Singapore is no longer a Spring chicken

After 45 years of independence, Singapore is not a spring chicken anymore but more like a ‘lau kway bu’ or middle age mother hen. It is naïve to think that should there be a change in political leadership the country would go into a tailspin.

The civil service would be there intact, so would the ministries, the police and the armed forces. The industries would be there grinding and humming as before. There could be a few exceptions that may want to relocate somewhere, we can say good riddance. But in reality you cannot unplug a business, pack it into a container and wave good bye. Anyway a change of govt is not going to shoot everyone on sight.

Our polity has reached a certain level of maturity, or at least the politicians in the opposition parties are also decent and matured professionals. If not then we are not deserving to be called 1st World developed country The politicians are not like corporal Amin or corporal Hitler that would go around shooting at anyone that disagreed when they came to power. There could be some changes in policies, in priorities, in directions, but nothing really drastic would be done to undermine the viability of the country and its economy.

The only thing that may see some major changes would be the excesses that the people are obviously unhappy with eg high ministerial pay, high inflation and cost of living, high prices of housing/cars, high population growth and influx of foreigners, high expenses that should benefit the citizens rather than foreigners, like the funding of foreign scholarships, and things of the same nature.

A new govt is likely to fine tune govt policies, reemphasise on citizen’s interest and showing more care and concern for the good of the citizenry. And whatever changes, they are going to be done or executed with much thoughts and consultations with the civil servants in the respective ministries.

Hey, we are not a 3rd World country with 3rd World mentality and personalities. The new govt, should they be elected, are going to inherit a much more stable system than the old inherited by the PAP govt in 1965. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or to blow up anything. It will be more like massaging and moderating and refining policies to meet the expectations of the people.

So, what is the crap about tumultuous changes and the irrational fear of things going bad instead of getting better? It would be system go, everything as normal with incremental changes for the good of the citizens by another team of qualified and experienced individuals, not firebrands or illiterate workers and labourers or the ah peks and ah sohs in the market.

The whole island is flooded with highly qualified tertiary educated professionals. There is no need to cry wolf as if the only decent and able people are in the ruling party and the rest of the people are sick, retards and duds. This is a lie the people are made to believe in. The ruling party also has a fair share of the same. The opposition politicians may not be immortals, but they are not demons either.

Singaporeans must have confidence in themselves, in fellow citizens to run the country for the good of the citizens and not for the good of foreigners or worse, be run by foreigners.

The Spring chicken is not a Spring chicken anymore. The new govt will be inheriting an ongoing system and infrastructure, an economy and all the ministries and the staff running them, and will continue to run them.

Kopi Level - Green. Thanks.


老牛推车吃嫩草 said...

Rb: // After 45 years of independence, Singapore is not a spring chicken anymore but more like a ‘lau kway bu’ , ..... //

45 years and above means ‘lau kway bu’?

Like that your definition carries a description that encompasses a bigger scope.

Like the age of ...... ahem the incumbent party?

How about some "> 45 y o aunties" in the cabinet?

How do u define "> 55 y o aunties"?

"Lao kuaY MA"?

Anonymous said...

Will PAP hand over political power in a lawful & peaceful manner?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No direct correlations between aunties lah. We are supposed to be a very disciplined and well organised country. If there cannot be a smooth transition of power after a democratic election, then what kind of country are we? What have we been doing all these years when the only political talents available are the few kids in Parliament?

Virgo 49 said...

So many countries with instability environment also change government every few elections. Some even with coalition government.

These countries still humming away. Change you must if you think that the current government is not running in the citizen's interests.

If everything also scared if this, scared of that then leave your fates to those who manipulate you and yourselves to be blamed for your miseries.

This is like teaching an errant person or government that we are not happy with your conduct.

learn from Jack Ma of Ali Baba- be bold and never said die. Work with optimistic people and you will see the results

Anonymous said...

We are being ruled by a cock!

Anonymous said...

A one-eyed featherless cock!

Anonymous said...

In Thailand the king thinks he still owns the country and can sack a popularly elected govt. If he is not careful, the Thais will revolt and dump him into ChaoPhaya river.

He thinks he can get rid of Thaksin's families from Thailand. The people may get rid of his family from Thailand if he tried.

离始皇 said...

9.20am // If everything also scared if this, scared of that then leave your fates to those who manipulate you and yourselves to be blamed for your miseries. //

Sinkieland no real politiks lah can only talk talk lah. Look at Francis Siow, Tang Liang Hong, JB, Teo Soh Lung, CSJ ....... ? You are capable of some changes, the whole apparatus and apparachik is all over your head. You have some chance if you harmless lah? Like CST and LTK? No? After 23 years since 1991 only 8% seats not harmless then what? Post serious threat like FS, TSL etc? Any sensible person want do it? For what? You try change from outside you become like exiled, bankrupt, destroyed? You try inside you kena "booted" out like Georgie? Anyone think he better than Francis or Georgie? This is "One hell of system built up by The First Emperor" that is "designed to last 10,000 years", mb not unlike the "Qin dynasty".

