Roy Ngerng, I disagree that Sinkies are selfish

Roy Ngerng wrote a piece in TRE titled, ‘Time to agree we have been played out’, and has this as his leading paragraphs:

‘As our country grows richer, we become more selfish as people. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In other developed societies, as they grew richer, they learnt to care more and looked out for one another.

If I were to tell you the reason why we’ve become more selfish, would you believe me?’

No Roy, I don’t believe you. In fact I totally disagree with you that Sinkies are selfish. Not at all, and I can prove it to you. But I agree with all that you said in your subsequent paragraphs. So, let me quote some of the facts to prove how generous Sinkies are or made to be.

1. We share our little island with people from the 3rd World to the level of 50% or more of our population. It could be very much more if we fished out the number of these foreigners that are now called new citizens.

2. We spent hundreds of millions or billions over the years to offer scholarships and living allowances to thousands of 3rd World hungry students to study in our world best universities at the expense of our own children. Some parents have to sell their homes in order to get their children educated overseas so that we can be very generous and selfless to the foreign students.

3. We gave many good jobs, at least half a million jobs, to foreigners, to displace our highly educated and experience citizens. We let them have the good jobs while our PMETs drive them around as taxi drivers. How more selfless do you expect Sinkies to be?

4. We gave opportunities to train their doctors, their bankers, their IT specialists and many more, so that they can gain all the experience required to put into their CVs, and to be promoted to top management and CEOs in our country. We don’t mind depriving our own talents from such opportunities to be trained, to gain the experience so that they can take on more senior positions.

5. We gave employment agency licences, student recruitment licences, housing agent licences, insurance agent licences to the foreigners freely and happily. We do not mind if they eased out our own citizens in these industries.

6. While we have serious shortage of land and good homes for our citizens, we do not mind selling all the good homes to foreigners to live in this paradise we have built so that they can enjoy their wealth in peace and comfort.

7. When they rioted and burnt our police cars, we blamed it on our citizens for making them angry, for pushing them and yelling at them. We blamed it on our police officers for not being forceful enough to keep them under control. It is our fault.

8. We help them to integrate into our community not just be words but by spending millions on them to make them feel at home. We even help them to celebrate their festivals and turn our country to be more like theirs. How can we be called selfish?

9. We allowed foreigners to set up companies here and employed mainly foreigners with only a handful of Sinkies. And they enjoyed all the perks of being in this fine city but acting like parasites, sucking all the good things and shitting and peeing everywhere. We don’t mind. We are not selfish.

There are many other things we did selflessly to be generous to the foreigners to the disadvantage of our own citizens. Many of our citizens were even forbidden to buy public flats but the foreigners, turning new citizens, have a choice of flats served on a silver platter to them. And we will voluntarily serve two years of national service for a pittance, pledging to fight and die to protect the foreigners and their properties.

How can we be accused of being selfish? How can we be accused of being xenophobic?

Tiok boh? No matter how I look at it, I still think we are very generous, very selfless, to the point of idiocy. True or not?

PS. I think Sinkies are quietly saying to themselves, ‘Let’s move out and let the foreigners take over our paradise island.’ Let’s be generous and let them have our country.

Kopi level - Still Yellow for so many days.


Anonymous said...

I am a healthy and happy and not-so-poor retiree.

I feel very sorry for our young generations.

Once out of schools, they will be faced with very huge loans for housings, cars, credit cards, etc. etc. etc.

These huge loans are likely to take them many years to repay. Many of them may need a whole lifetime to repay.

Why do we end up this way?

Really Very Sad !

Anonymous said...

Really Very Sad !
April 10, 2014 9:12 am

Sad no use.
Like crocodile tears Lim Boon Heng, cry no use.

Vote Opposition.
This is the only way to change the country.

Anonymous said...

RB, I too feel very sorry for the young. Most oldies are generally ok except the bottom 30% but the young people may be except the top 5% are very pitiful. In any case for me, though it pains my heart, I encourage my kids to migrate and leave the island to the FT. There is no point to let the 60% oldies tying a rope around their necks.

Anonymous said...

I have engage several young people <25 and sadly most of them said their thoughts are to migrate given the opportunity. Reason is their dont hv a sense of belonging seeing so many foreigners in our midst and that our govt doesnt seem to care. If the middle age folks also hv the same thoughts we hv lost our identity. Perhaps RB can hv a poll to get a feel as i may be wrong in my assumptions.

Anonymous said...

No need to worry lah. The govt is on the right track. The PM is grooming another PM to continue on the right track.

Singaporeans and their future are in good hands. Funny that you people are feeling sad.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Why all the fuss?

Simply accept a fact of nature: EVERYONE behaves selfishly -- i.e. their own interest is at the root of all their action.

Thus, if you want to appeal to someone to "get them on your side" -- you have to appeal to their self interest. If you fight against it, you won't "close the sale".

Human nature is such. What the fuck are you complaining about? Oh right -- you have a SELFISH DESIRE to tell everyone your point of view. :-)

Anonymous said...

Knn MS, if your papa and mama were selfish and sold you to the karang guni man, you think ok huh?

Or were you oso selfish and sell your children to the karang guni? You got children or not?

Anonymous said...

Always remember this!

Love Yourself AND Be Kind To Others

Love Yourself AND Be Kind To Others

Love Yourself AND Be Kind To Others

Anonymous said...

Sinkies love yourself and be kind to the leaders.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Or were you oso selfish and sell your children to the karang guni?

Depends on the market price.


b said...

I agree. pap is very generous. we are also very generous. sg is only good as a stopover not a place to grow roots especially so when axed by msia because of LKY big mouth. the british know that. the pap know that. the aliens who come here know that too. will the people know that too? in fifty years time, there will be no one here cos everyone (including imported aliens) will go to ANZ, UK, US, Canada. The whites ruling are indeed more suitable for everyone cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, this is speedwing, just like to put in my 2 cents worth. The people of Singapore are generous in most ways when it comes to charity and help to nearby nations when disasters strike. There are many NGOs programmes running in Singapore where non-profit groups actively promote to enhance living standard in other poorer countries. This article of yours highlights the policies of the government and not the Singaporeans. These government policies are there to generate growth and pave the way for a better Singapore in the future. I think Singaporeans have to accept the fact that there should not be the "them and us" feeling, otherwise there will always be friction. Let all in Singapore who citizens or PRs be considered as one and enjoy all the trimmings that the nation can offer.

b said...


What kind of naive level are you in? I take away all your money and give you a piece of paper and tell you a piece of shit that this is better for the world?

"Albert Einstein: 'Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."'

Anonymous said...

Sorry b. Do not understand what you have written.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speedwing, you are too distance from the happenings here. What b said is simply this, we welcomed the foreigners here, treated them very well, gave them jobs, very well paying jobs.

Now they are ganging up to screw the Sinkies. They discriminated against Sinkies, sacked Sinkies and replaced them with their same kinds. Many CEOs are doing it.

This thing, if not manage well, will lead to very serious consequences. And the govt is sleeping and not doing enough. Now xenophobia is rising for the first time in Sin City.

Many of our well qualified and experienced PMETs are booted out of their jobs and replaced by foreigners with fake degrees or half past six qualifications. And some jokers in the govt are saying our highly qualified PMETs are happy being their own bosses as taxi drivers. These fools need to be kicked in their asses.

And the people are so angry that they will kick the whole lot of shit out of parliament soon.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans being cheated and discriminated by 3rd World asses they brought in out of pity and these asses are claiming that Singaporeans lacked talents and they need to bring in their talents from their 3rd World villages.