd. I am sure there will be a joyous celebration for all the participants.

Just a little word of caution, with so many bad vibes spreading in the net, there could be a little staring incidents happening, or some loudmouths may spew some unacceptable vulgarities, or some guys, from anywhere, could be ogling at the Pinays and annoyed the boyfriends. What I am saying is that when there is such a huge crowd of foreigners first time celebrating in a public space, just be prepared for some rowdy incidents and be prepared to nip them in the bud before they escalated into a riot like Little India.

Here the COI of Little India riot could come in handy. There were differences in opinions as to how the Police handled that situation and actually caused the riots to escalate. There were many suggestions by the COI that if the Police were to react in certain ways, more forceful, more authoritative, more assertive, firing warning shots, charging at the crowd to arrest the leaders, there would be no riots in Little India.

This Pinoy Independence Day actually presents an unique opportunity for a possible mob incident to happen. While Little India riot cannot be repeated, in this case the COI could test the Police to put their recommendations on how to deal with a mob into action. Get the Police fully prepared as to what the COI thinks would be an effective way to handle a mob and to kill a riot before it flares up. It is rare that such an opportunity can be present to make a rerun of a real event. Not that there will be a mob rioting. But the Police can be prepared to deal with the situation in the best way possible, the COI way.

This will be an exercise to test and prove the effectiveness of a strong and assertive Police in the handling of a riot, if the opportunity presents itself. It will also settle once and for all the two opposing doctrines of the Police and the COI on the best and most effective way to handle a mob.

What do you think?

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Do it the honourable way, apologisr, resign, step down said...

Rb:///This will be an exercise to test and prove the effectiveness of a strong and assertive Police in the handling of a riot, if the opportunity presents itself. It will also settle once and for all the two opposing doctrines of the Police and the COI on the best and most effective way to handle a mob. ///

The day this event takes place could be the day the "GENIE" is let out. YEW and YEWR LOONG CHONG MERRY MEN AND WOMEN likely cannot put it back anymore?

YEW have personal scores to settle, there are less consequential ways to prove a point. Sinkieland and many sinkies need not be the collateral for some egos to get their ways.

Maybe since YEWR postal boy started and escalated, in his fb posting, this matter by calling and berating sinkies names such as "bigotry" for sinkies actually being patriotic and voicing their DEEP CONCERN, he should help to cool down the fast rising tempo by admitting his folly, resign and step down.

Anonymous said...

RB, you read my mind. I was also thinking that this is a deliberate plot to allow Police to practice its anti riot action plan. After all, if left to its own, Police may have to wait for another 40 years before another riot.

Anonymous said...

another gdp growth opportunity? the coi can consult for china? sin-inc's coihub?

agongkia said...

Treat this as an opportunity for Sinkie like me to meet and choose my favourite Pinays on this day if there is such events.

Nothing will happen .No additional manpower required and dun try to burn our POs/APOs/Sookooritys ' week end off.

Go and get involve with a Pinay on this day.You will find life is different and much younger .

Anonymous said...

/// Now, with 200,000 Pinoys and 500,000 Indians/Bangladeshis, actually more, the crowd at Ngee Ann would flow into the streets. ///

U reminded me of what Ho Peng Kee and V Bala once said in Parliament..

Anonymous said...

What did they say in parliament?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the Pinays and most Pinoys are pretty fun people if you do not agitate them like the maid murder case. Was it Contemplacion or something like that. And don't give them a chance to behave like trigger happy soldiers.

What is more dangerous are the boy friends of the Pinays, the very nice foreign workers that that burnt police vehicles and hurling projectiles injuring so many of them. These very nice people will not threaten the lives of anyone. Just be careful.

But if alcohol consumption is not allowed, it will lower the risk. Alcohol can turn very nice people into rioters.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen, nothing must happen, such a proportion 200,000 vs 400 difference, you can be very sure the police will be out in full force....to prove a point as did'nt someone said, we locals did more crime than them.

But as the saying goes,"once it happen, it will happen again", with so large number of ppl, it only take a spark for the fire to lit up, basically standing on a land mine of a time bomb.

Anonymous said...

Pinoy has had their independnent ways too long in Sabah Malaysia. Look at what happened now, the Malaysia are now fighting the rebel and get back the sovereigncy. Our failed 20/20 LHL didn't see that coming and probably never will be. That is the problem of Nepotism in Singapore, father pass to retarded son and the son screwed Singaporeans up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Dun worry, I will BET that the local cops will be there, in uniform and plainclothes. I will also say that intelligence services attached to the Philippino Embassy will also be there, as will the international media.