Virgo, if they don't go after whoever, mb that person should feel insulted. Likely this person deemed "harmless" or ......... "useless"?

Pls do not correlate to current batch of non-ruling members, ok?

They are very "competent" and "deemed" not "duds".

Otherwise how can they be let in?


Anonymous said...

With more educated voters, two-party system is a system we must go for. We are no longer living in the "dark" being pulled or pushed around what we should or should not do.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

That's a stretch lah.

Being independent for 45 years, modern, post-colonial, post-secession from the federation Singapore is definitely still YOUNG as a cuntree.

>> we are not a 3rd World country with 3rd World mentality and personalities.

You joking lah! Maybe not the government, but most definitely some sectors of the Sheeple.

>> Singaporeans must have confidence in themselves, ...[...]

Yah. They "must" have enough self confidence to NOT FEAR foreigners, to accept that meritocracy means the BETTER PEOPLE might get your job, to act in their rational self interest by being self reliant enough to go get another job, to not be so easily "offended" by people like Anton Casey making a joke, to have more impulse control to not be so reactive everytime some "event" happens...

....and on it goes. In Singapore ARROGANCE is more part of the cultural zeitgeist than stolid, self confidence.

Social experiment: Next time you are out in public, put your fucking phone away and instead PAY ATTENTION to the environment and the people. Do some OBSERVING. Learn how to read body language
Investigate the great work of Paul Ekhart on micro expressions , which formed the basis for the TV series "Lie To Me".

Confidence? You'd better pay attention!


10.09am // With more educated voters, two-party system is a system we must go for. We are no longer living in the "dark" being pulled or pushed around what we should or should not do. //

Ha ha ha

This comment likely came from one "lao kueh kang" oldies but 101% numbskull NAIVE!


Why not you go try?

It had nothing to do with education or instant info high tech era.

Even in PRC, with so much education, so much net savy, so much mobile comm, such a vast land, there is nothing concrete the people can do except make "noise" in the media.

What more in a dot? This is the harsh fact, the hard truth. Reality and Virtual Ra ra land is as wide as the sky and the earth. Nobody can stop anybody enjoying his dreams. But make no mistake. You think you can enact in reality those pipe dreams in the virtual world, be prepared to face ALL SACRIFICE. So continue to enjoy your "lao kueh kang" virtual wet dreams.

b said...

Singapore is not the best but also not bad especially compare with many third world countries with lots of natural resources and having been independant for much longer. What sinkies need to do is not to complain but think about how to exploit those people that the gov allowed in. Cash is KING.

Sinkieland Post-65ers said...

Rb /After 45 years of independence, Singapore is not a spring chicken anymore but more like a ‘lau kway bu’ or middle age mother hen /


Chuafucius said...

Rb: /// ......... lau kway bu ......... ///

Gd! Mr Chua, teaching the younger generations all the "GOOD THINGS", "RIGHT THINGS". YEW SETTING "BERY GUD EXAMPLE". DUN FURGET TEACH YR GRAND CHILDREN TOO. "lau kway bu". "好样"!

对牛弹琴? or 对牛谈情? Sama Sama! Same Same! The Cow Came Back Home Lo! said...

Rb: /// The Spring chicken is not a Spring chicken anymore. ///


Sinkieland belongs to all sinkies.

Not some bo liao selfish 自私自利traitors.

Anonymous said...

'Lau kway bu'
Where got chance to be lau kway bu.
It is canned chicken curry or roasted chicken, lau kway bu no economic value lah, better have it slaughtered and sold.

Anonymous said...

Singapore belongs to the PAP period. Nothing can be done to change that. Apart from the PAP team there isn't anyone in Singapore with any knowledge or capability to run the country. The opposition is weak and running around like headless chicken. Please be comforted by the knowledge that the country is now in capable hands and will continue to be so for a long long time to come. If the country falls into the hands of any opposition ( I hope not ), then we will enter a period of darkness and instead of going forward the country will revert to a 3rd world status. So Singaporeans, be thankful for the PAP. Long may they rule over us.

Anonymous said...

If the PAP is voted out, there will lots of ''traps'' in place for the new people, just like in Aljunied GRC.

You can be very sure of that because the PAP are sore losers, and because it's the party that matters to them, not the country.

Meanwhile, the army is in place - so many ex-army folk heading this and that - in case of a freak result.

Anonymous said...

So Sinkies who do not wish to be ruled by military men got to ensure that they DO NOT vote for military or ex military men.

Anonymous said...

How can Singapore still be a spring chicken when it opened its legs so wide and invited millions of foreigners to 'masuk lobang'?