Pinoy Independence Day, a demand for more space

With 200,000 Pinoys working in this city, their demand for more space for social and leisure activities is only natural and expected just like the increase in population from 3.3m to 5.4m and the coming 6.9m. No one can fault the Pinoys for wanting more space to live and enjoy their stay here. We can’t squeeze them into dog’s kennels right? As a good host, we need to be more gracious and generous and share our space and amenities with them.

We have already done this. We are giving a lot of space to the various foreign communities living here, all 2m of them, Race Course Rd/Little India for the Indians and Bangladeshis, Chinatown and Geylang for the PRCs, Golden Miles for the Thais, Peninsula for the Myanmese, Joo Chia for the Vietnamese, and Lucky Plaza/Botanic Gardens for the Pinoys.

We must also have foresight, to be able to project their needs into the future. The more they grew, the more space they will need. And this will apply to the other nationalities. By the time our population hits 6.9m, the foreigners would definitely need more space to live comfortably. We cannot be so selfish to deprive them from having more space. The current demand for a place to celebrate the Pinoy Independence Day is only to be expected.

And why not, our Sinkie population will shrink further, so we don’t need so much space for ourselves in the future. Let’s be mentality prepared to cede more space to make our guests feel they are welcomed, and it will reflect very well on us.

The need for more space is only a small step forward. There will be more social and otherliving needs, like a TV channel for their native programmes, newspapers, and maybe more signages on the streets in their languages. They may need to be represented in Parliament in some ways so that their interests will be protected. We can either have NMPs or MPs specially tasked to protect them.

Oh, I think they are already being encouraged to integrate with us and joining RC activities and may even become RC members. With such a huge presence, they cannot be ignored. Their interests cannot be ignored. As their presence is proportionally increased, more resources would have to be diverted to meet their needs. And as our presence is proportionally decreased, lesser resources are needed for our citizens. There will be a new balance and a new status quo developing natural and everyone will be happy, to each according to his needs. In politics they termed this as proportional representation. Caveat, in most countries, proportional representation formula applies only to citizens of a country. In our case, we are no longer a country or just a country in the making, and foreigners are already regarded as locals, so citizenship is no longer a criteria to demand for more space and representation.

What do you think be you a gracious Sinkie or xenophobic Sinkie?


virgo49 said...

Time to uproot to penang.

Back to 60s/70s leisure good times

Anonymous said...

This remind me of the last Emperor, weak and being bullied all the times, not by his people but foreigners. No hope liou!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


If anyone wants "space" in Singapore, they are welcome to BUY or RENT in the buoyant "space market" in Singapore.

Indians have Little India, and most of the property is PRIVATELY OWNED.

Similarly in Joo Chiat/ Geylang Serai -- PRIVATEY OWNED.


Tanglin: very much PRIVATELY OWNED.

So yes, you want space, show the money, then make an offer.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What you talking, the Pinoys just want a site for a celebration lah. BTW Botanic Garden is already choped by them without having to pay a cent.

oldhorse42 said...

Why do our leaders have to step in to scold sinkie as bigot and thuggish.
If it is true that some overzealous people have harrassed the organisers, they are free to report to Police and let the police investigate and punish the offenders under the law.
People say singapore has a lot of laws but no justice.

Virgo 49 said...

Some elderly folks suffered dementia early.

only aged 62 born in year of the majestic fabled dragon, this weak spineless dragon suffered an early dementia illness.

Now only berates own countrymen who foolishing put him there. Spend time sending congrats and condolences to the world at large.

Soon sign boards everywhere NO DOGS and SINGAPOREANS ALLOWED


Rb 1.23pm

// BTW Botanic Garden is already choped by them without having to pay a cent. //

Rb, what yew talking? Before mati he just wants //a site for a celebration// too. Yew said //Botanic Garden is already choped by them without having to pay a cent.//. Is there any other "space" mati "can chop" // without having to pay a cent // "for a celebration" mb in Botanic gdn too on sunday? Just one "free site" will do, no need " so many free sites". Dunno the 马can still "cheong"or not? In case cannot, get so many "sites" after that very malulah liao!

Virgo 49, any grandmother for sale also? said...

@ virgo 49 1.52pm // Soon sign boards everywhere NO DOGS and SINGAPOREANS ALLOWED.//

Virgo 49, YEW have GOOOOOOD memory. Confirmed no dementia. 1914 China Foreign Settlements Everywhere! Sinkieland also back to the past! President Yuan Shi Kai also scolded the Chinese upside down in 1914 for being rude to the foreigners though the whole nation was trampled by them. Only After the Rape and Massacred in Nanking in the 30s did the KMT and CCP fight invaders together. If " Intrapolation " is any guide, YEW have twenty more years to go. Meanwhile, have resilence. Hand on TIGHT to the "GALACTICA" 过山车。 Hope YEWR heart and head would still be pumping, head sober and not spinning like stars end of the ride. 20 more years, bery fast over liao.

Meanwhile, orchard and botanic garden is "occupied" by pinoy every sunday. Peninsula everyday Myanmese. Golden mile, geylang, little india, chinatown, opp paya lebar mrt, river valley condos, d15 condos, d17, 18 condos etc etc ..........