Only a damn fool will start shit out in the open, in the middle of Orchard Rd. All eyes and cameras will be there.

So relac lah. It will be safe. I'll be turning up to hook up with as many of the bangable Filipina chicks as I can :-) I urge my red blooded Singapore bros to do likewise!

b said...

This leader is useless. He simply let those economic third world migrants walked all over he. He should step down and call for new election.

Anonymous said...

2 wise guys that sinkies must learn to be as clever here are Matilah and Agongkia.
As said by Matilah, cheapo sinkies want everything and anything free of charge. When you celebrate Philippines Indepedence Day with our Philippino Friends, you may just get plenty of freebies like Philippines cookies, drinks and loves. Some hot stuffs that even money might not be able to buy.

Do join Matilah and Agongkia and their Philippino friends to celebrate the Joyous Philippines Independence Days, it will be more enjoyable than celebrating Sin National Day which is always so stale with military parades and sickly looking old cocks hogging the limelight.

Anonymous said...

Matilah and Agongkia still think they are attractive to the Pinays. They have competitors in the Bangla and Indian workers.

Would these two uncles be more attractive?

Anonymous said...

These old cocks are generous to any cheese pie.
So their attractiveness lies in their pockets, not whats between their thighs and their wrinkled smiles.
Even if they use viagra, chialis or both, they are no match for the dark power of the young workers.

b said...


Hello Matilah, does your own daughter read what you have written? I hope she have better moral values than you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I couldn't care less if my grandkids read me. In my family I'm known for being outspoken and will fuck anyone in their face instantly if they give me cause to. They may not like it, but they have no choice :-)

So no, I dun fear anyone reading me..family, friends...whatever. What I say here, I say in real life.

Also other adults -- family, whatever can concern themselves with their own "morality". "Morality" is a personal affair. My morality is no ones business. Other people's morality -- including and especially grown up kids -- are not my business. Once they grow up, leave them alone. They will thank you for it ;-)

Let Them Proceed. said...

Rb: // But if alcohol consumption is not allowed, it will lower the risk. Alcohol can turn very nice people into rioters. //

Rb, yewr suggestion to "ban alcohol" cannot work in Orchard Rd lah. It is not Little India, suka suka ban! Yew ban alcohol in the de factor tourist belt of sinkieland, what would tourists, the rest of the world think and what are all the world presses going to write and laugh about? The chewing gum ban and sinkieland all these years becoming the butt of jokes all over the world not enough meh? As if the world thinks very highly of sinkieland for its chewing gum ban and "fine" city tag and sinkieland's standing went up several notches all these years? On 2nd thought, seriously think netizens should reverse their stand and applaud them to go ahead with the event. Let LOONG CHONG "super duber out of this universe tairLans" deal with the entire event and see how sinkieland's standing is going to be better in the eyes of the world after that. Rb, yew can start a petition to let them proceed and let the errr ........... ( useless paper ) general deal with the entire issue and the potential ramifications.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If cannot ban sale of alcohol then I dunno what to do. Let the talented people do what they think is good.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In Aust and many other "free" cuntrees, there are strict laws restricting the public consumption of alcohol. For good reason. Alcohol is a bad drug -- the worst, in fact -- when it is consumed in large amounts by large groups of people without governance.

In a club or venue, it is ok because the environment is contained and controlled. But in public...that's a recipe for "front page news".

If the Pinoys are smart, they will hire a PRIVATE VENUE for their event, and CHARGE ADMISSION acordingly. Then they can do whatever they like -- dance naked, have mass orgy, sing 'Dahil Sayo' and get rolling drunk.

Anonymous said...

Very good suggestion MS. Charge an entry fee. Free for Banglas and Indians. Agongkia and MS must pay to get in.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


No problem at all.

Unlike the many kedukut cheap skate asshole Singaporeans who write on this blog, I like to pay.

If I pay, means there's a contract in effect. Therefore of anything happens which imposes a "cost" on me or terms of the contract are not fulfilled, I can sue and fucking WIN, which means their money comes out of their pocket into mine. ;-)

Pay to get into a private function for the sole purpose of hooking up with juicy Pinoy pussy? No issue at all lah!

When you are an uncle, when it comes to kongkek and getting your dick sucked by a woman, money is never an issue lah.

You boisterous young cunts need to learn a few more life's lessons lah. You are just "young, dumb and full of cum".

Anonymous said...

I think they should celebrate their day in their embassy or ambassaor residence just like the british, americans, dutch, germans etc.