Singapore students top the world in PISA

In a test conducted by Programme for International Students Assessment in 2012, Singapore students, and I repeat, Singapore students, beat the rest of the world to come up tops, not only in rote learning but also in creative thinking. Amazing isn’t it? 

After a decade of wearing the no talent tag, when they are deemed to be more stupid and useless than fake talents from the 3rd World, our students are world beaters. And those 3rd World countries where we drew our talents from were not even mentioned or appeared in the top rankings. Among those rated closer to Singapore are South Korea, Japan, Macau, HongKong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and Finland. No wonder we are seeing the rise of Asia.

These students that topped the PISA test are likely to be strait A students for their O and A level examinations. And they are likely to be admitted to local universities and will also do very well. They will also be able to find employments quite easily and will be quickly promoted to middle management in the future.

But they will not be good enough to be at top management level. They will mostly be replaced by the fake talents from the 3rd World that they beat with hands down. Then they will add to the statistics of the unemployed or underemployed PMEs. And many will end up as their own bosses, driving taxis to pick up the foreign fake talents and hoping for some tips if they are lucky. If they are unlucky they will end up as punching bags to these foreign talents for their amusements.

Some of these who refused to accept their fate will try desperately to submit their resumes to the employment agencies operated by foreigners but would be told that they lacked the skill sets and experience needed for their clients. These foreign employment agencies would prefer to recruit their talents or fake talents from the 3rd World to fill up positions in this world class city.

One caveat, this is likely to be the picture if conditions remain like what it is now. Things may change in 10 or 20 years when all the free trade agreements are signed and foreigners flooded this city looking for jobs and our world beaters would count themselves lucky if they could even find employment in the first place.

Andreas Schleicher, Special Adviser to the OECD Secretary General on Education Policy and Deputy Director for Education and Skills has this to say, ‘It shows that today’s 15 year olds in Singapore are quick learners, highly inquisitive, able to solve unstructured problems in unfamiliar contexts and highly skilled in generating new insights by observing, exploring and interacting with complex situations.’ What he meant is that our students are not blind muggers but really talented and creative. But would those asses listen to him? I bet not. The asses will still be singing praise for foreign talents and recruiting fake talents and bring them in plane loads to replace these local talents in top jobs, middle jobs and eventually all jobs except taxi drivers.

Can these bright Singapore students look forward to a great career in the future? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

If bright students want good jobs with high salaries.
They should join Opposition Parties to fix the root cause of Singaporeans' problem.

It's time to vote out the Pro Alien Party and their pro alien policies.

Anonymous said...

How can PAP get any better with Lee Hsien Loong as their best available talent?

Is anyone looking forward to Lee Hsien Loong as our future Senior Minister and then Mentor Minister?

Anonymous said...

How about Ho Ching as President ... watching over our reserves?

Anonymous said...

The top Sinkie(local born) students in PISA are not that many lah, out of the already below replacement real Sinkie population.

Who knows, maybe there are even Sinkie PRs (real talents of foreign origin) and considered as Sinkie students!

PRs are also considered Sinkie residents for statistical purposes like employment rate and PISA, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


In the law of the Sinkie jungle, only the best and fittest survive.

So any surprise if real Sinkie talents end up as taxi drivers?

Anonymous said...

no point sing song sing song about how great sinkie students are when their own bloody government won't allow them entry into local universities and won't give them jobs. shit brain foreign talents are better then number 1 in the world sinkie students according to the government thinking. shit media sing song sing song just to say that our government so good can produce number 1 students in the world. that's all. they are not praising the students. they are praising themselves, that is the government. the government don't value sinkie students at all even if sinkie student is number 1 in everything.

Anonymous said...

Rb, if u go talk to uni students, u will know that many top company internships are not even open to local students but interns are from overseas. So we are not even talking about uni graduates.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! To our students
for topping PISA.

As we strive towards a global and
cosmopolitan city, the serious
danger is the income gaps between
the high, middle and low income

Going forward, the widening of
the income gaps will be worst.

If this problem is not


Anonymous said...

Actually hor, overall, I think real Sinkies are really no good lah.

