Independence Day – A political interpretation

The objections to the Pinoys celebrating their Independence Day in a public area like Orchard Road have drawn out sympathetic responses from some Sinkies. Even the ST did not miss the negativity of the outcry and came out with an editorial calling for a curb on anti foreign rantings. Many Sinkies are still adamant that such a celebration should not be held in the streets of our city but in private or within the compound of an embassy.

An Independence Day is a political statement of a nation of people breaking free from the oppression of colonialism or an external power. Every country is proud of their Independence Day, and the Pinoys are no exception. Should we allow or support such a celebration in Orchard Road? We have many very open minded Sinkies who would not mind and may even ask what is the fuzz all about. And they would look at it unkindly to Sinkies who tried to make a big issue out of it and calling them narrow minded and old fashion backward patriots, out of touch with the reality of a new globalise world.

Are there any merits to those who objected to such a public celebration by a tribe of foreigners in the heart of our global city? Put it in another way, how would we view it if the Malaysians would to celebrate their Independence Day at the Padang and with speakers standing at the steps of City Hall shouting, ‘Merdeka, Merdeka!’ How would the Sinkies feel if the PRC Chinese or the India Indians would to do the same?

Or how would the Malaysians or our neighbouring countries feel if Sinkies would to celebrate our National Day in the heart of their cities and shouting ‘Merdeka, Merdeka?’ Politically speaking there is some sensitivity involved and some subtlety in the meaning of celebrating an Independence Day in a foreign country. Are they implying that they are now independence from us, the City that hosts them, that they could do anything they want here as free and independent residents?  Of course they don’t mean it.

What is the political message? Today we allowed the Pinoys to celebrate their Independence Day openly, would we also allow the other tribes to celebrate their Independence Day here as well? Are we being too uptight? Or should we be the generous host, the global citizens, opened minded, sophisticated anything goes as long as it is fun, and let everyone have a good time, to celebrate their Independence Day in our streets?

What do you think?

PS. Yesterday my pageview hit a new record of more than 12,200 in a single day. But somehow it did not translate to more kopi.


Anonymous said...

Do the Filipinos need a police permit to assemble in Ngee Ann City to celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore?

Do Singaporeans need a police permit to assemble in Ngee Ann City to celebrate our Independence Day in Singapore ... our country?

Anonymous said...

"Or should we be the generous host, the global citizens, opened minded, sophisticated anything goes as long as it is fun, and let everyone have a good time, to celebrate their Independence Day in our streets?"

RB, it is best that we leave that to the PAP govt to decide.

If PAP govt say can, then can lor.

After all, PAP has the mandate of majority Sinkies to decide what PAP think is best for Sinkies, tio bo?

Because What's the Point(WP) if u or I say cannot but PAP say can, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

@ April 19, 2014 11:37 am
"Do Singaporeans need a police permit to assemble in Ngee Ann City to celebrate our Independence Day in Singapore ... our country?"

How about Hougang?
Can Singaporeans gather at Hougang to celebrate our alternative Independence Day without a police permit?
On 9th August 2014.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You are forgetting one thing: the number of Pinoys in Singapore is significant.

The number of Singaporeans in Aust is also significant. Singaporeans celebrate Singapore Day almost every year, no problems. Singapore day is celebrated by overseas Singaporeans in London, the US etc. and everyone has a great time.

I also have another pet theory that overseas Singaporeans are a lot "cooler" and more "in touch" than the locals who are mainly complaining serfs and grouchy blowhards.

Anyway, how the locals are behaving is UTTERLY DISGUSTING.

I extend my hand and a warm heart to the Phillippinos working and living in Singapore. Please continue to do what you do. I appreciate it, and so do many of my non-xenophobic cuntree people.

