SDP announcing its first candidate for the GE

Chee Soon Juan will be standing as a candidate for the SDP in the next GE. He has completely discharged his bankruptcy obligations after losing several libel suits against the PAP politicians. It has been a long time since he stood for a GE, best known or remembered when he challenged Chok Tong with the call, ‘Where is the money?’ or something like that. And that was followed by the sagas of postage fees and taxi fare claims when his professor had to take taxis to confirm that his claims were not in order. The thing that prevented him from standing in past GEs was his bankruptcy status due to his inability to pay the compensations awarded to those who brought suits against him.

Chee Soon Juan is back. Actually he never left. He was watching from the sideline or sitting at the benches, acting as manager or coaches to his team in every GE. How would the public view his return to the political fray? What were the wrongs of this man that had kept him away from political office for so long? He is no Anwar Ibrahim and less controversial in many ways. Would the voters take his past as a price he had to pay for being in politics at the wrong time when politics was vicious and ugly? I am not sure if it is less vicious and less ugly today. Only time will tell.

How would the PAP handle him this time with the old guards out of the way? Would Chee face the likes of LKY and Chok Tong again and go through the same political ordeal one more time? Or has time changed and the political climate is more stable, more mature and less vindictive and more civil? The PAP would likely put every obstacle they could find in his way to keep him out of Parliament. And they would have a lot to say about Chee Soon Juan. The only thing that matters is whether the voters would believe them or would even view them in favour of Chee.

There are many good things to talk about this man as a politician, tenacity, believing strongly in his cause and mission, offering an alternative formula to the current mantra, a no fly by night operator or fair weather politician. He would not go away after a defeat. He comes back fighting. Above all, he is a great orator and would give all the great debators in the PAP a run for their money in Parliament.

Would the people see the good things in this man to send him into Parliament? Or would they believe in the PAP narrative of Chee Soon Juan and turn away from him?

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Virgo 49 said...

Bravo, chee, please come to Tg Pagar.

Will canvass for you the votes to parliament.

Last time, people said you no good, too outspoken, quarrel and shouted at lau goh.

After they got low ah hiang. Too quiet in parliament. Now they missed you to kick some asses.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I sense another bankrupting lawsuit is about to happen.

>> Would the people see the good things in this man to send him into Parliament?

An absolutely splendid idea!

“Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us.” ~ P. J. O'Rourke author of 'Parliament Of Whores'

Anonymous said...

But is SDP under Chee Soon Juan ready to contest 100% seats?

If not, I can bet 100% that SDP will perform just as bad as in 2011, losing all seats it contested.

I mean, if a presidential material like Tan Jee Say can get only 39% votes under SDP in the last GE, what makes u think Chee Soon Juan can do better, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

But is SDP under Chee Soon Juan ready to contest 100% seats?
Anon 9:55 am

He can't even retain his party star candidates in last GE to remain as party members, so how can SDP grow stronger, let alone strong enough to contest 100% seats, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

He is no Anwar Ibrahim...

He cannot, even if he wanted to.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of "co-pilot system", a person like him should be given a chance to prove himself - the favor we have been giving his opponents for decades.

Anonymous said...

...a person like him should be given a chance...
Anon 10:45 am

60% will never give chance to a party not able to contest 100% seats, and hence most likely also not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Majority Sinkies think a coalition govt will screw Sinkies even worse than a all-PAP govt.

I think it's quite true lah.

In Chinese, they say one mountain cannot have 2 tigers. Even worse, if more than 2.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous news indeed. We will support you all the way Dr Chee, right from nomination day. I will be waving the SDP flag at the nomination centre. We want to see you in parliament, questioning questionable policies, terrorizing the MIWs with your questions. Oo hoh Hee kuar Leow !!

Anonymous said...

...terrorizing the MIWs with your questions.
Anon 11:24 am


I think instead the MIWs will "terrorize" him outside of Parliament, well before he could even get anywhere near Parliament gate!

