Finally, China standing up to the American bully

Chuck Hagel, US Defence Secretary, went to China to tell the Chinese that they have no rights to unilaterally designate their ADIZ but must consult the Americans. He also warned the Chinese that the US will protect the Japanese and the Philippines in any dispute with China.

China’s Defence Minister Chang Wanquan replied in no uncertain terms that Japan and the Philippines are the provocateurs and China would not yield an inch on its national core interests. China would not be the first to start a war but is prepared to take the Americans as well if the two forced China into a war and the USA wants to join the fight. Chang said, ‘We will make no compromise, no concession, no trading, not even a tiny…violation is allowed. The Chinese military can assemble as soon as summoned, fight any battle and win.’

The Americans have been bullying the Chinese for more than 60 years, always threatening and warning China of an American attack if China would not heed the American threats. It would be a matter of time before China adopts the same stance against the Americans. China is warning the Americans to rein in the Japanese and not be permissive and supportive of Tokyo’s aggressive provocations.

The rhetoric of China is getting to sound very similar to the Americans. China is telling the Americans that not only Americans can warn and threaten China anymore. China can warn the Americans and would one day thump table with the Americans when it is as strong as the Americans. Both can play the game. 

Gen Fan Changlong, vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission was quoted in the ST to have said this in full view of the press 'that he took personal offence at his remarks in Japan last weekend and at a meeting of Asean defence ministers in Hawaii last week. "I can tell you frankly, your remarks made at the Asean defence ministers meeting and to the Japanese politicians were tough and with a clear attitude," said Gen Fan. "The Chinese people, including myself, are dissatisfied with such remarks."'

Today the Americans still have an edge over China but nothing more than that. China is not able to attack the Americans in conventional warfare but could more than adequately defend itself against an American conventional attack. The first salvo when war is declared, China would take out all the American and Japanese bases in Japan and South Korea and secure the China seas. No American ships or aircraft carriers would be allowed to be within striking distance of mainland China.

The next phase would be nuclear warfare which both sides would not dare to play with. There will be no winners in a full scale nuclear war between the two superpowers.


Anonymous said...

Its high time China show its might. China had been bullied for too long a time. Fxxk off Japan and hands off USA. China is a Superpower on its own right.

Anonymous said...

The fucking Americans still think they can kick China around like they did in the past. And Hagel is so rude to go to Beijing to threaten the Chinese.

Now he got ticked off by the Chinese, something that the Chinese hosts have not done to any world leaders visiting China before. The americans did that to the Malaysian, was it Al Gore, who snubbed Mahathir in KL some years back and got away with it.

And what can Hagel do now? Want to start a war with China?

Anonymous said...

Why waste time on this?

The politicians will just talk and talk and talk and more talk with NO action.

This is one of outlets for politicians to show how busy they are at work.


Anonymous said...

One bully taking over another bully. Just blow up both to smithereens and the world would be a much, much, much better place.

Anonymous said...

Until the Loss Of Flt MH370 is solved with every of its' mysterious characteristics explained or found,
relationship between the US and China will be very intricate.

Anonymous said...

In the recent past it was not only just China and the mainland Chinese who were spat, trampled and grossly humiliated by the West and Japan but also Chinese overseas everywhere. China was attacked by England, France, Russia, Germany, US and Japan and millions of square miles of Chinese lands were illegally occupied and annexed by Russia, England, France and Japan. Thousands of Chinese who helped to build and develop US and Canada and were largely responsible for building the transcontinental railway networks were reciprocated with gruesome murders and killings and other inhuman physical assaults by white Americans. The same attrocities comitted against overseas Chinese were repeated in Australia and other places under white man's rule. Now US and its mafia gang members like Japan and some other western countries still think they can continue to bully China and the Chinese people. They cannot be more wrong this time. The Chinese have stood up and is strong enough to reciprocate effectively against all wild and aggressive ventures from anywhere. An attack on China is an attack on all Chinese wherever they may be and it is incumbent for all Chinese people whether in China or overseas to rise up in unison to resolutely defeat all the evil warmongers and trouble makers. US Japan and other Western powers should take note China has yet to settle grievous old scores with them.

Wednesday, 9th April,2014

Anonymous said...

Someone quoted as follows, "The americans did that to the Malaysian, was it Al Gore, who snubbed Mahathir in KL some years back and got away with it"

I think anyone snubbing or poking at Mahathir is correct. The old Indian Muslim Mahathir is the old donkey famous for cronyism, corruption and racism. Does anyone remember how many thousands times he has poked at Singapore.

b said...

If uass cannot even defeat vietnam many years ago, how many think they can defeat the prsent day china? uass will make use of the people in india and pinoys to die for them.

Eddie Leong said...

Geopolitics is complex:

- USA is weakening. Cannot do much even when Russia took back Crimea and is formenting more troubles in Ukraine.

- China is facing serious economic slowdown and possibility more dissatisfactions within China. Also need to play to the national audience.

- Japan is the puppy dog, barking when USA tells it. So, the FTA and security agreement is organized by USA actually.

The Daioyu Dao and S. China sea are not new issues. Deng Xiao Peng, Zhang ZeMin and even Hu Jin Tao have wisely not stirred up debates...let it be solved in a future century.

Making a lot of noise actually reflects an unsteady Xi JinPing who needs to divert attention to small territorial issues.

I hope it all settles down. China needs another 20 years to build up its military power before it can match the USA in a Far East military conflict. Not yet.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Japan is not just a puppy dog. It is a very vicious dog pretending to be a puppy dog. Give it a chance it will tear the American to pieces for the two Atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As for Diaoyu Islands, it is the Japanese that is stirring shit and trying to change the status quo agreed by previous Japanese leaders with Chinese leaders.

China is trying to contain the problem by keeping an even keel.

Anonymous said...

I recognise that the US has been and continues to be a bully. As for not daring to start a nuclear war I think your wrong to think the US will not try. They are planning and acting based on now much they think they can get away with. Look at the Cuban missile crisis. JFK wrote that his generals seemed to have a collective death wish. Nothing has changed. The lives of Americans are expendable so long as the globalist advance their agenda. If they have to, they'll nuke china and rebuild it with a Marshall plan. It'll then have a perpetual foothold in china.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate victory it to triumph over your enemy without having to start a full scale war. For a nuclear war china right now has more to loose. Whereas the us has 2nd or even 3rd strike nuclear capability, china can outgrow and out maneuver it's enemy. For that china will need patience and smarts. I think the leadership has that potential.