If they are good, how come there are not even enough good Sinkies to form a better alternative to PAP govt?

So like that how can u think, let alone expect PAP to think, Sinkies are good, u tell me lah?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Anonymous said...

In the law of the Sinkie jungle, only the best and fittest survive.

So any surprise if real Sinkie talents end up as taxi drivers?

April 02, 2014 8:57 am '

I say no tiok. In the Sinkie jungle only the fakes will survive.

Anonymous said...

Unemployed Singaporean commented:

I obtained a good degree from a local university. I got retrenched from a bank in a team with more foreigners than Singaporeans. No foreigners are retrenched.

Is it my shortcoming? the good or poor education I received? or PAP government has failed us?

More Singaporeans no matter what their qualification is, are going to be unemployed or later get retrenched sooner than later if PAP continues to import millions of foreigners.

The above is copied from TRE.

Anonymous said...

It is better for Singapore to be like India, unranked, but producing all the top talents to replace all the daft Sinkies in top jobs here.

Soon all the CEOs and ministers will be new citizens from India.

Anonymous said...

Not many years ago, you can be considered rich and OK if you have cash of $1,000,000.00.

Today, even with cash of $1,000,000.00, you cannot go very far, it is now considered as "peanuts".

But, I am not sure how many of us have cash of $1,000,000.00 now!

You have?

southernglory1 said...

If things get from bad to worse eventually "The Mandate of Heaven" must apply. The Pappies are using the tactics of divide and rule. Their intrigues are setting friends against friends, children against parents and vice versa, brothers and sisters against brothers and sisters and colleagues against colleagues.It will not be too soon you will see the like of civil strive as happened before between the corrupted KMT and the people's CPC. Eventually the GOOD must triumph over The EVIL.

Anonymous said...

You have?
Anon 9:36 am

I think about 60% Sinkies have. If not, they will be very unhappy and dissatisfied with PAP and will not vote PAP in the worst of times during 2011.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.49am....if that is the case, 60% of the population are "Walking Millionaires".

Good for Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Southernglory, are you quoting the bible? 'I do not come for peace but with a sword. In every household, husband will be against wife, daughter against mother, brothers against sisters....I came for division.

Veritas said...

Not only we are the highest IQ students in the whole world, we beat every single countries in intellectual competition like Maths Olympic, Physics Olympic in terms of prize per capita.

We could have produced Nobel prize laureate.

Before Kuan Yew came to power, we produced Robert Kho Seng Lim, who is the father of modern Chinese medicine.

Robert was ranked side by side, with all Chinese nobel prize laureate in USA institution and he was the first Chinese to make member of NAS.

Who in SG know Robert Kho Seng Lim? Robert is now remembered in China, and many sites are dedicated to Robert.

He is forgotten in his homeland.

When Kuan Yew start masturbating on our education system, everything is gone. What Kuan Yew do is to take all scholars, and put them into civil service, making them play politics.

Next, all intellectual jobs are given to Indians. Singaporeans no matter how good is advise to peddle food.

All post graduate positions are given to FT, and using Singaporeans stupid as excuse to keep us from studying. PAP pays all scholarship for FT while the more clever singaporeans are put into debt, then discriminated in job market.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Can these bright Singapore students look forward to a great career in the future?

Absolutely. As long as they develop entrepreneurial skills, they can be anywhere, live anywhere and work anywhere they choose. Doesn't have to be Singapore. Treat Singapore like a Hotel, and enjoy life without any boundaries :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, all you know and have been saying is to tell Sinkies to give up their homes and country and migrate elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

All those Sinkies who could migrate already migrated lah.

All those who could make money already made lah.

What remains of kpkb Sinkies are the daft, suffering and pak see buay zau (beat to death also don't run) ones lah.

Anonymous said...

What remains of kpkb Sinkies are the daft, suffering and pak see buay zau (beat to death also don't run) ones lah.
Anon 11:48 am

No wonder PAP "pak see" them.

They deserved to be "pak see".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matilah, all you know and have been saying is to tell Sinkies to give up their homes and country and migrate elsewhere.

Eh, cheebye, please don't misquote me ok.

