Piling on the accolades for Sinkies

The Sinkies are earning more medals or titles for themselves. An event like the Pinoy Independence Day has heaped on several more titles or tags onto them. Other than the infamous daft and xenophobic titles, the new tags for the Sinkies are disgraceful, bigots and embarrassment.

This will bring the tally to 5. I may have missed out on a few more. While the Sinkies are earning new titles, at the same time many old titles were lost or forgotten. No longer were tags like hardworking, disciplined, well trained, knowledgeable, honest, etc etc be associated with the Sinkies. Oh, now I remember another new medal, lazy, to make it 6. This is a strange tag pinned on a very vigorous people, yes, vigorous, is no longer a virtue of Sinkies. Sinkies are simply lazy, and choosy for jobs.

But when I asked the PMEs, many said they are not choosy at all. They would do any job even with a huge pay cut. And come to the worse they would become taxi drivers, picking up ladies of the nights and drunkards and smelly and unruly passengers as part and parcel of their job. For this they can’t be choosy I am sure.

As for the tag of laziness, I think this only applies after their formal education as many of them are straight A students, so cannot be lazy right? Or unless they bought their papers from the street vendors. I have not walked the streets, can anyone tell me if Sin City has started to indulge in this lucrative trade as well?

Other than these two tags, I think the rest must be true. So welcome to this global city of daft, xenophobic, disgraceful, and embarrassing bigots, and very lazy Sinkies.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The tag of "lazy" when applied to Singaporeans doesn't necessarily mean that they are lazy workers in the physical sense, although it can.

IMO, Singaporeans are LAZY THINKERS, and have LAZY aka "I dun give a fuck" attitudes.

I have plenty of personal, probably inaccurate, anecdotal evidence to back this up. Yew go out and find your own experiences to agree or disagree with me.

Personally I find that Filipinos are EXCELLENT at customer service. Singaporeans OTOH suck dead dogs dicks when it comes to doing something to help someone, especially when it it their job.

In the IT industry, I like the Indians. They will stay back and do the work, and they are terrific at writing code. Your average Singaporean can't wait to get-the-fuck-out at 5 or 5.30 sharp -- he doesn't give a flying shit about you, the boss and the deadlines from demanding clients.

So yeah. Lazy attitude, coupled with the entitlement trope of "the world, the govt and Lee Kuan Yew owes me a living" is the indelible stain of shame on the "hard drivin' and hard strivin'"Singapore work ethic once admired by the world.

Anonymous said...

MS, stop spewing your govt line of thinking that the Sinkies think the govt owes them a living. It is the other way, the govt thinks the people owe them a living, and a very expensive entitlement pay package.

You think you can keep repeating this shit like the govt and the daft Sinkies will believe it is so?

There is no entitlement mentality in the Sinkies. They worked for every cent they earned, not those who talked and entitled to millions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> You think you can keep repeating this shit like the govt and the daft Sinkies will believe it is so?

I dun really give a flying shit what yew believe or not. I have no agenda, but I do have many opinions, which I take great selfish pleasure in sharing ;-)

>> There is no entitlement mentality in the Sinkies.

Pure bullshit. The entitlement mentality is alive and well, and getting stronger.

>> They worked for every cent they earned,

For many of the successful ones, yes most definitely. I consider my good self lucky and honored to be part of these extremely motivated Singaporeans, who live for opportunity, profit and living a great life. If it sounds to you like I'm boasting, yew are probably jealous ;-)

>> They worked for every cent they earned, not those who talked and entitled to millions.

To be fair to the govt -- they are Singaporeans just like yew. So when they get into position of power what else can yew expect but for them to grab as many goodies as possible.

Govt and people ==> sama sama lah. The Sheeple and their Dick-taters deserve each other

not those who talked and entitled to millions.

Anonymous said...

Hard to listen from some motherfucker that practiced incest to pitch all these shits

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Regarding the tags or labels. I don't think "titles" is an appropriate description. Anyway here's my 2 cents:

1. Daft -- not true. National IQ is quite high. I would say "lazy thinkers" rather than "daft".

2. Xenophobic -- True. Plenty of written and video evidence on the net to back this one up

3. Disgraceful -- neither here nor there. Too subjective to call

4. Bigots -- self explanatory. Too close and too similar to "xenophobic"

5. Embarrassment -- Singaporeans are far less embarrassing than the govt they keep voting in, election after election. The Singapore govt has a spectacular record of embarrassing the nation. From its undeviating attitude to Section 337 (the anti gay stuff), to its ban on the sale of chewing gum, to the Law minister going to the US to defend the controlled media policy, to offending Singapore's neighbours by sheer arrogance and condescension.

No lah, when it comes to embarrassing the nation, the govt is the champion.

However, one can be thankful for small mercies: The Malaysian govt now holds the World's 1st Place in being unequivocally the most, embarrassing govt in all of humanity. Take a bow, UMNO and Najib. You guys are undisputed world champions of being King of The Assholes.

Anonymous said...

