How many PAP candidates will stand down in the next GE?

In every GE PAP will take the opportunity to do some self renewable with some veterans or non performers being replaced. In the last GE 24 new candidates were introduced while 18 were retired. How many new candidates would be introduced this time and how many would be retired? Given the 87 seats to be contested, the numbers are likely to be quite similar plus or minus a couple.

Assuming the same 24/18 combinations will be used again, let’s see who would be the likely candidates to miss the party this time. The new faces are more difficult to have a few except for the inner circles in the PAP. As for the 18 to let go, can we consider that 6 had been let off during the last GE, ie one from Hougang and 5 from Aljunied GRC? If this be so, then only 12 more will be retired this time.

The obvious candidates would be LKY, Chok Tong and the three ex ministers of Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim. That would bring the numbers left to 7. Anyone got any inkling of any MP that has been perpetually absent from Parliamentary sessions? That would be a good indication that they would not be fielded and thus don’t have to make their presence felt.

Another good possibility would be the veteran MPs like Charles Chong, Teo Ho Pin, Inderjit Singh, Seng Han Tong and Arthur Fong. If these 5 are out then it would be left with 2. Maybe PAP might want to take out a few more if they have enough new candidates to fill in. I think the new faces in the last GE would probably be allowed to stay on for another term and they can be counted out from the retirement list.

This will leave a few not so old faces like Yeo Guat Kwang, Alvin Yeo, Lily Neo, Irene Ng, Ellen Lee, Jessica Tan, Denise Phua and the popular Lim Wee Kiat and Baey Yam Keng for consideration for the last few retirement slots.

What do you think? What? Vivian? Did anyone say Vivian?

Kopi Level - Green. Nearly turn Blue.


Virgo 49 said...

Prefer Lily Neo to stay on. Get this Lui lai liao out.

last time those constituents see him shouted Lui lai liao!!!

Now they cursed him Lui bin lai liao

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how many or what type of PAP MPs will stand down lah,

or what type of new PAP candidates,

unless WP or another opposition party announce they will contest 100% seats,

for sure 60% will still vote PAP because the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Because 60% will seriously think the opposition,

if being not ready but yet get voted as govt,

will screw Sinkies even worse than by the PAP.

Anonymous said...

The key to PAP being voted out is when a opposition party announce they are ready to contest 100% seats as ONE PARTY.

If there are many parties in total contesting 100%, or almost 100% seats as in 2011, for sure PAP will get 60% votes again. Or even better!

Eddie Leong said...

PAP badly needs new vibrant blood. Mediocre Ministers parachuted in under the arm-pits of old stalwarts is a farce.

If they cannot command the votes on their own, how can they command the loyalty of the Ministry they are parachuted in. Everyone knows they become multi-millionaires by the grace of the PAP.

But they have no commercial experience except what they got within the confines of the military.

Anonymous said...

Be smart, better volunteer to be retired. This is less malu than being voted out. Heard that ? Jiak Liao Bees & Zho Bo Lans better take note. Start preparing for retirement!

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, its not that the 60 per cent is afraid that the opposition will screw them worse than the PAP.

These 60 percent are the following who still thinks that PAP will still give them status quo of what they are enjoying now albeit their current lives of luxuries.

1) Those who still have to depend on the Pimp and Prostitutes for handouts. Many with perpetual never ending problems like visas for their foreign spouses has to see their Pimp & possies mps for better chances of approvals.

2) Those with passive incomes of renting their units as well as many spare units were afraid to lose incomes if the opposition comes into power.

many still had invested and mortgages not fully settled as yet. If pimp & possies loses, tiao lau liao.

3) Many unaffected still by their policies. Still gainfully employed as well as all in family still enjoying full employment. Why rock the sampan???

4) Those who had gained from their business eith the influx of these immigrants. Another five years csn own my first sentosa cove landed liao. Why vote opposition??

5) Those die hard folks given some scraps of meat and bones by the pimps and possies party will give their unending support yo them.

6) Those heavily invested in shares/stocks and properties etc afraid that their assets be below value if the prostitutes loses the elections.

7) Those rich elites, towkays who had their businesses so good wth subsides even for employees salaries as paid by tax payers monies would not want to have s change of government.

And many many mores.....


Anonymous said...

No need to vote out Pappies lah.

Just remove those that talk a lot, like DPM Teo Chee Hean, Lim Swee Say, Vivien, Yacob Ibrahim, Khaw Boon Wan, Gan Kim Yong, Josephine Teo, Amy Khor, Teo Ho Ping and most of all the PM Lee Hsien Loong. With these Folks no more, Sinkies can be assured that living will be much better.

Anonymous said...


Make a lot of noise like empty vessel and deliver nothing.

They are worse than animals in the zoo, at least some of the animals can perform very well.

patriot said...

Do not forget to remove the Others from the Military such as 'kee chiu' chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan Jin. These Folks are just as noisy.


Anonymous said...

LKY and Woodie Goh will not retire, because if they do they cannot enjoy the (un)officail perks like hosting visiting politicians, travel with government or even use the Istana as personal office.

Anonymous said...

When they say this is 'My country', they really mean it.

Anonymous said...

@ Eddie Leong
"PAP badly needs new vibrant blood."

Please lah!
PAPig blood all the same.
New blood or old blood.
They are all self serving.

How will it benefit us to vote for any new PAPig blood?

b said...

It will be best they bring in more female candidates like Amy Yip, Veronica Yip type. Sure will win one - especially those swing votes. Parliament sessions will not be so boring anymore. Who is mp does not matter cos it is still the same people controlling from behind.

Pap will use immigrants and xenophobia to their political advantage coming round.

Anonymous said...

No need opposition to form the next government lah. Just vote in more opposition and life will get better.

The issue is not whether the opposition can form the next government. The more important thing is to get more co-pilots to do the slapping, front, back, left and right. Some of the things would not have been tweaked had the opposition not won in Aljunied GRC and Punggol East.

But we want more changes, and we must get more opposition into Parliament.