Gilbert Goh has his work cut out for him

Gilbert and his Transitioning.org blog has been the rallying point for many Singaporeans who have lost their jobs prematurely due directly or indirectly to the influx of so called foreign talents here. Many even accused their employers for deliberately and discriminately replacing them with foreigners. And Gilbert has been taking up their cases with their employers and also raising them with the MOM. So far results are less than satisfactory and with many turning a deaf ear to him and the plight of the victimized and unemployed PMETs. The loser Sinkies have no where and no one to turn to except Gilbert.

What Gilbert could do is to turn his blog into a notice board or bouncing board to highlight all the bad cases and to publicise the names of CEOs and their organisations for discrimination against Singaporeans. And for every case highlighted, make sure the MOM is also notified and keep a log on the actions and/or reply from MOM and the CEOs concerned until the case is satisfactorily settled.

Gilbert must do this seriously with a column dedicated to this cause. It Is a citizen’s initiative to protect their own interests when the politicians are too busy with their own agenda. Make this blog as the blog for employee grievances, as the place for victimized Singaporeans to pour out their sad stories until the MOM and the CEOs concerned take action or be shamed for not taking any action. This will definitely be a positive act to make sure that something is done for the victims, and the violators would not think they could get away scot free or as if their victims are hapless and have no one to turn to.

Make Transitioning.org the place for PMETs to address their pains and problems. Make it known to the whole world what is happening to the daft Sinkies in their home country.

Gilbert, you listening?


Anonymous said...

I suppork.

Anonymous said...

But is Gilbert able to take care of himself by being a smart, successful and making money PMET in his own right?

If not, how to expect him to take care of fellow daft, lost their jobs to FTs Sinkie PMETs, u tell me lah?

Blind leading the blind?


Anonymous said...

Blind leading the blind?
Anon 9:47 am

Tiok. That's why PAP, being the one eye jack, is King.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Misery loves its own company. I think people who love to bitch and gripe about how "unfair" the world was to them need to congregate -- like church, and wail and cry -- just like church. They could also anoint a "saviour" which has super magical powers to "save them" -- exactly like church.

When you are too lazy and apathetic to look after yourselves and supposedly those whom you claim to love, fuck it: just give up and find similar sad-sacks, and head to the nearest "holy place" and wallow in collective misery and shared suffering.

"The community which cries together, dies together".

C'mon, what are you waiting for? ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Common Matilah, Singapore's number One religion is Papism. And there is a shepherd leading the flock of sheep.

What more do you want? Another religion? Another anti Christ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> And there is a shepherd leading the flock of sheep.

Correction: a fluck of Sheeple. "Fluck" is like a flock, but a flock which has been fucked in the ass until the hole is so big it's become the MCE tunnel :-)

>> Another anti Christ?

No need. I'm already here :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to have a blog to paste the Wanted posters for any CEO who sold out Singaporeans and brought in his own country men to replace Singaporeans.

Make every Singaporean know who is cheating them of good jobs.

Anonymous said...

In Gilbert's blog you will read about many highly qualified Singaporeans unable to get proper jobs and ended up as taxi drivers. And there are a few hundred thousand good jobs going to foreigners.

So the problem is not having no jobs but because the CEOs and their recruiters are cheating and discriminating against Singaporeans.

They must be exposed and be blacklisted and made know the MOM. Gilbert can encourage whistle blowers to inform him and he can get helpers to find out the full stories. He can then post them in his blog.

Action time Glibert Goh.

b said...

The world is never fair to begin with. Human beings must learn to constantly ditch their rulers (even country) in order not to be easily exploited.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I agree, but that is wishful thinking. Scientific studies show that people rather remain with oppression that they can "tolerate" rather than revolt.

Revolution is a RARE case.On when things get so bad, structure begins to fall apart, private individual relationships are put in jeopardy because of differences due to politics, people have no more choices open to them so revolution is the only rational choice....then you get leaders being yanked off their thrones, murdered but not before being sexually violated first. e.g. before they killed Gaddafi, they shoved a pole up his ass. In some reports the object was described as a knife. Anyway, he was anally raped violently.

I enjoyed reading that very much :-)

Anonymous said...

It is beyond Gilbert Goh.
This need a professional person to present the case.

Anonymous said...

/// It is beyond Gilbert Goh.
This need a professional person to present the case. ///
April 14, 2014 9:24 pm

The truth stands on its own merits.

Unlike PAP propaganda.
This requires our top scholars being paid million dollar salaries to sell.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How many things need a super talent or a top rocket scientist to work out the answer? Influx of foreigners, high cost of living, CPF, shortage of hospital beds, YOG, flooding, education, jobs, little India riot.....?