Chong Kee Hiong - PAP introduces a high flyer

I thought after the last GE PAP will be pulling more grassroot leaders to stand in the next GE. Now we are seeing another of PAP’s elite in Chong Kee Hiong as a potential candidate. His academic records and CV are typical of the kind of quality expected of a top notch PAP candidate. This one is another minister grade candidate for sure. He came from RI, a scholar and a high performer.

The bloggers are having a bit of misgivings on the thoughts of this elite. A post in TRE quoting an interview with ST two years ago highlighted the disappointment he had when he got one academic prize instead of two at Primary 5. He scored top marks in Mathematics and Chinese but the Math’s prize was given to another student with half a mark lesser than him all because the teacher taught he had won one prize too many. ‘I didn’t argue with the teacher but I was very upset. The fact that I still remember it with such clarity shows that I am still disturbed by it…The episode went against the idea of fair play and meritocracy.’ The quotes were posted in the TRE article and claimed ST as its source.

I can understand how a Pri 5 kid felt when a prize he deservedly won was taken away from him. This Chong has all the right to be unhappy. Now, why was this reported in the ST as claimed in the TRE article? What kind of image would be projected because of this incident and how the public will view it? For the less talented masses, one thought is likely to be, share share a bit lah, why want to win so many prizes. To some elite, this is unacceptable. Meritocracy is meritocracy, it is about the best getting the best. They worked for it, they are talented and deserved it.

Somehow I got this nagging feeling that Chong or the ST was misquoted. The self centred elitist tag is not a comfortable one to wear for a person seeking political office. In politics, there are more to it than just black and white or getting what one is entitled to or deservingly so. And I am very sure this Chong is politically smart and sensitive enough not to make such a statement in public and draw unfavourable flaks.

What is happening?


Anonymous said...

What's the Big Deal?
When Li Kuo Huang(Mark Li) hosted a programme for the National Conversation with a Full Minister, a Medical Doctor, in a telecasted programme, Kuo Huang was clearly much better in presentation.
Paper or professional qualifications do not make one a better person or leader.
Only those with integrity and conscience are fit to lead. Educated rascals are still rascals and a worse menace to society.

Anonymous said...

Good grade is not necessary equals to good candidate. PAP had been doing this all along and failed miserably. Being elitist PAP never learn. Hello, a good MP is someone who cares and love the PEOPLE (not just the party). He is willing to work FOR the people and NOT just the party. Candidates recommended by PAP have not met any of these requirements. Listen PAP, we do not want scholars. We want someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

This bugger got sabo even before the race has started.

Anonymous said...

If I'm in deep shit and need a lawyer, I'll look for the best lawyer money can buy. I'll look at his track record, not how many prizes he won in primary school. Heck, I wouldn't even care which law school he went to and what grade he got. This fetish about academic results is perhaps the reason why this country is in deep shit.

Anonymous said...

What is upper most in PAP's Chong Kee Hiong's mind?

How to help Singaporeans?
How to help Chong Kee Hiong?

Going by the 50 year track record of PAP candidates ... which option is more likely?

Anonymous said...

All these PAP scholar-politicians are all the same.
They don't have any heart.

First thing they do.
Cut cost and reduce services to Singaporeans.
Even though our reserves are over flowing with Singaporeans' money.

Anonymous said...

Second thing they do.
Increase prices.


Part 1:

Rb: // I thought after the last GE PAP will be pulling more grassroot leaders to stand in the next GE. Now we are seeing another of PAP’s elite in Chong Kee Hiong as a potential candidate. His academic records and CV are typical of the kind of quality expected of a top notch PAP candidate. This one is another minister grade candidate for sure. He came from RI, a scholar and a high performer. //

Unless a group of people from the "opposite camp type" is also inducted to understand and manage an increasingly highly polarised ground, it looks unlikely much lost ground would EVER be recovered. And most likely those who are displaced, getting disillusioned and losing confidence in the system would likely far outstripped those still "hanging on the coat tails".

The latest few candidates released certainly fulfilled Rb's description in the above quoted statements to a "T".

If that is going to be the "change and improvement", all "hopes and pretence" that there is any chance of reform in the system is all but gone.

Having said that, it is equally unlikely true that those who are highly educated and scholarly type are unable to serve with a heart.

There is a saying " Birds of the same feathers flock together".

