MH370 – PM Abbott knows

‘“Yes, we have very considerably narrowed down the search area but trying to locate anything 4.5 kilometres beneath the surface of the ocean about a thousand kilometres from land is a massive, massive task and it is likely to continue for a long time to come,” Abbott said.

His comments come a day after he said he was “very confident” that signals detected in the search for Flight MH370 are from the aircraft’s black box, whose batteries are waning fast more than a month after the plane vanished….

“We are confident that we know the position of the black box flight recorder to within some kilometres,” Abbott said Friday on his trip to China,…’ Quoted from The Star online.

Of all the Prime Ministers making comments about the MH370, Abbott is the only one who spoke with an unusual confidence. Every time he said something, he gave the impression that he knew something more than what he said. In the above quote, Abbott is as good as saying that he knew the signals detected by the Australians are definitely from the MH370 blackbox and he knew where that blackbox is. And he also knew that the MH370 will not be found there, ie got black but no aircraft wreckage.

From the very first day he called PM Najib, and he was accused of jumping the gun, it came across that he had full information of what happened to the MH370. And he was so convincing that Najib even committed himself to declare MH370 sank in the Antarctic and the passengers were as good as gone. Maybe Najib is also in the picture.
Did the confidence of Abbott tell anyone something, that he had privy knowledge from some sources on the MH370? He appears to be someone who wanted to tell the whole story but has been restrained from doing so. For anyone who wants to know more about MH370, it is best to talk to Abbott or to listen to what he said or not said and try to read in between the lines.

I think he knows a lot more. Wait for the confirmation that only the black boxes are found but no trace of the aircraft.


Virgo49 said...

He had already been briefed by the Evil Forces of their Evil deeds.

That's why, he find ot hard to contain the secrets.

From his body language, you can see that he is taking step by step to disclose the whereabouts by his Master.

Actually, they preferred not to find the black box(es) Sometimes DEAD MEN/WOMEN can revel the actual happenings.

They just wayang wayang only waiting for the batteries to die out.

Find the black box, suddenly the Pilot/Co-Pilot or any traffic controller blurted out: "WE BEEN HIJACKED BY SO & SO AND THEY WANT TO ANNIHILATE US"

That's IT!!! Peechia Lobang Liao!! All Hell's Broke Loose.

Anonymous said...

Whatever lah, but for sure the families of those on board MH370 will never see their loved ones again.

How sure?

As sure as PAP will win the next election and be re-elected as govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They could have altered the data in the black boxes and nothing meaningful will come out from them except disinformation.

Under normal operation, the Black Boxes will rewrite whatever it has stored and will only have the last 2 hours data. So, the black boxes are likely to have data on auto pilot to the Antarctic. Those earlier data would have been overwritten.

No one will be wiser.

Anonymous said...

For the families, just wait and accept the compensation lah. Or fight for more if not happy.

This is the best, and the only thing that matters now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Abbot: No, I don't think he he knows all the facts "exactly"


Notice the use of his hands to "emphasize" his point. At time: 0:18 for a second or so, his eyes point downwards to his right, as if he's contemplating on how/ what to say next. All through this you can see a furrow on his forehead indicating that he is under emotional stress.

He admits that he doesn't want to add anything more until he's spoken to China's president.

So yeah, he only knows what is known so far by the SAR crews.

So the detected oil slick. Big deal. The oceans are filthy -- all sorts of shit are floating around. Oil slick could simply mean pollution. Anyway they've got one of the best robots in existence. Specs

I don't think he is lying or hiding anything.

Anonymous said...


Position of the black box known to within some kilometres?

Since Abbott is not doing the search himself, it is amazing that he can issue such statements!

If somebody eg Angus Houston, had told him about it, Angus should be the one issuing that statement, not Abbott, tio bo?

In fact Angus Houston as a spokeman, said nothing to that effect, and even feels pessimistic!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, through the words and actions of such people, the whole thing is becoming an unfolding tragi-comedy!

Tragic for the families of their loved ones on board.

Comedy to the bystanders watching it unfold.

Arsie in Sinkapore said...

For a country that has only four known Australians on board MH370, he seems inordinately interested in the air disaster.

He also appears to have taken control of the search for MH370 as the Malaysians are slowly fading out from the picture and carrying on what they do best, politicking and making money.

Poor Abbot. Why don't he just spend more time looking after the Australian economy so that the A$ will not become a banana republic currency?

Anonymous said...

