The STB promotion video says it all

A promotional video commissioned by STB, created in the Philippines by the Philippine network ABS-CBN and must have been approved by the STB for circulation, says it all. It is all about reversed integration. We are getting to think and see things the Pinoy way. We have confidence in what they do, pay them to do it, agree and happy with the production. And we fly it to the whole world proudly as a class act. Must be right?

Now this great video production is withdrawn. Hopefully it didn’t cost very much since it was produced in the Philippines and can be written off. This could be a small start to the dilution of our thinking, mindset and values by the foreigners. Our core strength is the Singaporean spirit and our way of life. If we are not going to be more Singaporean but more of the 3rd World then we will be drifting into trouble in the future. And it is going to be. When foreigners are a minority, they would subject themselves to our way of life, like in Hongkong, even the British colonial masters had to learn to speak Cantonese. In our case, with foreigners in such great numbers, we would likely be made to be more like them, to speak, think and behave like them.

The change in the way Mandarin is spoken is a sign of more to come. Many words are now pronounced differently, in the Beijing style, sounding so alien an uncomfortable. I believe this would also affect Tamil or many will eventually start to speak Hindi, and the children brought up by the Pinoys, Indonesian, Myanmese maids would be speaking their tongues, and assimilate some of their cultural traits. Good for diversities but not sure how it would affect our social values and the things that made Singaporeans so successful in the past.

Shall we encourage more integration and reverse assimilation?


Anonymous said...

...how it would affect our social values and the things that made Singaporeans so successful in the past."

Sinkies got social values meh?

I thought all along since day 1, for smart Sinkies, it is $$$ values only?

And got $$$ is called successful lah, tio bo?

Even blog kopi is also measured in $$$, the more kopi, the more successful the blogger.

Anonymous said...


Social values cannot eat what, can you?

$$$ values can eat or drink like blog kopi what, tio bo?

With more $$$, can even drink kopi luwak!

Anonymous said...

We are screwed by our own government. I cannot really feel that this is Singapore anymore. When I go shopping in Orchard or Marina are I am confronted with foreign languages. When I go to neighbourhood shopping area thinking the sound I hear must be familiar. No, I am wrong. I hear Pinoy and Ahney speaking their one lingo. Where can I go?

Anonymous said...

Where can I go?
April 09, 2014 2:23 pm

Go and learn how to vote Opposition.
Teach your friends, family and relatives to vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Go and learn how to vote Opposition.
Anon 2:47 pm

Are majority Sinkies learning and ready to vote for a dog or cat rather than PAP?

What do u think?

b said...

Go and learn how to vote Opposition.
Anon 2:47 pm

>> I agree. This is something sinkies have to learn in their own. They are never taught that in schools.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, if there is no danger, things are best left alone to let the chips fall where they may.

However if you're an organisation like STB, you have access to huge cache of tax payer cash. To it natural to assume you have to "do something".

Cook up, never mind. No one gets fired. Plenty of money left anyway.

Dawn good system. I wish I had a business I could run in the same way :-)

Anonymous said...

/// Are majority Sinkies learning and ready to vote for a dog or cat rather than PAP? ///
April 09, 2014 3:07 pm

Please lah!
There are very credible people in the Opposition parties.
They are not cats and dogs.
You've been smoking too much PAPig ganja.

Cats and dogs are still better than pigs ... tiok bo?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies couples cannot get pregnant here, so ask foreigners to come here and announce their pregnancy lor..they very good at adding salt to injury hor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I keep telling RB to link media if there's going to be discussion.

Here's the https://vidd.me/v/vyf

My first response was "This must be a joke!" and thought that some wag from SMU or La Salle was having everyone on.

How wrong I was. This was funded by the taxpayer, and it is a piece of shit -- on a variety of levels.

I am however looking forward to the SPOOFS on this video. This video and the STB deserve to be ridiculed. The ad agency which produced this needs to get The Rotan. :-)

b said...

Thanks for the link. Very third world standard. Very 50s. She forgot to mention, "I am pregnant but the child is not yours". Haha.