In celebration of the Indian elites

Never in the history of Singapore has the Indian community been so prominent as the ruling elite of this island. The era when Indian elites were the most prominent was during the early days of independence when we inherited the whole govt and bureaucracy from the colonial govt. In those days, the govt and civil servants were either British, Eurasians or Indians. Their commonality was the English Language. The colonial govt used English as the language of officialdom.

The Chinese and Malays were less familiar with the language with the Chinese mainly educated in Chinese medium schools. Only the babas who had been here longer would be educated in the English medium, but not really of great proficiency. The Chinese were mainly in commerce and trading or in small businesses, in a world of their own, with the lower sector contributing to the labour force.

The prominence of the Indian elites was in a way third grade, with the British occupying all the top jobs, the Eurasians having the leftovers and the Indians the crumbs. Still, being chief clerks in the Her Majesty’s Service was big deal in those days.

When we were given Independence, many of the top civil service jobs automatically went to the Eurasians and the Indians. They were the educated elites. Chinese educated elites only came into the picture later. Gradually over time the other races also graduated from the English stream, with graduates from the University of Singapore being available to the civil service and govt. The spread was more reflective of the composition of the races with meritocracy as a pillar for attaining high office.

Today, the fruit of meritocracy has ripen and we are seeing the best of the races rising to high positions in govt and the civil service. And the Indians have proven to be exceptionally talented, and surpassing the achievements of the early Indian pioneers. In Finance, we had an Indian Finance Minister who is also a Deputy PM and touted to be the next PM. The MAS is also headed by an Indian elite and the top national bank is also helmed by an Indian, albeit a new citizen. And not to forget, the Indian elites are helming most of the foreign banks in the island.

In the Ministry of Law we have an Indian Law Minister, an Indian Chief Justice, and now an Indian Attorney General. It would be full house if the Solicitor General is also an Indian elite.

Kudos to the Indian community for producing so many top ministers and civil servants at the same time. Kudos to our meritocratic system for being colour blind and allowing the best of talents regardless of race to rise to the top of their profession. Soon it will be regardless of nationality.

This is a golden era for the Indian community.

Oh, before I forget, with the Oracle in his twilight moments, the only thinker left in the island is also an Indian elite. All this can only be attributed to the wisdom of Hsien Loong. He has surpassed Chok Tong and LKY as the best PM the island ever had, at least in promoting meritocracy regardless of race and nationality. He cannot be accused of being partial to the Chinese or discriminating against the minority races.

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Virgo 49 said...

LKY wants to show that he is the most magnanimous human on earth after been kicked out of Malaysia where they give two hoots to what you can tell them of giving special rights and privilege s to their own kind- the bumis.

He wanted to show them and the whole world at large how to run a red dot city by so called meritocracy that any cats that's catches the rats are good cats regardless of their colours.

But all these at the expense of his own kind.

Oops think he's baba and should not be his own kind. Who the hell cares if own kind or not own kind.

Now becomes international martyr and even adopted lost children of the whole world at the expense of his own countrymen.

These nehs in Malaysia would be still complaining to the queen of eng kok why they are been treated so whereas in sin city they have become so affluent that they are so smirk and in time implenting caste systems.

Sigh, what a great man he was. Given honours all over the world and the rest who gave him the honours still practised discrimination against their own minorities.

What a hypocritical world we live in

Anonymous said...

Historically, Indians (origin India) have been a Race of excellent calibre. Be it in science, humanities, religion, spirituality or anything in the Cosmos, Indians know best. Almost all other Races, including Chinese, in the World learn from Indians. They know how endowed Indians are in all fields with regards to humanity.
It is really puzzling why no Indian was ever made the chief of Sin. Where is justice?

Anonymous said...

Be careful, RB. Do not give them the opportunity to cite you for stirring up racial hatred.

Eddie Leong said...

Meritocracy. The Indians excel in law and speaks much better than others.

I have no problem with that. Some of the top USA firms have selected Indians to be their CEOs.

If the Singaporean Chinese wants to excel in rojak English they are welcome to carry on.

There will be good and bad hats in every race.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 1:43, we must give due credit when it is deserving. Unless you are saying that the appointments are not due to merit.

The Indians have done well, exceptionally well. They have conquered the western world in finance and IT.

You disagree?

b said...

In fact, the greatest military treat for usa is india not china. unfortunately, they are so taken in by the snake charmers.