I said "treat Singapore like a hotel" which means you still hold onto your citizenship because of the enormous benefits -- low tax, great economic freedom, awesome place to party -- so you can gallivant like lords and ladies all over the fucking world have a jolly good time lah.

I'm talking about being SMART with your life. Your one and only life -- which requires that you focus your SELF INTEREST properly.

Every young, well-educated, creative and entrepreneurial person has to ask themselves:

Is staying put in Singapore going to benefit me, or will traveling/ relocating but still maintaining my citizenship benefit ME more?

Everyone is different. Decide for yourself. I share my opinion -- not a recipe for someone else's life.

Here's the difference:

I think people have a MORAL OBLIGATION to be happy. That requires them to focus on their self interest and nothing else.

You think people should yield to their culture and cuntry. Singapore has ceased to be a cuntry long time ago lah. The culture is a rojak-type, chopping and changing to suit the times. Young people are global nomads lah --especially the bright ones. Do you think they give a shit about your outmoded, old-fashioned dinosaur ideas?

Continue in your wishful thinking lah. You're not reading the terrain well at all. You have your filters on, and it is leading you into the land of conceptual errors. ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me push your theory of pak see buay chow a little further. All systems and dynasties ended with the losers as the pak see buay chow at the lowest level, hopeless and in despair.

China was a very good example where the landlords and the rich turned parastic and fed on the pak see buay chow.

In the end the pak see buay chow cut of the heads of the landlords and the rich. In communist theory it is called Revolution.

This is an invitable cycle of life like the four seasons except that the time frame is variable. Don't push the pak see buay chow to despair.

Anonymous said...

There are not even enough "pak see buay chow" Sinkies to vote the PAP out, let alone create a Revolution.

And some more these "pak see buay chow" Sinkies dare not/will not even protest legally at Hong Lim Park, let alone create a Revolution.

No wonder RB is just RB.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

2RB 142:

Please lah. Singapore is not ancient feudal China.

The PAP govt -- try as they might to govern by Confucianism -- they had to change, because even the dumbest Sheeple told them "Fuck you and your Confucius authoritarian shit!" Wah cheebye, only 66% of the votes.

Singaporeans are educated and many of them are self-made wealthy. Do you really think they will put up with ancient Chinese (or Indian or Thai or Malay or Korean etc) feudalism and surrender themselves to self-proclaimed masters?

You have to be joking. This is present day Asia. Try and touch people's money, and see what happens to you :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese people were the most docile and timid people throughout the ages. They could endure hardship, abject poverty, famine etc etc for centuries without rebelling. They endured many bad emperors throughout the different dynasties.

They finally revolt and slaughtered all the landlords and gentry. A revolution does not take place overnight or because someone said it would happen. Definitely not RB: ) There are many forces that must come together.

We are unlikely to see a revolution in those nature. But throwing out a misfit govt should not be that difficult and far fetch, totally democratic.

b said...

'Who in SG know Robert Kho Seng Lim?'

- Under PAP system, any smart ass will eventually become dumb ass. Robert Kho or even PAP founder LKY were not created under PAP system. They were created under the british system. PAP system, at its best, created someone like the meesiam mai hum LHL which in layman term is really not up to standard. PAP system fails the country, the people and mother earth.

b said...

'They finally revolt and slaughtered all the landlords and gentry'

- They did not just slaughtered the landlords and gentry. They also prosecuted a lot of innocent chinese people aka own people. Resorting to violence is never going to solve any problem.

- If our ancestors have not risked their lives to come to this small island, we will not have singapore. Human race have undergone a few great migrations to seek better living and survival, it is just something that should happen from time to time.

The said...

1. Singapore
2. Korea
3. Japan
4. Macau
5. Hong Kong
6. Shanghai
7. Taipei
8. Canada
9. Australia
10 Finland

Note that the top 7 in the world are all from chopsticks wielding countries/economies.

Anonymous said...

April 02, 2014 4:25 pm>>

Some rulers are good in fixing the people thru tests, tests, tests, some thru sports, sports, sports, some thru sex, sex, sex, some thru religion, religion, religion, some thru war, war, war.

