American doctrine of Permanent Warfare PART 3

American Militant Doctrine of Permanent Warfare.         (   PART     THREE    )

White Americans are basically wicked. The Americans have been adopting this evil doctrine even since the first day of its independence from its imperial forbears   --   England. Why do the White Americans adpt this doctrine? From early days since when White Men first set foot on America they always have that religious belief that their God has destined that America with its very rich resources is reserved for White Men and not for the" savage native Americans ". With that belief white men went all out to exterminate the native American Indians. As the extension of that belief America feels that its God has destined America to be the number one supreme power to rule the world.America couldn't have been more wrong . This indulgence in its mission to rule the whole world will eventually bring America to its knees and destruction.

After the Second World War America struggled with Russia to dominate the whole world. The Americans used the bogey of fighting communism as the mission of fighting for freedom and democracy though we know this is humbug as the Americans have been very callous in killing and exterminating natives wherever it sets its foot on conquest.On the opposite side the just as evil Russians used the bogey of fighting capitalists and bourgeoise as its main thrust to dominate and control other countries. It must be put on record that just like the Americans, the Russians were originally Christians and like the early white Americans they went on the opposite path to conquer lands in Asia and exterminate all the natives who opposed their dominance. In its march to conquer the East, the Russians also illegally took and occupied not less than three million five hundred thousand square miles of Chinese land.

Why does America pick on China and the Chinese people as the number one enemy? China's only sin is that it is seen by the politicians of  America,the CIA and the Pentagon as the only country capable of challenging America for supremacy in politics, economy, finance , science, technology , military and many other fields. During the last one hundred fifty years from the 1840s to 1940s when China was weak , she was trampled at will by England, France, Russia, Germany, America and Japan. China's vast lands were free for these marauding Western Powers and Japan to grab with impunity. China was at the mercy of these incredible savage and wanton aggressors and invaders. The First World War  ( 1914 - 1918 ) and The Second World War  ( 1937  to  1945 ) saw China severely and fatally ravaged and destroyed almost completely both physically, economically and financially. China was in total ruins. However due to the good leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Peoples Liberation Army and the hardwork and resilience of the Chinese people , China recovered and from the 1970s China seems to rise like the phoenix from the burning ashes. The quick and unbelievable rise of China psychologically  awe and frighten the  the Western powers and Japan and especially the Americans who look at China's rapid development with askew eyes and fear. You got to know history to understand why the western powers and  Japan  fear a rising China which  is both  rich and powerful.  It is all due to guilty conscience of the grivous acts of wanton aggression and invasion they committed against a weak China during the last one hundred fifty years or so and thus there is always a psychological fear of reprisal by China.

American doctrine of permanent warfare is basically an ardent attempt to rule and hold hegemony over all countries in this earthly world. It is a very wicked and satanic doctrine. To back up its aggression , America the coward but cunning in nature not only uses its military might but also recruit other miniom countries as its allies to be sent to fight proxy wars in the front lines of conflict. America and its allies are no different from the mafia gangsters and in this circumstance America is but only a maffia leader or a EL CAPONE in the Chicago underworld gangland.

As an evil country, America has done more harm to this world than the harm done by many other aggressors put together. American leaders and government are totally ruthless. Killings and genocide do not matter to them so long as it fulfills its objective of aggression, conquest and hegemonic control over all others. America's genocidal policy has been there since the days of British colonialism . The white American invaders have no qualms in killing, slaughter and mass extermination of the native American Idians. Over the centuries white American invaders have killed more than eighty-five million native American Indians or almost ninety-eight percent of the original native population.

To support its conquest of America the white invaders resorted to force free slave labour. They rounded up and captured by force thousands of the negroes in the north and west of Africa. The way they treated the negro slaves was very chilling and extraordinary ruthless. The captured African negro slaves were branded,chained, force-marched,beaten,encaged and stripped of humanity. Over the centuries, millions of Africans were captured and forced into slavery. Millions of African slaves were packed into ships like cargoes where they suffered extremely from dysentery,small pox and many other diseases. The negro slaves were all packed below deck which was dark, filthy, bloody with vomits and faeces. Countless numbers of slaves were flogged and clubbed to death. Women were also beaten and raped. Those who were physically ill or suffered diseases were cruelly thrown overboard into the depth of the Atlantic Ocean.  Millions of slaves were sold like cattle .

In this present world American genocidal policy takes new form. Mass murder is carried out more efficiently. Countries are ravaged and destroyed by long range bombers or drones and the murderers have no sense of shame or emotion for they do not see or come into contact with the victims. Making the world safe for democracy is a convenient illusion. US simply does not tolerate any country or democracy which does not toe its line or its evil policy. US aggressive militant policy is driven by its unchallenged raw power. Mass murder does not matter to the Evil Empire. There will be no aoplogies for its generations of crimes. In the Korean and Vietnam wars they had turned North Korea and Vietnam into rubbles.

