Be proud to be in the Internet Brigade (IB)

The temperature in cyberspace has been rising recently with the presence of more IB participants and activities. And this is likely to go on and increase in tempo as we approach the GE. What is unusual is that the IBs are pretty shy people, all hiding behind anonymity when they crashed through the blogs to attack their victims.

There are many reasons for the critics of govt policies to remain anonymous. Everyone knows the reasons and they are forgiven for wanting to remain in the dark. What about the IB? While the critics are likely to be of the same genre as those characters in the Water Margin classic, and fearing persecution, there is no such fear among the IBs. In fact they should be very proud to be associated with the ruling party, the govt, and doing the right thing, working for the good of the people. They should be like PAP members, wearing the PAP badge prominently on their chests, stand up and be recognised. Walk with heads held high in pride, not in shame.

Why is there a need to be anonymous, acting like cloak and dagger stuff? Are they not proud of what they are doing? Or are they doing something slimy, cannot see the light, something that they are ashamed of, too embarrassing and demeaning if found out by their parents or spouses or children, for being members of the IBs?

Cannot be right? They are on the right side, on the govt’s side, and they should be very proud of their deeds and who they are working for. The govt is not the gangster or the devil that it is a shame to be seen with. The govt is on the bright side, the critics are on the dark side.

The critics have all the good reasons to put on a veil. The IBs must have all the good reasons to stand on the rostrum to tell the world who they are, right? No, they are not doing the right thing? They are devious, sinister, vile, despicable, and that is why they fear being recognised and are ashamed of what they are doing? How can?

I would like to address this same question to the IBs and their patrons. Is it so shameful and disgusting to be IBs that it is necessary to hide under the veil of darkness? There are fears of the darkside, not the side of light. Be proud of what you are doing and what you are fighting and defending. No need to be shy, no need to be ashamed, no need to be ‘pai seh’. You may be given a National Day Award for a job well done. Transparency? What is that? Cheng hu is always good and tiok mah.

PS. By hiding behind anonymity, are the IBs admitting that what they are doing is wrong, unacceptable, unethical and dishonourable?

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Virgo 49 said...

The PAP supporters/voters are just like the naive South Korean high school students who like sheep obeyed their masters/bureaucracy blindly.

While we share the sorrows of the parents/guardians of the children who had yet into the open university of human evil ways and deed, these PAP supporters are already the hardened species.

That's why they have to be discreet in their ways or be cursed of three generations of their deeds.

Anonymous said...

In order to understand the Internet Brigade.
In order to understand PAP and PAP's ideology.

We must study Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Hitler's Youth (S'pore NCC?)

Hitler's Propaganda Minister is Goebbels.
Is PAP's Propaganda Minister CCS?


Is there a similarity between PAP's logo and the logo of the British Union of Fascist?


Anonymous said...

"By hiding behind anonymity, are the IBs admitting that what they are doing is wrong, unacceptable, unethical and dishonourable?"

Nothing wrong. Just that it is not good and also serve no purpose to reveal identity.

Nothing wrong also with RB attacking PAP govt on his blog. Just that he thinks it is not good and also serve no purpose joining the opposition and contesting PAP in election to do so.

Tio bo, RB?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> By hiding behind anonymity, are the IBs admitting that what they are doing is wrong, unacceptable, unethical and dishonourable?

Not at all. The content of their argument is more important than who they are. Afterall, when you vote, you do so ANONYMOUSLY -- numbered ballot notwithstanding. hahahah.

A government needs to be scrutinised and criticised. This is HEALTHY REPUBLICANISM at play. It is free market of ideas, and this is very important for ACTIVE CITIZENRY.

At the end of the day, The Sheeple are in-charge. The elected govt. is a reflection of their beliefs and CULTURE expressed collectively in the polity, and the sheeple always get the government they deserve.

The biggest mistake the govt can do is to try to censor political expression. The Singapore govt has got to learn and accept that "govt by the people, for the people" is messy, loud, chaotic, occasionally violent but it does, at the end of the day deliver the govt which is BEST SUITED to the CULTURE of the people.

This is why some cuntrees suck, and others suck-seed. It is because of the sheeple and their culture.

Singapore has a robust and lively IB. Nearly every cunt in this cuntree has 24/7 connection to the internet. And you can thank the govt for that: their InfoComm policies are amongst the best in the world. The govt you deserve has empowered you to keep an eye on them.

How awesome is that?

Anonymous said...

I see IBs as brainless PAP boss carriers without a soul. Shouldn't they be ashamed of themselves ? Later on in life when they realized they have been screwed left right and centre by the party they supported, when they start losing their jobs to foreigners & find life in Sinkieland a struggle, they will be kicking themselves. Really a bunch of idiots still in dreamland

b said...

Since ancient time, the law is created to protect the rich and powerful not the weak. If the justice system is perceived as corrupted, there is more reason for the general public to hide their identities. Unless the gov improved the justice system and transparecy, the general public will continue to stay anonymous. It is a cause and effect relationship.

b said...

"the sheeple always get the government they deserve."

- wrong. the sheeple always get the government that controlled the votes, media, propaganda etc.

superpkcs said...

In the cyberworld anyone that oppose the writer is the IB or troll. So who is IB to whom...
It all depends.

Anonymous said...

Internet anonymity is like wearing a condom.

I'm just protecting myself when I'm screwing with prostitutes (pappies, PAP IBs).

Granted, it may not be 100% safe, but I know better than to do it raw.

The PAP IBs are frustrated and like to use shaming tactics regarding online anonymity (you don't use your real name = you have zero credibility).

Anonymity has no bearing on credibility. In fact, I have seen the most insightful anonymous comments.

On the other hand, comments dripping with lies, flattery and deceit tend to stick with those who use their real names (hint: the folks who have their letters published on the ST forum regularly)

No, what those PAP IBs want is to goad you into revealing your identity, then they can plot to mess with you through various means.

I sincerely hope no one, especially those young friends of ours, take the bait.

Lastly, those of you who are active on Facebook and social media had better be careful. It seems that Yaacob Ibrahim is hell bent on crushing cyber dissent. That anti-harassment bill is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

@superpkcs April 19, 2014 7:28 pm

Only the PAP has IBs: people who are paid to constantly troll forums, post pro-PAP propaganda and spread disinformation online.

They have the budget, they have 'online engagement' 'task force groups', and they are also highly predictable in their behavior.

They are paid shills. The key word is PAID. Some tech companies do the same thing to discredit rivals' products on some tech review sites.

Here are some PAP IB sites:


There are more out there.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> They are paid shills. The key word is PAID.

I disagree. I don't think all PAP fans (and, yes they do have alot) are all PAID shills. However, I do agree that the presence of paid shills is definitely probable.

Politics is the world's oldest dirty game, and the world's second oldest profession. It is the game where the ends justify any means protagonists and antagonists care to use -- including, but not limited to murder, kidnapping, blackmail, elaborate conspiracies, and any kind of reprehensible behaviour established and yet-to-be-invented by the human mind.

Carlin -- the public sucks, it's their fault. Don't vote, masturbate instead