In history, only kings, monarchs or dictators would feel free to call their subjects unkind names and got away with it. For kings and monarchs, they owned the country and the people and can fuck them, beat them or kill them as and when they like forever.

In the case of the dictators, they could do it as long as they remain the dictators. When they from power, the people will tear them apart.

Singapore is neither a kingdom nor a dictatorship. Can a democratically elected representative of the people called the people unpleasant names and thinks he can get away with it?

Anonymous said...

RB, I think u forgot to add pampered, mediocre, expensive and timid

Do The Right Thing! said...

@11.50am // Can a democratically elected representative of the people called the people unpleasant names and thinks he can get away with it? //

It all depends under what circumstances. Besides immediate and future security risks, there is more than an ocean gulf difference between a Thai water festival event in sinkieland/ Sinkieland Day in another place versus celebrating A country's INDEPENDENCE DAY in the land of B country, worst still right smack in the heart of the city centre.

Is it alright if a million Chinese celebrate their Liberation Day on Japanese soil in the heart of Tokyo or vice versa? Can sinkieland diplomatic corps politely ask the Abe govt or Xin Jin Ping Politburo Standing Committee whether such thing will eved be allowed?

Is it alright for a million Yankess to celebrate their Independence Day on Russian soil and vice versa? Likewise, can sinkieland diplomatic corps politely ask the Putin govt or Obama cabinet whether such thing will ever be condoned on their soil?

What does Independence Day signify as a nation, as a state? Isn't it VERY AWKWARD if Sinkieland celebrate their Independence Day in the heart or city centre of KL with 100,000 or 200,000 sinkies or more making a huge march or motorcade up north from JB up the highway to the heart of KL, lagi better at Putra Jaya?

There are countless implications and potential troubles down the road setting such precedences.

How would other nations view SINKIELAND if such event takes place eventually on sinkies soil?

Are SINKIELAND and PINOYLAND merging any time SOON?

Can sinkieland send a 200,000 contingent to celebrate National Day in another state's city centre/ capital?

For LKY to call sinkies daft perhaps emanate from his exasperated good intention to spur some sinkies but nonetheless still not very right and polite.

But to berate sinkies in public and world view for voicing disapproval of another nation potentially having tens if not hundreds of thousands gathering on SINKIELAND very soil to celebrate their Independence Day borders on mammoth incomprehensible common sense.

Can Tan Chuan Jin answer the question whether we can send a huge contingent to celebrate sinkieland's National Day in matland political capital Putrajaya?


Or for that matter in any other state's capital say Washington DC, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, London?

National Day and Singapore's Day take two different ocean gulf dimensions. To equate one to the other simply means one's mind is getting very muddled and should not hold any position of consequence because YEW can't even see such an obvious difference, how can YEW be in a position of authority? That is dangerous?

Tan Chuan Jin should apologise to Singaporeans, take the rap, step down and resign.

Damage control should be carried out and ring fence further damage. A firewall erected to protect this place.

oldhorse42 said...

Why do our leaders acted so quick to whack the people who put them into power and give them a luxurious lifestye.
Has it been confirmed that sinkie are the one that harrassed the pinoys. Has police report been filed and investigation made? If not how could the pinoys blame sinkie for an act that could be done by any of the many tribes living here.
Pinoys have successfully driven a wedge between us and our leaders. Life would be more rosy for them and worst for us.

b said...

Why the people keep voting for a leader that sided with the aliens but not the voters? Why the people keep voting for a leader that sided with the business owners but not the voters? Why the people keep voting for a leader that sided with the aggressors but not the voters? DAFT?

b said...


- why are they willing to work unsubstainable hours? Because they know they only have to do it a few years and they can retire comfortable back home for the rest of their lives unlike sinkies who have to do it throughout their entire lives. As a matter of fact, sinkies are always working overtime. Not like what you have written.

Anonymous said...

"Tan Chuan Jin should apologise to Singaporeans, take the rap, step down and resign."

- I doubt he even has the gut to apologise. Without riding on pap coattails, he is just another cowardly mouse. He should be grateful to the voters cum taxpayers who funded his celebrity lifestyle but instead, he insulted them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some politicians still think they own this country and will be the govt forever. They forgot that this is a democracy and they have to be reelected.

Not a very wise thing for politicians to deride the electorates and think they will still be elected.

Anon 3:21 said Chuan Jin must apologise to the people. If this call becomes widespread, Chuan Jin will have a problem in his hand.

patriot said...

Based on the Fact that sinkies kept voting for a regime that loves and cares more for aliens, the Evidence of Daft Sinkies is confirmed definitely.
But daft, lazy, stupid, bigot and embarrassing are not as bad as being treacherous, vile, sinful and loss of integrity. If Sin is heading for doom and collapse, IT WILL DEFINITELY BE DUE TO THE LACK OF PROPRIETY IN THE LEADERSHIP.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@patriot @redbean:

For a long long time already -- well over 20 years, I've been telling people Matilah Singapura is going to be caused by the sheeple-people, aided of course by the government they deserve, and continue to empower.

