MH370 – Not a shred of evidence

More than 3 weeks have passed and a massive search exercise involving many nations is in full swing in the southern Indian Ocean. Everyone has been told that the aircraft ended or crashed there. Everyone is convinced that that is the truth. No one seems to be questioning whether this could be a disinformation or a diversion.

Where is the evidence to say that MH370 crashed there? Can anyone bring out a piece of solid evidence to say that the aircraft crashed into the southern Indian Ocean? Solid evidence is solid evidence, not guess work, not extrapolation, not theories, not beliefs. The extrapolation by Immarsat using Doppler Theory is, ahem, just extrapolation and could be furthest from the truth.

There is absolutely no evidence to prove that the aircraft ended in the Indian Ocean though a few Prime Minister are trying to tell the world they know it is there.
You tell me what is going on? Every clue and lead led to a big blank. Are the searchers working with their heads? Did they know that the Americans are taking their own sweet time as if they know that it is all a big fake show, that there is nothing there?

Not sure whether to laugh or to cry.


Anonymous said...

If don't search in southern Indian Ocean, then search where, u tell me lah?

Other places don't even have anything to extrapolate to justify a search, let alone satellite pings.

So southern Indian Ocean is the best available location to search, despite that only flotsam was found so far.

Just like PAP is the best available party to be govt, despite RB saying that talented Sinkies are being screwed by losing their jobs to foreign "talents".

If not PAP, which other party is ready to be govt, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


It's either searching in Southern Indian Ocean or don't search.

But don't search is not an option for the relatives of those perished on board.

Just like voting a party not ready to be govt is not an option for majority (aka 60%) SInkies.

Anonymous said...

What is the use of the world
boosting about high tech space
technology when they don't even have the technology to locate
MH370 on planet Earth!

Anonymous said...

Would you search the hole in between your butts if they told you to?

Got blain to think or not? Not to worry, you are not an expurt. There are many expurts out there and paid to think.

Anonymous said...

The only reason for them to mislead everyone that the MH370 is in the deepest and most remote part of the ocean is to say all the secrets, including the blackboxes will be buried there forever. Even if it is not there, no one will know the truth or can prove it.

Does this make everyone there looking very foolish?

Anonymous said...

Don't think they can say the plane was remote controlled to wherever, probably Diego Garcia.

So they're wasting time, money and energy searching some godforsaken sea, where the likelihood of locating the plane is low.

It's like not voting for a party whose last soothing election tagline, to get their foot in the door, was - Wé're not trying to be the govt.

It's like not voting for this party, simply because it Said that; and even though the people who were voted in have Proven that they are so totally Unable to govern.

And perhaps the bashful ones were right in saying they were not ready, but plse vote me in. Because others who Said they were ready and willing to govern, and yet others who are Showing they've got a Plan for governing, are simply not getting votes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, America is rather quiet this time. But still there is no reason to suspect they divert the aircraft to its airbase. Too much of a science friction stuff.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. They are probably discussing how to produce evidence to quell the unsatisfied voices that are growing louder by the day.

Expect the unexpected! The revelations may floored most people.

Anonymous said...


of course, some people might say this is russia's disinformation. but remember, they were also the one who save edward snowden. And some of the points raised are valid. Why is the US not been forthcoming with their satlites results?

Eddie Leong said...

It was impossible that Australia did not know that a plane was heading towards the southern Indian Ocean.

Australia has a top secret radar facility that can see over the horizon.

And the dozens of spy satellites catches everything that flies and commercial routes are well marked.

Someone is not telling the truth about this tragedy.

Eddie Leong said...

Last night my wife fly on EK 404 to Melbourne (Emirates).

I was able to track her flight on FlightAware, a fantastic website that give all the particulars of the plane, their altitude and even show the plane icon moving on the flight path.

MH370 and thouseands of flights are continuous monitored and when it was lost I was made know by FlightAware long before Malayaia went public.

FL said...

Mankind has done a big feast by landing men on the moon and had traveled to outer space. But it's sad that the earth peoples find difficulties locating a giant aircraft on their own planet. Are we back to the old stone age ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

Laugh. The jokes have started.


Anonymous said...

Australia has a top secret radar facility that can see over the horizon.
Eddie Leong 10:02 pm

Australia already said anything beyond 300km from shore is not covered by radar!

Believe or not, it's up to you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

According to Jane's, any military radar could see up to 400km or more. What is 300km?

Why Australia only said 300km when it is supposed to see 2 ants mating from space, according to Matilah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From the RAAF's own website: JORN radar 1000-3000km, which is probably understated, as what you'd expect from the military. Aussie Sheeple are the most gullible in the world, so they won't question their govt. Aussie sheeple rather be drinking beer, smoking dope and fucking farm animals.

However it doesn't take a genius IQ to figure out that JORN is working damn well. Australia is a popular destination for asylum seekers, and JORN detects these visitors well before they can even see the Aust coast. This gives the govt time to rally its henchmen to intercept the boats, arrest everyone, and strip them of their human and civil rights, then dump them in sub-human conditions in detention camps situated in Turd Whirled Cuntrees, where they -- including children and old people -- are kept and treated like prisoners.

Back in 2011, it was discovered that the $1.8billion JORN was fucked up and couldn't detect shit. However, since then it has been fixed. Tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean

I'm of the same opinion as you.

In the early days of the incident, well before anybody has the time to put any spin on the story, Vietnamese army deputy chief of staff Lt Gen Vo Van Tuan revealed that Vietnamese military radar "lost all contact and radar signal one minute before it (i.e. MH370) entered Vietnam's air traffic control". What does that mean? Read that ten times until it sinks in.

It means that when Vietnamese civilian air traffic did not receive the transponder signal from MH370, their military counterpart looked at the more powerful military radar and found the track of MH370 heading in but disappeared one minute before reaching their official air traffic control. The Vietnamese radar did not show MH370 making a Left turn. That is why Vietnam immediately launched rescue planes and ships to that area.

The other radar showing a plane heading Left must have seen another unknown plane, not MH370. This is an unknown plane that is capable of suddenly appearing on radar screen, make a few professional turns along regular flight path according to several way points, and then just as suddenly disappear from radar in the northern Indian Ocean between the way points Gival and Igrex.

I'll suggest you look up the Vietnamese statement reported on 8 Mar 2014 before it gets obliterated.


Anonymous said...

Which begs the question of who had the expertise to pull this one off? Certainly not just the pilots, if they are in it, but a whole lot of others involved. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Anything is possible if one can even believe in bomohs.