If the Evil Empire's satanic doctrine and policy is not stopped there is a possibility of nuclear war erupting. The mad US policy makers in the White House, Congress,Senate, The Pentagon and CIA must bear full responsibility for nuclear war  with its unparallelled killing machine poswer,

Humanity has never been so threatened to extinction as now by the never ending US aggression . After the Second World War US ravaging wars of aggression against other countries continues with disturbing regularity. First it was the Korean  War. It was followed by the Vietnam War. Before long US launched aggressive wars in Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Kosovo. In the 1980s and 1990s and 2000s its wars of aggression followed with repeated regularity in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya . Syria and Iran are now seriously threatened and US with the help of its lackey Israel may attack and bomb the two countries any time they feel convenient to do so.  In Europe US feels it is time to take advantage over Russia which it thinks is comparatively weak. It first created choas and distability in Ukrane with the aim of detaching Ukrane from Russia's orbit. However, it backfired when faced against a very strong and determined Russian president, Putin. In this Ukrane affair, the shitty America lost face and respect but the unfortunate Ukranians have to contend with the permanent lost to Russia of  Crimea  which is a rich and very strategic province of Ukrane. In East and South-East Asia, the Evil  Empire  is stoking fire with the motive of goading Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines of going to war with China.  China must take  a leaf from Putin and quickly build up its armour and military to be on par or even superior to that of the Evil Empire in order to be safe and secure from US attack either direct or indirect or through proxies.

American conducted proxy wars have so far killed millions worldwide. All wars provoked and started by US either direct or indirect through US supported wars have no rules. To the American warmongers, might is alwsays right and so the laws of wars are always ignored. This can be seen in Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq  . Both countries succumed to a very well planned criminal attack of persistent high powered bombing by super bombers and drones. In both countries essentials to life facilities were destroyed. Thousands were gratuitously slaughtered. This was followed by twelve years of genocidal sanctions and thus in this way US  and its satanic evil president Bush killed many millions more.

Other countries targetted for attack will be attacked sooner or later. There is no place to hide. US supreme crimes of aggression are the most heinous and cruel , never seen in history. American crimes are too grim to ignofre. The world must no more sleep but wake up to this insidious American crimes against humanity . Its high time all other countries of the world must quickly act in unison and solidarity to oppose and put a stop to this AMERICAN  MONSTER and bury its doctrine of hate , aggression ,perpectual and permanent warfare. Its time to send all the American rulers, policy makers, congress men, senators , the CIA and the Pentagon to hell.


Tuesday, 8th April,2014.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, I recently read somewhere, I think it could be the ST, someone said that it is important for the American to have a presence in SE Asia. Hmmmmmm I wonder who that could be........? Let me think..........

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I never read that. Who's that twit?

Anonymous said...

Cannot remember, but it was someone very prominent and important in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Must be an American.

Anonymous said...

No, it was not an American. I can only remember that he was a true blue very prominent Singaporean. Otherwise it would never be in the ST.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I do agree that an US presence in SE Asia is good -- it keeps cuntrees on their toes and their leaders scurrying around on the giant chess-board of geo politics.

No US presence in SE Asia would be too boring. It is very fucking entertaining to know that patrolling the waters and flying high up are data gathering gizmos and nuclear warheads which can detonate by accident.

Also America is ex-spurt at pitching one state against another and instigating hostilities by deceptively appearing to be "peacemaker" and an upholder of "democracy". This is excellent theater.

America has also managed to -- much like The Pied Piper -- brainwash the youth with crass American "culture". So now you get young Asian people slanging like bad B=grade movie dialogue, you get women who "demand rights", and darker skinned people thinking that they are as "hip" as US blacks.

Asian school kids can recite gangsta-rap songs with all the "mothafukka", "ho", "bitchez", "shake yer ass", "suck my dick". School kids. It's adorable :-)

Asians from S Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and China speak English with a distinct Asian-flavoured American twang. This is not adorable. I find it annoying -- it grates on me. How come the French or other European cultures speak English with their OWN accent, but the fucking Asians are too ashamed to use their own accents when speaking English? This is a huge red flag, a ginormous what-the-fuck? moment for me.

America has long conquered the world culturally, and financially by printing the world's currency. The military-geo-political thing is just icing on the cake.

Asians got a long long way to go before they "figure it out". America, like Nazi Germany fight FOR something. Asians when they fight, fight AGAINST something. Most people have no idea that the difference in these philosophies determines their destiny. Germany and the axis powers could have EASILY won WW2. Hitler basically "owned" Europe and the Japs virtually "owned" East Asia. It is only by sheer luck that Nazi Germany and the axis powers didn't.

Anonymous said...

The USA govt is so evil but many silly people are still believing that it is an angel.

Anonymous said...

What about the Chinese doctrine of permanent national service for the "country" (which translates to mean the self serving Chinese emperor and his cronies).

b said...

Since BC, all rulers are fundamentally evil. When their power rises to a certain level, they turned more evil. Anyone who want to bomb others or use military force against their own people for whatever the reason must not be allowed. It must be done in a more intelligent way. Make peace not war. Peace can be achieved but it is not easy. Usually people will chose the easy way out aka brute force.

Anonymous said...

The Americans said it is their right to do so, bombing other people.

b said...


Ameris can do that because all other countries do not know how to unite against the one big bully but instead, they like to pick at each other small problems and hence ameris see the opportunity and seize it. A single chopstick is weak, a bunch of them is strong. From europe, russia, china and se asia, many were bullied by ameris before. Why they never learn to unite? Its the same everywhere even in a small island like sg.

Anonymous said...

/// Ameris can do that because all other countries do not know how to unite against the one big bully but instead, they like to pick at each other small problems and hence ameris see the opportunity and seize it. ///
April 08, 2014 5:21 pm

You talking about PAP and Singaporeans right?

Virgo 49 said...

LKY and son.

Must balance of power!!

Pui! Yellow skin somemore and always carry the American balls.

Go China smile until cannot see eyes.

Send kia kias to China and act so humbly.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Comedic philosopher, word-genius and immortalised legend George Carlin on America's addiction to war.

A definite classic. It takes big balls to OPEN a show,HBO Special no less, the way he did. Audience goes nuts.