Are we having a very dangerous govt?

 In an article on unemployment posted in TRE by a Dr Tommy Wong, titled ‘Hidden unemployment in Singapore’, it attracted this comment from a blogger.

• Pink Panty Loong - "Wussy Doormat LEEderSHIT!":
April 4, 2014 at 9:54 am (Quote)
Yes, just send the 175,000 EP holders back home and our older PMETs with good experiences should not have any problem getting employed! So if you tell me there isn’t a ethnic cleansing of Singaporeans by the PAP government for new foreigner-turn-citizen voters, than WHAT IS IT?! That is why I keep repeating and I’m going to repeat tirelessly that we have a very DANGEROUS government here! Please vote them out in the coming GE to save Singapore and ourselves!

Pink Panty Loong is talking about ethnic cleansing of Singaporeans and pointing the finger at the PAP govt….that we have a very DANGEROUS govt here. How many of you see the unemployment problem in the same light or disagree with Pink Panty Loong?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. The People ALWAYS get the government they DESERVE.

If you want to use loaded language like "dangerous", then turn your gunsights onto the people.

The govt is and will always be the MINORITY. They require the support of some MAJORITY to be able to do what they do.

It's the same old excuse over and over -- "the got this, the govt that".

Last time I checked, the city sate was rocking awesomely. That is how I like my Hotel to be. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a FT. This place rocks. I damn like this place.

Anonymous said...

Loongnatics in the mist.

Anonymous said...

Even if majority of the 60% majority voters who voted PAP are new Sinkie citizens, so what?

Doesn't matter real Sinkies or new Sinkies, as long as they vote PAP, they are good (to PAP lah) Sinkies!

Doesn't matter black cat or white cat, as long as they catch mice, they are good cats.

Anonymous said...

I damn like this I damn like that. What a loongnatic robot.

Anonymous said...

The working poor may soon have to resort to eating mice. So thank you black or white cats and if they run out of mice and rats they will eat you too.

Anonymous said...

Of course there are hidden unemployed Sinkies, maybe even a lot, which are not captured in the official "low" unemployment data.

But if they are at most only 40%, where got enough to vote PAP out, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Why are giving out scholarships to 3rd world students and give them a 2-3years guaranteed jobs disguised as bonding? Even if we expect them to pay back, why not dictate that they can only work for local SMEs/start ups where our local enterprises are the ones that need labor help to grow and scale their businesses? A very good article by Han Foong Kwong earlier week has already said, our local entreprenuers are competing very unfairly with the MNCs goliaths..who do you think will die out?

So we say in order to cap and restrict the EP holders, the fee/salary must now be minimally 3000 instead of 2500 previously. In other words, we are so quick and happy to give them a pay increase and jump of 500 but we wont pay for local graduates? Do you think MNCs will stop hiring these people, or do you think the workers are getting more pay as a result? Is BOTH !!!! What a brilliant strategy by our MOM.
The last I checked our population has gone up to 5.36m tio bo?

Do a poll among your friends. NOBODY beieves in their official unemployment figure.

Anonymous said...

LHL already got a uk citizenship awarded to him recently. So technically he is holding 2 citizenships. Is that allowed?

That bloke who interviewed him at Chatham house asked pointedly, even with the current first-past-post system, if the opposite win a few more seats, the most it get is a 10$ of representation in the parliament. Is that fair. In other worlds, the math is already worked out...go back and watcht he video carefully and you will know what you have to do to tilt it to our favor.

Anonymous said...

LHL. Lack Humour and Life?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The working poor may soon have to resort to eating mice

I reckon that serves 2 positive functions:

1. If there's a mice infestation problem, this is a solution. It is win-win: the mice are slowly eradicated, and the poor get the nourishment they need.

2. It would serve as a loud wake up call for those people who obviously need to "create more value" so they can attract a higher wage. In a meritocracy, the more value you produce, the higher the reward. Simple concept.

Anonymous said...

I see it as an incompetent cover-ment.

b said...

Its a class warfare. The labour class is beginning to realise that they are exploited and the capital class is resorting to eliminate the current labour class and refresh with new labour class before severe conflict occurs.

"Marxist analysis of society identifies two main social groups:

Labour (the proletariat or workers) includes anyone who earns their livelihood by selling their labor power and being paid a wage or salary for their labor time. They have little choice but to work for capital, since they typically have no independent way to survive.
Capital (the bourgeoisie or capitalists) includes anyone who gets their income not from labor as much as from the surplus value they appropriate from the workers who create wealth. The income of the capitalists, therefore, is based on their exploitation of the workers (proletariat)."

History will repeat itself.

b said...

When 60% of the votes are translated to 90% of the seats, there is a severe problem with the constitution. GRC election at best is voting for Town council management and not representative of parliament seats.

Anonymous said...

PAP seems to be very keen on promoting class warfare among the population. It has dangerous consequences.

patriot said...

PAP obviously will not want the People to be united, divide and rule has always proved to work for Rulers.
Majority of Sinkies on the other hand, do not care much about the ongoings in Sin. Even if Sg is sold, Sinkies will be fine with it. And so what if there are sayings that Sin Rulers own huge foreign assets and their offsprings are studying and living abroad. Doubt any Sinkie will care a hood if Sin Rulers decide to retire from politic and migrate oversea.

Anyway, Matilah Singapura has always said that Sinkies deserves the Government.
Commenter b has a theory that the Regime is making living difficult for Native Sinkies. He surmises that by doing so, Sinkies will move to greener pastures elsewhere. Both Guys have wisdoms in their POVs.

