Japan crying wolf

For the whole of last week the western media were aggressively painting a picture of a timid and frighten little Japanese boy hiding behind Uncle Sam in fear of being attacked by the Chinaman. They made it so real with the Japanese politicians acting very panicky that China was going to overrun Japan in the like of the Russians taking over Crimea. And for no reason China is being propped up as the big bad wolf again to the delight of the western thinking audience.

In reality Japan has a military force that could challenge China for supremacy in East Asia. It has never stopped bullying and harassing China since its defeat in WW2. Its military is strong enough to overrun the two Koreas once again. Its problem with China and South Korea is caused by its seizure of their territories during the days of Japanese Imperialism.

Not only had the Japanese been scrambling fighter jets to intercept Chinese aircraft, it has regularly been arresting Chinese fishing boats in the disputed islands with China and Korea. Is that the act of a timid and frighten nation needing protection from the Americans? Japan is behaving like the Yakuza against its neighbours.

Recently it was emboldened enough to threaten to take military actions against China. It arrogantly announced the building up of its military forces and openly sided with the Philippines and India to fight China in case of war.

The most dangerous act of the cunning and lying Japanese is its latest announcement to shoot down North Korean missiles. This is an act of hostility, an act of war. Any attempt to do so would force the North Koreans to declare war on Japan. Now, would a frighten little short ass nation be so trigger happy to shoot down another country’s missile that is not aim at Japan? Only the Japanese and the Americans would commit such a hostile act against another country.

The western media and the Americans are totally blinded to their ally’s hostile acts and intention and instead playing it up against its neighbours, painting the neighbours as the aggressors instead. Reading the western media will give the readers a strongly skewed and biased view of China and the Koreans and giving the impressions that Japan is such an innocent and peace loving nation and being bullied by its neighbours. The truth is that Japan has always been the aggressor and the bully. But this is not what the western media and the Americans would want the world to know for their own vested interest. Their goal of dominating the world and Asia with Japan as an ally would dictate their views and actions against countries in the region, particularly China and the Koreans.

The world must stop listening to the lies of the Japanese and the western media and the Evil Empire. One is acting like a victim and the other drumming up to support the lie.

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Anonymous said...

Why not you put up a histogram of the annual defence spending of Japan versus China over the last 20 years.
This will be more convincing than just words.

The said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You can only get away with a ruse a few times at most, before people realise that they've been duped.

Truth is most Asian cuntrees trust neither the Japs or the Chinese. The game is exceedingly hilarious: you have both sides pointing fingers at each other accusing each other of "starting this shit".

You go to any school playground at recess, you will observe the same behaviour. :-)

Check the Yellow Fever said...

The threat is real. Yellow stinkie chinkies are everywhere! Singapore is overrun by them. Geylang has become a gutterland overrun by their pimps and whores. PRC parasites will penetrate in anything available in anyway they can. The world needs to wake up before the the pandemic overruns us all.

Anonymous said...

/// PRC parasites will penetrate in anything available in anyway they can. The world needs to wake up before the the pandemic overruns us all. ///

The yellow PRC parasites are just following in the footsteps of the white parasites that have overrun and infested the entire world for the past 100 years.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@1146 & 1214:

"Pandemic"?? "Threat"?? "Parasites"?? WOW such emotional language. Chill out lah. PRC chicks are cute and sassy.

Have a "Holiday" and chil-lax lah.

Anonymous said...

The more dangerous ones are the smelly black plague.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Why don't you just say "Indians" and be done with it.

If you are going to be a racist, be a proud one. Then you send a clear message so people can make a choice whether to like you or despise you.

C'mon. Have some balls.

Anonymous said...


Wonder what this man think about the hypocrisy of his words and action.
What would he call his country's adventures in Syria, Egypt, Afganistan, Libya? And these are just for the last few years alone

Promoting human rights and democracy? Oh how noble.

b said...

Thats why people must stop buying japs stuff and going to jap for holiday. Letting them earn your money is to encourage them to enter into a war and an action against world peace. Sanctions!

Dirty smelly yellow belly said...

'The more dangerous ones are the smelly black plague.'

Not as smelly as yellow yellow dirty fellow. Fuck the world and fuck his fellows.

North, south, east, west. Yellow chinkies are the pests.