The people will fuck themselves in the ass. and then they will find some other "intentional agent" to blame.

I think it is a hilarious on-going comedy lah. Everyday I laugh until piss come out!

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura as me had commented stands for a forecast by ONE WHO KNOWS SIN THRU N THRU.
Mati lah for sure but, me feels that Rb harbours a very sincere wish that Sinkies will wake up from their stupor and avert the Eventuality which I feel is wishful.

I am of the Opinion that the Rulers care not what happen to Sinkies or Singapore for they(Rulers) will live life of plenty whatever happens to Sinkies and Singapore. Wish to be as hopeful as Rb, but..........


Anonymous said...

Our great LKY said the Singaporeans have grown lazy and need a spur on their hide to make them work harder. I totally agree with him. He MUST be right.

patriot said...

I would like to reassert a statement that me made nearly a decade ago at theonlinecitizens Blogsite.
I said then that Singaporeans will not suffer because of starvation due to poverty. SINGAPOREANS WILL HAVE BIG PROBLEM WITH GREED AND IT WILL INEVITABLY LEAD TO MUCH SUFFERINGS FOR MOST SINGAPOREANS. I AM SURE IT HAS HAPPENED AND SHALL GET WORSE. Now, the Question is what's next?


Anonymous said...

TV drama "Criminal Minds" starts it's 9th season on TV.

PAP's Poolitical drama enters its 49th year in Singapore.
Can patriotic Singaporeans bring this wayang organization to an end before its 50th anniversary?

What Say Yew? said...

@ Patriot 5.35pm //Now, the Question is what's next?//

What's next?

Anonymous said...

What's next?

Sinkies vote for PAP again lah!!
LKY was not wrong.
Sinkies are damn fuck stupid people.

Thank God we got a dumb PAP Prime Minister.
Who imported aliens who know the meaning of freedom.
To taech Sinkies how to be free.


@9.33pm // What's next?

Sinkies vote for PAP again lah!!//

Ok! 收到! Yew said one hah! Next time better dun kpkb anymore .......

Anonymous said...

Next is already well entrenched in the average Sinkies' life. And that is the return of slavery in modern form. Slaving to pay off the pigeon hole that Sinkies have no choice but to continue slaving to pay off until death do them part. Voting for them or not makes no difference. All because of the 60%!

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Let him rant and rave and berate us, call us whatever, the more the better - it will only antagoonize more of the electorate. It is their mad policies that is killing us.

Anonymous said...

The dumb fuck will face the alien freedom fighters soon.
They will screw his arse and that of his offsprings for generations.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


As a long time student of human nature, I have noticed that all human beings -- without exception -- are selfish and greedy, in both the best and utterly worst senses of those words. Both these traits are found all over the animal kingdom, and are moderated funnily enough not by "morality" -- which humans invented -- but by the social relationships formed in the species.

Sure, yew can be selfish and greedy in the worst sense -- grabbing all the goodies, keeping them for yewrself and not sharing or being charitable, kind or generous -- but yew will soon be ostracised and yewr interpersonal relationships will suffer.

So the key, IMO -- and in the opinion of many others many times smarter than a PSLE beach bum like me -- is to adopt Rational or Enlightened Self Interest/ Egoism. (Look up the pages on the internet for discussions for and against)

That is to say to moderate the human impulses of our nature through reason and logic encompassing not only yewrself but taking into account the SELF INTEREST of others who are similarly egoistical, selfish and greedy.

Being an self-centered INDIVIDUAL means that to not only survive, but prosper and "win", yew had better accept and conduct yewrself in ways which take other peoples' individuality into account.

Everyone thinks and feels they are unique and special. If yew acknowledge, affirm and augment this INNATE FEELING in others -- in as many as you can for as long as you can, yew will become incredibly successful and eventually
mind-bogglingly wealthy.

If yew want yewr selfishness and greed to propel yew to richness, first surrender to the selfishness and greed of others.

Many Singaporeans have yet to grasp this. This is why amongst the locals, SERVICE IN SINGAPORE BY SINGAPOREANS sucks balls, big time. They dun wanna help. They wanna grab money but not give in return.

So now they are being taught a fucking good lesson. :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's elevate Matilah to a deity and build him a shrine. This will make his innate feeling really good.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck off. No shrine. You build a shrine, I will destroy it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You scare people go there and pee on you ya? Don't worry lah, the most they will ask you for some oil to make the girls favour them lah : )

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Do you see how cockup yewr motherfucking mind is RB? That fictitious statue is NOT "ME". It's a motherfucking IDOL.

Dun worry, I'll be there pissing and shitting on it too!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


b said...

"all human beings -- without exception -- are selfish and greedy,"

- not all but most. unfortunately, sg population is already SO high and sg is SO small. it is not a question of self interest but rather health and safety. humans are not insects. they are mammals and thus they need space else there will be more disease and bacteria and virus. the cows, pigs, goats in a crowded farm is more prone to diseases and die from that diseases than a farm that is not crowded.