The things I would like the PAP MPs to raise in Parliament

There are many national issues that the people are unhappy about.  And these are not play play things like no water festivals or no tickets to watch the National Day Parade. They are very serious matters that affect their lives and livelihood. But these matters are somehow only raised by the opposition MPs. PAP MPs may disagree and want to tell me they have raised them too. I choose to disagree.

Perhaps the PAP MPs may want to prove me wrong by raising more issues that the people are unhappy about like 6.9m population, jobs for the unemployed or underemployed PMEs, discrimination by foreigners, including CEOs for recruiting their own kind and sacking Singaporeans in the process, scholarships/university places for foreigners, CPF withdrawal age, high COEs and unaffordable car ownership, housing for Sinkies that are banned from buying public flats, foreigners taking control of banking and finance industry, our universities being dominated and controlled by foreigners, etc etc.

There is only one reason why PAP MPs would not raise such questions. They do not see them as problems and are fully in support of govt policies in these matters. They believe the govt policies are right, on the right track. True?

If that be the case, let’s hope that when they left office, they would not stand up to say, actually they don’t agree. It would not reflect very well on them if they do so. It would by hypocritical. Now is the time for them to stand up for the people if they think the policies are not good for the people. It is now when they can do something, to say something, and not after they have left office and no longer consequential.

Funny, didn’t the people elected them to say things for them? Didn’t they say that if elected they would speak out for the people? There are many questions going to be raised in Parliament next week. Just watch what were being raised and are there anything that really mattered to the core interests of the people.

Kopi level Red yesterday.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, one MP just simply said that the Malaysian Government is slow and incompetent in handling the MH370 issue.

Within days, he got to retract his statement and before that the PAP said that this is his personal opinion.

So How ah??? You must not said something that irritates the LEEadership.

You do not toe the line, we will harangue you.

So how to raise matters for the PEOPLE in the Parliament when these policies are set by their Leaders???

The TOP do not want to reform, the est of the Ministers or MPs not use bring up in Parliament one!!

So only alternatives, VOTE THE OPPOSITION MPS.

Better still become RULING PARTY MPs

Anonymous said...

Most feel cruise control is safer. Talk is cheap. Act is expensive. To speak or not to speak thats the question. Most politicians change over time regardless of party.

Anonymous said...

"Didn’t they say that if elected they would speak out for the people?"

Aiya RB, it is a matter of perception lah, of PAP MPs and Sinkies.

For instance PAP MPs may think that 6.9 million population is good for Sinkies what, whereas Sinkies do not think so.

So what is there to speak up if PAP MPs thought there is nothign wrong and is already good for Sinkies, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


PAP MPs and Sinkies may see and think many things differently.

But there is one very important thing majority(aka 60%)Sinkies and PAP MPs see and think the same.

Guess what?

Majority Sinkies and PAP MPs think PAP deserved to be voted in a GE.

Very important, tio bo?


Anonymous said...

This is a great Singapore mystery.
PAP claims they have achieved so many clever things.
Spends billions on defence to be all powerful.
Even have grand plans for succession.

And yet feel so fragile and vulnerable that even an assembly of ONE Singaporean protesting against PAP policies.
This is subject to immediate arrest by an otherwise absent police force that is nowhere to be seen when elderly Singaporean taxi drivers get beaten up by ang mohs.

How can this be?

Anonymous said...

"And yet feel so fragile and vulnerable that even an assembly of ONE Singaporean protesting against PAP policies."
Anon 11:23 am

They have to feel fragile and do something even if only one Sinkie protesting lah.

If not ah, wait the strongest opposition party become ready to be govt then how?

Sure mati(die) what, tio bo?

So need to feel fragile or not, u tell me lah? Where got mystery?

Anonymous said...


Just one Sinkie protesting illegally on the street, I think, is enough to be a spark to light the powder keg of great Sinkie unhappiness.

I mean to vote PAP out lah, not rioting on the streets.

So that's why PAP never play play even with just one Sinkie protesting, u know.

Anonymous said...

RB, did not the opposition MPs raised the things that you would like the PAP MPs to raise in Parliament? In the end any issue raised by the opposition is 100% certain to tbe shot down by the 'PAP symphony ochestra' even before the first note is played. Like the 6.9 million population issues?

RB, did not the PAP MPs want the opposition MPs to raise the things that they 'DO NOT WANT' to raise 'themselves' in Parliament, and in the end even accused the opposition MPs of not making a stand on important issues in Parliament, like the 6.9 million population?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

That is why RB wants the PAP MPs to raise and they will not be shot down. Tiok boh?

Anonymous said...

The only way to help save the PAP is to vote in the Opposition.
It will motivate PAP to reflect.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen those toy dogs with nodding heads? Well if you have not, then watch the televised programmes of the Singapore parliament in session.

Anonymous said...

Is this true?
If you want anything of merit and consequence to be raised in parliament;
It will only come from Opposition MPs.

In your heart, you know the answer to this question.

Anonymous said...

The ministers and MPs must be very busy with their pet projects to make the people happy, like what goodies to give to new babies.

These are more important than influx of FTs, job losses, high cost of living.... For these unimportant things, maybe the people can give their feedbacks to Natcon or Reach for considerations.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah redbean, the way you are carrying on you might as well stand up in parliament and ask the govt why people are not getting free food and free sexual gratification from the govt.

Let me try to address the issues one by one, to demonstrate that they are all non-issues:

1. 6.9 population: Please lah, 6.9 is a LOW number. Singapore can go 9 million or more

2. Jobs: if your boss thinks you are worth it, you get the job. Simple principle really, it is thousands of years old.

3. Discrimination by foreigners, fairies and ghosts: please lah, grow up to achieve 'adulthood'. No one can be forced to like you or do you favours. No one is obliged to you.

4. CEOs: They can do what the fuck they want. They only have to answer to shareholders and to the board. They are not required to even acknowledge your existence, let alone answer your questions.

5. University places for foreigners: this is building "goodwill". The US does it so does UK, Canada and Aust/ NZealand.

6. CPF withdrawal: It wasn't your money to begin with. CPF is a tax, the purpose of which is to fund an on-going legal pyramid scheme, which in turn fuels a political machine. When the fuck are you going to accept that?

7. High COE: That's because people are prepared to bid. No money? Then don't bid lah. Why bitch about something just because you can't afford it?

8. Banking and Fnance: please lah, the main control is still Singaporean. They employ Indians because -- and I quote a famous senior local banking "personality", hwo happens to be Chinese : "Indians are good and cheap and work hard". Why you getting angry? This is a SINGAPOREAN who makes this claim.

9. Universities are not being "controlled" by foreigners. They employ lots of foreigners, but the control is still very much their own boards and the MoE

Anonymous said...

$10m is cheap? Where are you from? Heaven?