Whatever; the Fact is that living will be very challenging for the Younger Generation Sinkies. It is an Issue that All Adult Sinkies should be mindful of.
Personally, me am of the impression that the Rulers care not about You. Most Sinkies know in Sin, it is You die, your business.


Anonymous said...

No, Redbean,
we have the safest government in the world, lose billions, hundreds of billions, hundreds of thousands here and there, still can pay themselves world record millions as salary, it is still the fault of silly citizens because they don't understand why PAP can lost billions and still get away with it and up to 30 years to recoup investments. It is sillypore fault. PAP has no fault because PAP is so good that they can con the world and scam the citizens.

Anonymous said...

When eating rats becomes a reality, the living poor in Stinkiepoor will envy the dead. Majulah, bomba merdeka and all that.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@b 327:

Please lah. Reading Marx's "class warfare" now is like looking back at 20th century comedy: It was cute and silly, but it has had its day, and now its just another artifact of the past.

It is nearly the half of 2014. China and Russia are the biggest (supposedly) Marxist regimes. But they are smoking crucibles of CAPITALISM. The "labour class" own and trade stocks in public companies. They also fly all over the world on holidays. They're the bourgeois consumer-class Marx and Engels railed against, but now make up the bulk of the "upwardly mobile" of the world.

Go to China or Russia now and try to talk those fuckers back into Marx, they will give you two fingers, laugh at you and then proceed to make as much money as they can.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@patriot 511:

>> Commenter b has a theory that the Regime is making living difficult for Native Sinkies.

Whatever; the Fact is that living will be very challenging for the Younger Generation Sinkies.

Clap trap lah. Singapore is one of the EASIEST places in the world to live. As a young person, you have so much more opportunity here than you can ever dream of having anywhere else. Why do you think SO MANY young people from around the globe are MIGRATING to Singapore?

Simple answer: Because the immigrants see OPPORTUNITY which the whining locals are blind to, as the jaded locals are wrapped up in their entitlement and victim mentality for most of their waking hours. Many Singaporeans have psychologically primed themselves to give the same old answer to every challenge they encounter: "It's the government's fault." They bring about their own ongoing mental anguish. And it is fucking hilarious ENTERTAINMENT! :-))

>>Sinkies know in Sin, it is You die, your business.

Therefore: Mind Your Own Business. No one cares. WHY should they? (i.e. you can't change human nature. Self Interest)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me correct Matilah. Singapore is one of the easiest place to live, for the foreigners and the rich.

If you don't belong to these two categories, your life is going to get tougher and tougher.

Yes, mind your own business and let the foreigners take over your country.

patriot said...

Me could be giving Matilah Singapura a response that he may not be comfortable with.
Yes, there are hundreds of million people from India, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, the Africanas dreaming to be working or living in Sin. Does this prove that Sin is a great place for all and sundry?
More Native Singaporeans are migrating each year and the number is growing. And according to MS, Sinkies are too wrappped up in entitlement mentality. May I ask
What entitlement has the Sin Government ever given to Sinkies?

As for no one cares about another, personally, I think it is normal for Matilah Singapura to have little or no feeling for strangers. But, if he says he has no concern for his family, frens even colleagues, it cannot be. Here, we get to see his display of emotion and passion. I has posed to MS a few questions in Rb other Recent Thread under Anon. They were specifically addressed, unfortunately, they were not responded to. Like MS to know thee Government has a lot of duty and obligation to fulfill on top of ensuring not getting corrupted or turning rogue. Leaders have to be role models in caring and loving their subjects
One can choose to look at issues objectively or choose to understand an issue according to ones' own liking. I am inclined to feel that Matilah Singapura prefers the Latter Angle. and must say he has the right to interpret any subject to his own liking.

One man's meat is another man's poison, says it best. Never shall the Twains meet but they will langgar from time to time.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ partriot:

I am a *card carrying atheist and libertarian. I'm also a card-carrying SKEPTIC -- which means I EXPECT to be disagreed with. I will trust you more if you are game enough to look for holes in my arguments. If you don't and end up praising me or agreeing with me 100% of the time -- I would be very suspicious of you.

*Card-carrying: meaning I belong to registered organisations which have volunteer-driven activist and outreach agendas and not just "social clubs" where we go to talk cock, drink and solicit sexual bonuses.

>> Does this prove that Sin is a great place for all and sundry?

Of course not. I never said nor implied that anyway. If I did I would have committed the "all or nothing" fallacy. However it can be shown quite simply that Singapore is a very popular choice for immigration for those seeking work or to start enterprises.

>> More Native Singaporeans are migrating each year and the number is growing.

Sure. But one cannot be clear about the underlying motivations. I would say they are varied.

What we can show is how Singaporeans individual wealth has shot up over the decades. The SGD has also held up its value compared to other currencies. You get to "cash in" your CPF when you give up citizenship, plus you sell your home at record prices. Therefore more Singaporeans CAN AFFORD to migrate nowadays, and they do so with substantial financial resources.

>> I think it is normal for Matilah Singapura to have little or no feeling for strangers.

I never said that. I said: I DON'T CARE about other peoples feelings and beliefs. That doesn't mean my heart is cold toward them?

At one point in your mind you are thinking that I am some emotionally constipated cold-hearted robot. Instead of being offended, I find that fucking funny :-))

and then...

>> Here, we get to see his display of emotion and passion.

Thank you. I'm vindicated! I'm human! I have feelings and beliefs...which no one else cares about...and I prefer it that way!

>> he has the right to interpret any subject to his own liking.

All of us -- no exceptions -- interpret the world through our own filters and per-conceived notions.

And as I've reminded bloggers before: I write OPINION, not truth.