Those willing to join an entity on a seemingly inevitable descend and at the same time exude that "get out of my elite face" attitude are more likely "those desperately getting on the supposedly LAST band wagon to milk from the system as much as possible before the opportunity is gone".

In other words, they are "those who are well educated and also self serving". They do NOT necessarily encompass many who are certainly "not of such feather type".

Efforts in making a last gasp attempt to turn the tide seems reminiscent of the late stage Qing Dynasty in the late 19th and early 20th century. Somehow, they are not "pulling it off".

It is so obvious to the "outsiders' eyes".


Part 2:

Sinkies should brace themselves for some "turbulent transitory" period as inevitable change is somehow likely coming given the many imbalances on the ground. It is not a forgone conclusion who will prevail but either way a “chaotic period” may emerge before renewal sets in again like a “rebirth” or the “birth of a new born” .......

While opposition may not be a panacea to the growing malaise in the system and on the ground, it does look like offering a better chance and hope than sticking with a formula that is as old and as outdated as an old locomotive train. It may have long passed its use by date. Recent decades of auto pilot and auto cruising modes most certainly have caused much decay, disrepair and a white ants infested structure that likely would "collapse" on its own even if left UNOPPOSED.

Just like many "rotting and decaying trees infested with white termites", it is likely to look "OK" on the surface and from the outsie appearance but a strong gust of wind or a stormy night might witness these "tall trees" uprooted over night. History has proven that such same and old outcomes have been repeated over the millenniums. It is unlikely to be any different in present circumstances.

Perhaps this is how the universal laws work. No society stays strong forever if the elites began embarking on self enriching themselves. The process of "rotting from the core" starts the moment self enrichment mentality sets in and take roots. This could be how nature and the universe self renews. Usually, the old power, not unlike the Qing Dynasty and many others before it, is "helpless" to prevent "white termites eating away its structure at its core".

Many current generations sinkies have not witnessed the “turbulence” experienced by countless others in the past. Likely, either way, without or without opposing forces, the “turbulence” would come. Every generation has its own problems to contend with. The “upcoming period of great uncertainties” may be one the present generation has to face in their life times whether they like it or not or they want or not. NO CHOICE. When a society “chapchenised” so fast, what other outcome do YEW expect to emerge?

YEW tell me lar?

patriot said...

I agree with You wholeheartedly.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Give the guy a fair shot lah.

I know that Singaporeans like to complain, but this is beyond ridiculous already. The chap hasn't even begun and already he's being judged.

WTF lah Singapore?!? Do you see how fucked-up your brains are? Do you notice your AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOUR which you are totally unaware of?

Getting closer by the days, even hours, mins and seconds! said...

@ Quitter 10.26pm

// Give the guy a fair shot lah. //

YEW certainly smack of "BIRD TALK"!

How many "50 years" do sinkies have, YEW tell me lar?

On what basis/ credibility do YEW have to give advise/ views when YEW already proclaimed many times YEW dun give a damn about the truth and are confirmed bias?

Are YEW spewing and spouting all these big intestines shits through your mouths, ears and nostrils hoping it would boost your self esteem and your two tiny fast disappearing peas hopefully can reverse its terminal shrinkage?

YEW are certainly a mini mirror image of a fast declining and ideas bankrupt entity helmed by a "similar last emperor of the Qing Dynasty".

Got heard of PUYI?

b said...

If he was already so selfish when he is only pri 5, would he be less selfish now? is pap only capable of getting selfish assholes and money grabbers into the party?

"Your tear drops fade and then I saw your hands in the pocket. 'Cuz you were always made to want it all but now you got to make it on your own. This ain't your home.
So I'm showin' you the door, wave goodbye now its time for you to go"

Getting closer by the days, even hours, mins and seconds! said...

@ Quitter 10.26pm

// The chap hasn't even begun and already he's being judged. //

The last chance was already given when some body apologised in 2011.

So how many chance do YEW think sinkieland has when the sampan is sinking?

Btw, the Korean Prime Minister has just RESIGNED for the sunk ferry. How many chance do YEW think all the kids who died in the incident have?

They are talking of using heavy equipments to cut open blocked and locked cabin doors to retrieve remaining unaccounted school kids and victims in the ill-fated ferry. They are even thinking of using explosives to blow up blocked compartments to reach the presumably dead bodies.

How MUCH TIME do YEW think sinkies have when the ship is sinking?