Anonymous said...

if he can win ... limpeh chopped!

but if he cum to my grc .. i will vote for him not because i like him

BUT simply because

i hate PAPigs ...

knnccb ....


He is a fighter like JBJ. Not those condescending jerks like you know who gets elected into parliament and then fizzles out like a spent balloon or a stud who just shot his manhood out but became a limpid jellyfish thereafter.

Forget about Tg. Pagar. As long as that old man is around, he doesn't stand a chance. No way! If he really wants,just wait. All of us has to return our passports one day.

Come to the East. There is plenty of dissatisfaction here.

Or Geylang. The residents are fed up with this cesspit bowel of vice and crime of this area. Once in a while, the MP comes around, makes some noise and disappears with nothing done. Talk and wayang only. This place is world famous now but a shameful place that no descent family would venture. The coffee shops are doing roaring business. There are rumours that these coffee shops are now owned by PRCs. There is no law here. Tables are placed on public roads and areas and all the hookers of Asean are gathered here to fleece the pockets of gullible old man with CPF money in their pockets. You can say that the PRCs' coffee shops and their hookers are destroying the old men with sex and booze until the early hours of the morning.

CSJ as an MP for this area would clean up the place surely if elected and I am sure he will go down in history as the man who reclaimed Geylang from the sewerage cesspit.

He is worth every penny of the S$15k monthly unlike those who don't walk the talk.

Anonymous said...

In Mynamar, there is Aung San Suu Kyi.

In Sinkieland, there is Aung Juan Soon Chee. If not 2015/2016, then 2021/2022.

Never say never. Nelson Mandela of South Africa spent 27 years incarcerated in prison before becoming President.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> He is a fighter like JBJ.

Please lah. Lee Kuan Yew is also a figher -- a self confessed hatchet wielding and knuckle dusting thug.

Politics is a ZERO SUM GAME -- one winner. At the end of the day, the dirtier yew are, the more political suck-cess yew will achieve.

I'm a betting man. The PAP will win this election. And yew will only have yewrselves to blame... or take credit...depending on where yewr political compass points.

Like my lack of religion and spirituality, I am a political ATHEIST. I couldn't careless who gets in. But I know at the end of every election, all yew get is yet another fucking government full of assholes who want to steal yewr shit and regulate yewr life.

'Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.' ~ H. L. Mencken — aka The Sage Of Baltimore, unswerving critic of politicians, the government and the asshole public who keep voting these shitheads in and handing over all the power and authority.

Shame on yew, Sheeple!

Anonymous said...

MIW got talk in parliament meh ? Most if them diam diam just collect $16k a month lah. In terms of contribution, one Dr Chee is equivalent to 30 MIWs

Anonymous said...

Eh hello, old man carrying a walking stick still can be fighter ah ? Tolong lah. Lorry on standby already

Anonymous said...

old man carrying a walking stick still can be fighter ah ?
Anon 1:52 pm

No need to fight. He just show his face enough already. All will run away.

Anonymous said...

No wonder lah, even look like corpse face, also want to show.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I see Newton on his left, Melvin on his right

b said...

I think he must look like Daniel Henney to win the election against PAP. Just being a good orator and PHD is not enough. Sinkies are very shallow and daft as described by many current long ruling ministers.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for CSJ
as long as he does not behave like the typical PAPig politician.
Always asking Singaporeans to do national service.
Pay and pay.
But offer nothing in return.

Which fits the definition of a parasite.

Eddie Leong said...

Chee is eloquent and speaks excellent English. He can write and speak better than some current Ministers.

However he needs to temper his behaviour and stop breaking the law or lashing out and attracting law suits.

He has to be patient. If Low can get into Parliament, he can. Then he can use his talent within Parliament.

But never accuse anyone of being corrupt, dishonest. Never squat in front of the Istana. Be squeaky clean in all taxation matters, etc.

He has to exercise max. care. And then let the dissastifications among the voters carry him into Parliament.

Talk less and gain more votes.

Anonymous said...

People must not judge Chee SJ by the tarred spread on him by his enemies.

Unfortunately many people cannot differentiate between shit and truth.

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