MH370 - The Mangosteen Puzzle

There were 4 tonnes of mangosteens on board the aircraft MH370. This has raised some controversies and conspiracy theories on the part played by the mangosteens in the disappearance of the aircraft. The IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar had to come out to kill the rumour surrounding the mnagosteens.

The IGP clarified that he only said there were 4 tonnes of mangosteens and under more questioning that Johore did not have mangosteen plantations, he denied saying the mangosteens were from Johore but being packed in Muar. This clear a part of the puzzle.

The second part is that this is not mangosteen season. So where did the mangosteens came from? Malaysia or America, or China? According to the IGP, the mangosteens were sent to Muar for packing and then sent to KL to be loaded in MH370. He still did not say where the mangosteens came from. This mystery is still not clarified.

If the mangosteens did not come from anywhere, or if the cargoes were not mangosteens but stated as mangosteens, we could have a bigger puzzle at hand. Remember my earlier post on the mangosteens when I referred to them as a Freudian slip? Could the mangosteens hold a clue to the missing aircraft? Did the IGP know something more about the mangosteens than meets the eyes?

Got mangosteens or no mangosteens?


Anonymous said...

It was reported that they don't even want to reveal the cargo manifest for MH370! Not even to Australia which is co-ordinating the search. And the Australians had complained about it.

Reason being that revealing or even confirming certain information will jeopardise ongoing investigations and future prosecutions!

Good or even perfect excuse?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Of all fruits, why mangosteens?

Mangosteens are not even in season now, let alone available in tonnes to be airflown!

And until now, after more than 30 days, still could not even find a single surface debris, big or small.

In contrast, a previous case of the Air France crash, also in ocean, debris was located within 5 days!

Yes, things are getting intriguing.

Anonymous said...

The mangosteens remind me of PAP's Michael Palmer and his ill fated mangoes.

Wonder what happened to him?
Enjoying directorship in any Tummy-Sick linked companies?

virgo49 said...

All these bullshits and confident exact location if the downing of MH370.

At exact timing said.plane.went down there. So do confident.

Now they said got. Oil slicks.

BLOOD.on their hands

All.worked in.cahoots with the americunts

Anonymous said...

Another equivalent of bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. The Chinese got no evidence and only have to squeeze their own balls. They better send out their James Bond to hunt down the culprits be they in Diego Garcia or Guam, in Utapao or in Alice Spring.

oldhorse42 said...

Mangosteens my foot! This is the greatest scoop by the CIA and the greatest cover up by our friends up north.
The commie china is the greatest victim, having lost hundreds of millions and a large number of their scientist. They asked for it.
Who asked them to secretly bought stolen high tech USA weaponry and try to ship them back to China disguised as mangosteen and lithium batteries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below para posted in YahooNews.

'Earlier today the Sunday Times reported that an investigator had said the missing plane was "thrown around like a fighter jet" just moments after losing contact with air officials in an attempt to avoid being detected on radars.

The paper claims the passenger jet carry 239 climbed 10,000 feet above the designated cruising altitude of 45,000 feet before plummeting to just 5000 feet.

“It was being flown very low at very high speed. And it was being flown to avoid radar,” said a source close to the investigation, according to the Sunday Times.'

My point is that why are the public being fed with such ridiculous rubbish? There is no need to be thrown around or fly like a fighter jet to avoid rader detection. The MH370 is not trying to shake off an attacking fighter or a missile.

Also what has flying to 45,000 ft got to do with evading radar? And the cruising height is 35k ft and not 45k. And another nonsense, flying very low at very high speed, to thrash the airframe? Flying 10K ft above 45k ft is definitely an error as the aircraft is unlikely to be able to reach 55K ft.

There are just too many disinformation, misinformation and rubbish being reported on this case.

Anonymous said...

RB, this is common practice went there is no credible information. Public needs to feed and so rumours become the best food. Haiz

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think they ought to call in the bomoh again get him to use his "super powers" to solve this puzzle.

I think that they were specially genetically-modified mangosteens. If ingested, the effect of the special substances in the GM magosteen would drop the IQ of the consumer by 50%, thereby rendering them virtually unproductive. The mangosteens were produced in a secret UMNO lab, and the project funded by DARPA -- the science and engineering skunkworks division of the US military and CIA.

The US military is an arm of the US federal govt who have a keen interest to see the population of China drop its IQ by several points, which would then, as the theory suggests, make China easier to conquer.

Got wild-ass theory?

Anonymous said...

It's not mangosteen, it's Lithium batteries. Malaysian Airlines CEO finally admitted they carried a shipment of Lithium batteries as cargo.

Now think carefully:

Why was MAS so secretive?
Isn't China a producer of batteries? So why are these batteries heading there? Are they recall shipment? Or are they new, experimental models for them to make?

The CEO claimed that by packing them, they are not dangerous, no longer hazardous. However you can bet there is no protocol for packing defective batteries. And sure as hell no protocol for packing newly invented experimental batteries.

So yes, there is strong indications that the plane could be carrying illegal hazardous cargo.

Even today, I find it hard to find any answers to what was the amount of those batteries in the cargo. Looks like they are still withholding the information.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No, it's not lithium batteries.

It is 4 tons of killer poison specifically developed by PAS party using bomohs with super magic. This poison has been designed to wipe out chinese people (the non Islam ones), and they decided to "test" in china on chinese people in beijing before unleashing it onto the Malaysian Chinese population, who of course make most of the money because they do most of the work. Yes folks, it's jealousy.

Secret agents from Beijing discovered the plot, and so China called up N Korea's Kim Jong Un to shoot down the plane using his kimchi-powered missiles. In exchange, China promise to give Kim a plane load of China gals who are willing to shit on his face, because 'lil Kim is kinky that way.

Anyone got any more wild ass no proof theories?