I enjoy your singing. I also enjoy the company of your women -- preferably naked. Don't go. Please stay, and please enjoy your Independence Day.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, last time even waiting for results at the Lavender / jalan besar junction opposite petain road food centre, the supporters of WP were asked to disperse even waiting peacefully

want to assemble and places, fat hope. Only for the pinoys.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please lah, the pinoys are not political here, WP is. PAP HATE political competition ;-) ...or haven't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday my pageview hit a new record of more than 12,200 in a single day. But somehow it did not translate to more kopi."


Just like the votes for the opposition lah.

Got 40% votes but this did not translate into more than 7% of seats won!

Anonymous said...

The number of pinoys in Singapore is significant.


Anonymous said...

mstechnelAng Mo Kio park is a bigger and better place for them to celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Why not President Tony Tan invite the Filipinos to celebrate at the Istana.
Can even wheelchair out LKY to wave hello.
Show the Pinoys some real PAP style hospitality.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe allow the Filipinos to celebrate at PAP headquarters.
Give out free food and drinks.
But remember to use only PAP money hor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> So? <

So it is reasonable to assume they will occasionally come together and celebrate something from their culture.

The way the loud mob of xenophobic Singaporeans are carrying on paints them as apart from being just mean old cunts, that they are not using their brain to even notice an obvious thing.

But in all of this, I still uphold the right of ANYONE to speak their mind, even if their speech is cruel, hurtful and bigoted. If you are going to be racist -- please go for it, I want to know clearly what your neuroses are, so I can avoid you :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I agree with those anons: The PAP should show its LEGENDARY big-heartedness and help the Pinoy's celebrate.

C'mon PAP, dun just talk big, show what a generous bunch of people you are. Lead by example. ;-)

b said...

The ruling party promoted racism/xenphobia. They are the ones that introduce race quotas, classify the people by race, muslims have special treaments, ban enclaves etc. The people who are just following the ruling party example. If the pinoys do not like that, they can pack their bags, go home and build up their country. Why come here to inconvenience us and not help to build up their own country?

Anonymous said...

I agreed. Let the Pinoys celebrate their Independence day on our street.

Come August 31st let the Malaysian also celebrate the same way. There are also significant Malaysians in Singapore. If insufficient you know Mahathir can send a few bus loads quietly as visitors on that day to make the number and show our minority group how they should celebrate Hari Merdeka.

That would be fun to see.

Don't forget the Indonesian they probably like to have the same thing. Remember just yesterday we had so much commotion just over the naming of a ship.

Anonymous said...

If their own country is so good, they do not need to come here to work for low wages, use fake degrees and cvs, cheat, employ their own people. What is there to celebrate when their own gov treat them like shit, shipping them everywhere to suffer? They are better off being colonised. Remember Haiyan? Did their gov do anything to reduce the number of casulties? ZERO. They just want to let their people die and seek money from aid organisations.

Virgo 49 said...

Pinoy not political??

In Hong Kong, they demanded to be given citizenship and even go to Court to pursue them

Anonymous said...

"What is there to celebrate..."
Anon 3:29 pm

That's why all the more Sinkies should just let them celebrate lah.

Sinkies got more important things to take care and concern about, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If Sinkieland is getting overcrowded and Sinkies are being squeezed and squeezed out by foreigners, PM Lee should not be appalled that some Sinkie actions, according to him, are a "disgrace to Singapore."

PM Lee should consider himself lucky that despite all these, Sinkies are still not yet ready to replace PAP as govt and himself as PM.

Anonymous said...

I think PAP should set a good example and invite the Filipinos to celebrate at PAP Headquarters.

PM Lee
- Don't forget to apply for police permit for the assembly of Filipinos.
Otherwise you get hammered by WP.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ya lor!
I think PAP should set a good example of their pro alien policies by inviting the Filipinos to celebrate at the PAP Headquarters.

Anonymous said...

I do not see why the Pinnoys cannot celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore. It is a free country and if there is no harm done to the public, why not. The Singaporeans who bitch about this issue are just bigots and uneducated. Please be a little more accommodating and kind. Stop you bigotry and have a life. Singaporeans are such a pathetic lot. Want to be 1st world, then behave like one.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Stupid mother fucker posting nonsense each day wasting people time.