Either Abbott knows a lot more or he knows nothing but just giving hot air.
I am more inclined to believe the latter and I am not the only one.
Go ask any Australian about their PM

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tony Abbot's been busy securing free trade deals with Japan and China.

China invests gazillions in Australia. So it wants to send workers. I think it's fair and reasonable proposition.


Why the fuck should they pay outrageous amounts for local labour? Fucking Australia's minimum wage is $17per he. Nah beh. How to make Chinese-style profits like that?

As I've said before: China is going to give the world a nice lesson in free market CAPITALISM.

I love it!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Abbot's doing ok on the economy. At least he's cutting spending especially in the expensive social welfare areas. He's also negotiated Flash with China and Japan worth tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wealthy PRCs are spending $40billion snapping up real estate in Oz. We're getting terrific capital inflows. Tony Abbott at the helm.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Flash" ==> FTA free trade agreement

Eddie Leong said...

Amazing. The aircraft is much closer to Australia. And their top secret facility that can see over the horizon did not monitor this one aircraft that was flying there?

That part of the sky had no commercial routes. And silence till now.

I too think there is something not fully disclosed.

Anonymous said...

What they disclosed so far is not the real facts what they should have disclosed. Those information that they have now given are to distract.

What they should have disclosed will never be disclosed. The Australians are probably part of the evil plan and disclosing the undisclosable information will uncover their evil plans.

Something like known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, unknown unknowns and wtf. They want everyone to just keep guessing, seaching and speculating for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Black Box is of no use to the investigation. It only records 2 hours of the last data. Voice recording is more important but unless it was not deactivated in flight. I think what is important is to have closure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean.

There are two different sets of recordings. One is the cockpit voice recording, that holds two hours and is continually overridden by fresh data, so you are right.

The other is the flight data recording, not voice. This is never recorded over, the history will always be retained.

Now, back to voice recording. Even if the last two hours is blank, it still tells us something. Information of nothing is still important, useful information!

Besides, there is still possible the information of anyone sitting quietly alone in the cockpit - the sound of chair squeaking, someone humming or tapping fingers, adjusting an ipod, snore, sneeze etc. That's why when I said if there is no noise in the 2-hr audio, it still tells us something important.

Anonymous said...

Abbot knows everything he was being told and he knows nothing himself.
He was talking about FLT MH370 as he was told to. And all those talks about the aircraft sitting at the bottom of the ocean and covered by silt etc are just story telling.

Whether FLT MH370 is in the Indian Ocean or where else is secondary to its' bizzare loss. It was orchestrated and 239 live were cold bloodedly killed. The Agency that carried out the destruction of FLT MH370 is so powerful, even other sovereign states are led by the noses.
There will be great and Earth shattering consequences about FLT MH370.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Until now, no country or righteous Presidents or PMs is saying that the culprits to this barbaric act should be brought to justice, no stone unturn until they are caught.

Anonymous said...


They are now talking about who should have custody of the black box should it be found. Is custody that important? Or is this another distraction cooked up to complicate the issue, so that it will drag on for another few months, while the culprit gets rid of all the evidence and tie up the loose ends.

Unless, of course, they know that there is something recorded by the black box that will implicate the culprits and therefore cannot be revealed. So, it must be under the custody of you know who.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If the pings were indeed from the black boxes, which are several kilometers down on the ocean floor, that doesn't mean there's a plane there.

The plane could have been hijacked and captured, the blackboxes hacked off and dumped in the southern Indian ocean at a depth guranteed to pose "significant challenges" to any SAR operation. It also could be any old back box dumped there. Or maybe some gizmo hacked together that outputs "pings" which emulate blackbox signals. Who the fuck knows? Until some solid physical evidence is found, every proposition is just pure
Sooner or later they might find the blackboxes.

I'm still inclined to believe that the aircraft was commandeered either by hijackers onboard or remotely by people with "drone flying experience". To avoid radar detection, the aircraft must have been flown in a hazardous manner -- like as if in combat. Then it put down somewhere and was immediately hidden by nets or some form of satellite proof cover. Passengers and crew rounded up and held hostage. Whatever "precious cargo" purported to be onboard secured and expropriated.

The final thing to do was to sink blackboxes or decoys emulating balackboxes in very deep water -- putting out just enough signal to make the SAR teams jump, and to make prime ministers say dumb things to the world.

Until I see confirmatory evidence of MH370 crashing into the southern Indian Ocean, I'm holding on to my massive, inordinately well-planned and brilliantly executed conspiracy theory -- without offering a single shred of evidence ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


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