Sinkies are NOT asking for any government help because there was none in the FIRST PLACE from DAY ONE!

Sinkies are asking "sinkieland ill-fated PUYI" not to "chip away" the last bit of wood keeping the sampan afloat, otherwise a few more chisels and "all hell might break loose" and torrential water gushing in to sink a tiny sampan in seconds, NOT even lasting mins!

// Give the guy a fair shot lah. //

Many can "see" YEW are "VERY GENEROUS AND MAGNANIMOUS" because YEW have already QUITTED and there is always a place to "retreat" true.

// WTF lah Singapore?!? Do you see how fucked-up your brains are? Do you notice your AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOUR which you are totally unaware of?//

So YEW can afford to say all these "风凉话" ( literally means "wind chilled words" ) because there is no consequence to YEW even if the ship SUNK yesterday?

Many know YEW are also a SELF-SERVING AND SELFISH BASTA-D who will NOT be on board the SHIP when it is sinking.

YEW are saying all these to continue milking the system while YEW can?

Got Better modus operandi?

This is getting STALE and TOO OBVIOUS, even for IDIOTS.

Or YEWR wit is TOO DUMB to be anything better than the current same old "rabbits" being pulled out?


3rd world people saving sinkieland? Who r u kidding? said...

Rb: // The bloggers are having a bit of misgivings on the thoughts of this elite. //

This may be an understatement.

On the ground, many are witnessing the massive imports of people from cuntries where their own system is in a BIG MESS.

Changi Business Park is a good example. If Yew care to go around that area during peak hours say lunch time, for every sinkie YEW come across, there are many times more people from a 3rd world cuntry where their cuntry is quite certainly getting worst rather than better by the day.

And then there is another group where back home, it is kind of like there is no tomorrow culture.

How on earth bringing such people and letting them having a HUGE CONTROL AND INFLUENCE going to make this sinkieland a better place for all?

Where is the logic, YEW tell me lar?

Is there a logic whereby 3rd world cuntry people would SUDDENLY be "touched" by the magic in sinkieland and BECOME OVERNIGHT progressive and constructive people?

If THEY are as SUCH, THEY WOULD have RID their own cuntries of all the ILLS PLAGUING their own cuntries? Right?

Why THEY still want come here leaving their families and loved ones behind?

To make sinkieland a BETTER PLACE so sinkies can live a BETTER LIFE?

When THEY CAN'T BETTER their own system back home in a 3rd world environment, YEW REALLY THINK they are GOING to MAKE sinkieland a BETTER PLACE for ALL?

Who is the REAL DAFT?

YEW tell me lar?


Virgo 49 said...

Bro, just one sentence:

This fucking pimp and prostitute government is sick to the core for allowing these parasites, leeches, locusts, hyenas and what
have you into the country.

Anonymous said...

Typical asshole behavior : selfish, self serving, Kiasu, kiasi from as young as Pri 5. Could have become much worst after all these years sarboing other people to climb up the corporate ladder. Please PAP, we don't need more of such arseholes ! Opposition, make sure you kick him out. We are all behind you

Anonymous said...

Old man used to brag about it but
this kind of announcement doesn't turns heads anymore. After many years we know many of these candidates intro with high credential come with little political maturity and EQ. They just look good on paper.

Anonymous said...

If PAP don't take Chong Kee Hiong, I don't know which better high flyer they can take, or willing to be taken.

If 60% SInkies don't vote PAP, I don't know which better party they can vote, or ready to be govt if voted in.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Good morning to my wonderful motherfucking detractors, BTW, fuck you and your whole families for 10 generations -- may all of yur children and their descendants have 3 eyes on each of their 2 oversized heads...

...now that I've got the good wishes out of the way, might I remind you massive cunts that no matter what you think or what lavish theories you can conjure up in your feeble brains, the fact that the really dumb sheeple get the tyrannical government they deserve not only remains clear and immutable, but is also FAIR and JUST.

If you have a system of one vote per person, and you collectively express yourself by keeping the same "gang" in-charge -- decade after decade -- then in reality you have NO GROUNDS to complain.

Matilah Singapura! It's ===>> YOUR <<=== fault!

Anonymous said...

Sinkie land is bringing in less vigorous people to replace the more vigorous people. This is the new success formula.

Anonymous said...

High flyer or not, I still will vote for any opposition. Enough is enough.