Anonymous said...

Singapore students may top the PISA rankings.
But how many of them know that their parents do not own the HDB flats they live in?

So like this is smart or not?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Of what use is being top in PISA rankings when at the end of the day, the only suitable and available jobs left for them is at 'pizza hut' making pizzas or working at checkout counters at NTUC among others?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


One could also make the case that the top 7 have significant numbers of pig eaters in their populations.

..and now a word from a son of my adopted home town, the wonderfully talented Tim Minchin: Peace Anthem

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
Singapore students may top the PISA rankings.
But how many of them know that their parents do not own the HDB flats they live in?

So like this is smart or not?
You tell me lah! ///

Yes, I tell you - you not smart.

I know there are some who have been going around saying that just because HDB flats come with a 99 year lease, therefore they do not own the flats. This is the same as saying if you own a 99-year high-end condo, you do not own the condo. Or that 99-year leasehold $25 million bungalow on Sentosa is not really yours.

Many countries also have leasehold properties, 30 years, 50 years, 70 years, 99 years or 999 years. Are you saying people who buy leasehold properties don't own the properties? Only those who buy freehold properties are owners?

Is 99 leasehold the same as renting? Obviously not. Can you sell your HDB flat (after the requisite period of occupation)? Yes. Can you sell the flat which you rented? No.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
One could also make the case that the top 7 have significant numbers of pig eaters in their populations. ///

Yes, but almost three-quarters of the world have significant numbers of pig eaters in their population.

You could make the case that the top 7 use the Chinese script. Japan has its Kanji and Korea has its Hanja. Maybe the use of ideograms/pictograms improves the spatial recognition ability?

simple said...

Typically when Singapore is given accolades in a survey, the G will embrace them as gospel truth without question. But when SIN is rated poorly like being the costliest place to live in on earth, the G will disagree and dispute the basis of rating.

The Pisa test seems to be structured like a computer/virtual game which suits the mindset of our local school kids, including the less learned ones, who are very much fed on computer games. This could account for their top performance in the PISA test. But put them in real life situations in the real world when they grow up, and they become second fiddle to FTs. That's why SIN lacks inventors, innovators, discoverers etc.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Maybe the use of ideograms/pictograms improves the spatial recognition ability?

Nah. I think the Asian kids just work harder, and are more motivated to succeed. I'm an adherent of "Occam's Razor: The explanation which makes the least assumptions is closest to the truth".

The schools are having exams now. Went through my 15 yr old's science and maths book, and had a look at the sample exam paper. There is very little doubt in my mind that even average students from the top PISA cuntrees would ACE the Aussie exam. Slam dunk game over, bitchez!

b said...

asians are so manipulated by the rich elite class. they are so focus on scoring for good grades that they do not have the time, space and energy to think about real issues that affect their future. only the first few years of a child life is happy. after that, they are controlled by school results, university debts, housing debts, car debts up until their fruitful years are over.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes, the debt thing is a "new" thing to Asian culture in general.

Our grand parents would be horrified if they saw the debt levels of today's average working-middle-class Asian. In their time and before, the cultural acceptance was to save money, don't waste, definitely no frivolity, repair broken things instead of throwing them out...and never, never ever borrow money to spend.

In fact, in those days the borrowers were usually businesses and business owners. The average working Joe and family would rarely borrow any money, especially from a lending institution.

When you eventually reach the stage where you have money, stay humble. Help out family first. Spend on education. Secure the family's future.

Nowadays -- fuck all that old-fashioned traditional Asian bullshit. You want it? You can have it NOW! Just use your new superpower: Financial Magic. So if you don't have, rush out now and get: line of credit, equity loan, 2nd mortgage, personal loan, overdraft, several credit cards with maximum limit, store charge accounts, borrow against insurance...and on and on.

Indebtedness is the death knell of traditional the WISEST Asian values and tradition: hard work, thrift, and a debt-free life.

Anonymous said...

Does eating canned ham made from swine also not be classified as 'pig eaters' too?

I am sure the Canadians, Australians and Fins eat lots of ham made from swine.