Virgo 49, YEWR "forcast" may just come true soon like in China under the President Yuan Shi Kai leedership

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, please live and let live. Do not show your dirty side ( as always ). Try a little compassion and kindness. I know Singaporeans are quite incapable of such qualities, but you must try.

Yiur must try save yiur own kuntry first! stop humiliating yiurself! said...

@ 2.28pm // Singaporeans, please live and let live. Do not show your dirty side ( as always ). Try a little compassion and kindness. I know Singaporeans are quite incapable of such qualities, but you must try//

Whereever yiu crawled out from, save yiur "xyz" for yiur own kuntry! Yiur own kuntry also yiu cannot survive so cum here to drip, thick skin no spine still teaching pple how to run this place. Sinkiland is being polluted more and more.

Anonymous said...

2.28. Pm u too free got nothing to do is it? Come here anyhow insult sinkies. U Suka Suka insult dare to leave your contact here or not or u no balls? Last night u bathe or not? U sure ask what has this got to do with my posting. Cause I wanted to ask u if u bathe, u got check your two tiny still attached or not? Or the two tiny already gone. Knn

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are not only silly and funny, they put blames on foreign settlers WHEN THE ALIENS WORK HARD AND BUY THEIR STAYS AND WHATEVER THEY OWN HERE.
Aliens never robbed anything from the locals. THEY PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE THING THEY OWN HERE.
Just because sinkies do not get to see or share the money, they blame the aliens. This is very the wrong, PLEASE BLAME THOSE THAT SELL YOUR CUNTREE AND YOUR DIGNITY.

b said...

If every single foreign race wants a piece of singapore to celebrate their independant day, sinkies will have to vacate this island to accomodate them. They should go back to their island to celebrate their day and they have much more space to do it there. What a ridiculous demand from the foreigners!

Anonymous said...

A little riot at Race Course Rd and our police force were handicapped.

China and Philippine are at odd over the South China Sea. Just assumed thousands of Filipino at the Independence Day gathering in Orchard Road and all you need is a group of nationalistic PRC to haul comment and insult at the location could spark a major riot even outnumbering our police force to handle.

So do you think a public area for them to celebrate is wise? Why take the risk for our inadequate police force to handle.

Just not too long ago a simple cricket match screening can caused a riot between Indian and Bangladesh workers. It was contained because it happened in the dormitory.

Virgo49 said...

Hi anon @5.11

Many years back, when India and Pakistan were having skirmishes at the borders, my ex-colleague at Clifford Pier boarding the ships for clearance witnessed A BIG FIGHT between the Indian Nationals and Pakistanis sailors disembarking simultaneously from the launches at the Pier.

Coincidentally, if there are some incidences at the South China Sea between the PRCs and the Pinoys, Ngee Ann City would become a battlefield.

Our beloved PeeM would said, should have 20/20 foresight in anticipating this matter and Sinkies must welcome and loved these foreigners to have a high standing in the world.

Sinkies mostly go to these countries as tourists to spend monies and already have high standing in the world not to steal jobs from others.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans only allowed to gather in Hong Lim Park.
But Filipinos allowed to gather at Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road.

What the Fuck?

Who is the citizen and who is the alien?

好自为之吧! said...

@ anon 8.47pm

// Who is the citizen and who is the alien?//

This could be a political dead cat. It could have emanated from abroad or local. If foreign, it could be testing the political quotient of those people in the know. If local, it could be a "devious" political "infighting" move and was an obvious "political dead cat". Embracing "it" could be highly potentially "political suicidal". Not knowing "it" and still publicly received this "dead cat", skined it, cooked it and ate it publicly is beyond "comprehension". Many common folks likely can see through this "cheap ruse". But whoever "masterminded it" may have achieved his objective and exposed what he/ his group wanted the world, especially all the "stakeholders" of sinkieland to see somebody's political IQ or the gross deficient of it. The crux of this whole issue at the END OF THE DAY likely has "not much to do with xenophobia or anti-foreigner sentiment" but very much "a sovereignty and short, mid and long term security issue". The "turn" of this event has "taken many sinkies" by surprise. For the "mastermind(s)", it may have not. This could be what they wanted to lay "BARE" for all to see ONCE AND FOR ALL. Somebody may have just committed "POLITICAL SUICIDE" publicly unwittingly. Time will tell. And likely in the near and not too distant future. There are many intertwined reasons why this is a political dead cat. If one is on the ground long enough, it is obvious ONE doesn't TOUCH this issue with a 10-foot pole. To have done it may have "sealed" his eventual fate. This event would likely be too "deeply implanted" in people's mind to ever be "wiped off". It is interesting to see how this event is going to "play out". If some "damage control" is quickly taken, it might make some sense. If not, there could be some "shake out" in the not too distant future. Either way, sinkieland's masses interests would likely suffer in the interim. This is about the masses livelihood. Dun pray pray! There are a lot of things left unsaid here. If one needs all the explanations clearly spelt out, he/ she "deserves to be eaten alive" by his/ her opponents, whether internal or external. The above are just personal opinions. Feel free to disagee.

Anonymous said...

One good thing about this Independence Day celebration is that the Pinoys are feeling very comfortable here and enjoying themselves. This must be to our credit. If they are not doing well, not happy, where got heart to want to celebrate their ID here right.

I think the govt can set up a booth for them to sign up as citizens. Citizenship Application Counter at Ngee Ann City.