MH370 – What happened to the mangosteens?

After searching for more than a month in the Antarctics, they are still unable to locate the mangosteens. But who cares, or why would anyone be interested in the mangosteens? Are they worthless, no owners? Or have the rightful owner of the mangosteens already collected them and put them under safe keeping?

The mangosteens, 4 tonnes of them, heavier than a 3 tonner, were casually mentioned by the Malaysian authorities and quickly forgotten as inconsequential. Were they so innocent? It is a fact that the mangosteens were not in season in Malaysia. Where were they from, who was the owner and where were the mangosteens going? Does anyone want to know what is this ‘mangosteen’ thing? It is so obvious that the mangosteens were not mangosteens. What were they? Why were the Malaysian govt not even interested to find out?

Let me suggest a very simple theory on the story of the mangosteens. They were the forbidden fruits. The Malaysian Govt were tipped off on the mangosteens. They were told of a scheme to retrieve the mangosteens by the informer. The Malaysian Govt went along. The flight MH370 was allowed to fly as scheduled not to alarm anyone. The air traffic controllers went through routines and everything was normal.

At the border of Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace, the aircraft took a dip and disappeared from radar with its transponder switched off. It then turned west, climbed back to normal cruise level and flew all the way to Butterworth airbase under full radar contact, landed, unloaded the mangosteens and all the passengers, and flew off just like another MAS aircraft.

After that all the disinformation appeared that the aircraft had headed to the Antarctics either on auto pilot or flown by a suicidal pilot. Both did not make any sense. And somehow the aircraft could send out blips to satellites to let them guess where it was or going. And conveniently they applied the Doppler Effect for the first time to masturbate such information and concluded that it must be going to the Antarctics when the aircraft could have landed in Butterworth with all its mangosteens delivered to whoever that was behind this hoax.

The aircraft could now be flying daily under another MH callsigns all over Malaysia and its foreign destinations. Where are the pilot and co pilot? Are their families raising a ruckus on their disappearance, grieving or unable to grieve, or life was normal at home?

Just a very simple theory of the mangosteens that came from no where, going nowhere, no one wants to know why or where.

And here comes Obama, the President of an Empire, calling on Najib to say thank you for your assistance. We are now friends.

The above is all my imagination that is good enough to be turned into a movie.

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Anonymous said...

Like it or not Uncle Sam will be in this area. The nations of South-east Asia have absolutely no say in this matter. By hook or by crook, Uncle Sam rules here. The only way for them to get out of this region is for China to be strong enough.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Jews control the US, the US will always be strong. China should open its corridors of power to the Jews. Let the Jews rule China by proxy. Then China will be the top dog.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The plane was captured because the mangosteens were to be used in a secret Chinese military project producing bio weapons to be used against the Pinoys and the Japs for being Asia's most kwai lan cuntrees.

Not wanting this to happen, the USA forced down the plane, and for the last month or so the personnel on the base at Diego Garcia have been consuming mangosteens with every meal. Mangosteens are considered a "delicacy" in the USA, and are horribly expensive.

The next plane to be forced down and their cargo confiscated will be a Garuda flight carrying Kopi Luak -- also an expensive delicacy in the US.

Anonymous said...

Eaten by tghe sharks! Two legged sharks!

Anonymous said...

Let's wait for PM Najib's honest revelation of the Case.

Anonymous said...

Najib has not given his honest revelation of the Mongolian ladies' murder case yet. How many years ago was that?

I think most of us would not be around when Najib gives his honest revelation of MH370 case.