Yup. Knowing that you have limited time on this earth, which means someday going to die, and that you've wasted your limited time reading my rubbish, makes me fucking happy. :-)

virgo49 said...

This idiot must be a gian pnng foreign trash who allows his/her country for others to plant their. NATIONAL. FLAGS ON THEIR SOIL.


Anonymous said...

/// I do not see why the Pinnoys cannot celebrate their Independence Day in Singapore. It is a free country and if there is no harm done to the public, why not. ///
April 20, 2014 1:58 am

I happen to agree with this PAPig.

My question is why Filipino can freely assemble in large numbers without a police permit?

Why Singaporeans cannot freely assemble in large numbers without a police permit?

Anonymous said...

Why not PM Lee and PAP set a good example.
Don't just talk ... show us how to welcome the FTs.

Why not let the Filipinos celebrate at your PAP headquarters building?

Just remember to apply for police permit hor.
I would not want to see you PAPigs get arrested for illegal assembly.

Anonymous said...

Let the Pinoys have their independence day celebration but why chose a site that inconvenience other races at crowded Orchard Road.

If the PAP govt ministers agreed that you could, why not chose the Waterfront Platform at Singapore River. You have space for everything even a guard of honour but don't forget to invite a PAP minister as Guest Of Honour. They love the PR gimmick and to show off the surrounding sites to future Pinoy's tourists.


C'mon lah, Sinkians.

Give the Pinoys a break from the monotony of domestic work, nursing work, acting as Dr.Quacks in our hospitals, bank executives, customer service officers, etc.

Join in the celebration!

Give them a permit for a gathering of 180,000 for the whole stretch of Orchard Road! Have ambulances and doctors to attend to those that need medical help! Also get our schools' uniformed groups to provide voluntary services as guides and ushers! Have Mediacorpse record the whole historically important annual event. Invite the foreign press corps to cover the occasion.
Get public donations to buy goodie bags for 180,000 attendees. And lastly, have one of our high profile politician grace the occasion.

Now, that's how we Sinkians should show our hospitality.

All this bigotry and xenophobia no good lah!

The world has become a golden age of globalization, free trade and open immigration floodgates.

Your children might one day enjoy a good career as a butler in the Philippines.

Huat ah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is good for the economy.

Anonymous said...

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The worst is the singapore government give theselves million of salary. Even a low position sg minister has higher pay than Obama. While most ordinary local has their pay stagnant for long time.

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Anonymous said...

The police knows that some Singaporeans are very angry with the Independence day celeb in Ngee Ann City. Can anyone guarantee that no untowards incidents will happen on that day? A cycling event in East Coast Park can result in riots or mob behaviour.

This celeb is going to be touch and go. So who is going to approve this event and carry the responsibility?

Anonymous said...

@April 20, 2014 7:51 pm

knn ..... not a problem









i, knnccb will definitely not be seen there

hsien loong ... limpeh say KNNBCCB to you

Anonymous said...

Many foreign governments allow people real freedom of speech but does our PAP Govt even allow more than 1 citizen to gather without getting a police permit ?

So if our PAP Govt wants to be so liberal towards Pinoys in our own country, can LHL & his bunch of PAP MPs at least please treat Singaporeans with more dignity first ? Why be so hypocrite to even ask compare how Singaporeans want to be treated likewise in a foreign country ?

Anonymous said...

Our PAP Govt wouldn't even be gracious enough to allow the opposition ward to hold a trade fair in our own country even though we are talking about Singaporeans here.

And yet LHL & his yes-men Minister says we should be gracious enough to allow Pinoys to politically celebrate their Independence Day right in our City Centre but yet wouldn't even allow our own socio-political groups to rent some meeting hall to hold public seminars ?

Is he even betraying the trust of our own people ?