PME taxi drivers

Our highly qualified PME taxi drivers are going to be touted as another great career choice in this most expensive city in the world.  And it could be real if the taxi fares are raised to the levels of western developed countries. Then being a taxi driving ‘boss of your own’ would make some sense, when taxi drivers could be among the high income earners.

In reality our unemployed or underemployed PMEs are exactly like the so called foreign talents here. These FTs are the unemployed and underemployed PMEs of their home countries. There were not enough good jobs for them and there are so lucky to have this global city to offer them employment and paying them so well relative to their top earners at home. Many of the junior or middle executives working here could be earning more than their ministers or top civil servants. No need to imagine those that are in senior management, all thanks to the high exchange rates and the high salaries being offered here.

There is a glimmer of hope that our PMEs could discard their taxi driving and becoming FTs in the neighbouring countries when the Asean Economic Community Agreement is signed. Then our PMEs can flood the streets of KL, Jakarta and Manila for FT jobs in these cities. Be nice to the Pinoys if you want them to be nice to you when you seek jobs in Manila ok.

Actually our PMEs could do the same in the big cities of India with the CECA in place. We have heard that our professionals are in high demands overseas and being rejected or not in demand in this global city would not be a problem as there are plenty of good opportunities elsewhere. With the AEC, they could be earning big money in these foreign cities. Just don’t convert the currencies to Sing dollar and everything will be fine. They could be earning millions and millions in rupiahs, rupees and pesos. If they are not happy with these currencies, there are the dongs, the kyats, the ringgits or Thai bahts that may give better value.

There is hope for all the unemployed and underemployed PMEs in all the Asean countries to play the game of musical chairs. Only fear is that when the music stops, all the Sinkie PMEs will be standing.


Anonymous said...

If a taxi driving career is the best we can hope for our children;
Then it's time to change government in GE 2016.

2014 RICKSHAW PULLER said...

They maintained a strong Singapore dollar to make it attractive for foreign trash to descent onto the island to "contribute" cheap labour to prop up the economy to window dress the GDP.

Only problem is, they forgot that many natives would be displaced and ferreted out of their cushy jobs and end up as free lance insurance and property agents and taxi drivers.

Typical short sighted thoughtless forward planning that we have come to expect.

Our taxi drivers have the dubious distinction of being the most highly qualified motorized rickshaw pullers in the world.

Welcome to Sinkapore.

Anonymous said...

Poolitical Jokes

Q:What do you call 170 dead pigs in China's Huangshui river?
A: A mystery.

Q:What do you call 170 dead pigs in Singapore's Kallang River?
A: A very good start.

Anonymous said...

Seriously rasing the fares to western standards does not mean they will be high earners, the rentals will be raise also......remember we're in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie PMEs who lost their jobs to FTs and become insurance or property agents or as taxi drivers are a minority lah.

Definitely not more than 40% of all Sinkie PMEs.

So it's hard for PAP to be voted out, even if these PMEs don't vote PAP.

In fact some are smart and did very well by making lots of money as insurance or property agents, much more than they would if they had remained as PMEs.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not more than 40% of all Sinkie PMEs.
Anon 12:12 pm

So be smart and don't be such PMEs lah.

Unless u are very confident u can make much more money as insurance or property agents, which is possible, unlike as taxi drivers.

As taxi drivers, there is no way to make lots of money, even if you are superman and can drive 20 hours a day, tio bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The fact is, having a job is better than having no job.

At least when you have a job -- even one not regarded as "cool" -- means you can at least live, reevaluate your situation and plan to reorganise your life so you can be "happy" again.

Who knows? One day you are a driver -- starting from the bottom. After some time you become so good, and hone your PME and "soft" skills, and then you are GM, CEO or Owner of a prospering transport and logistics company.

Life's setbacks are a test of character. Those who get off their "entitlement" arses are people of FAR SUPERIOR CHARACTER than the losers who just whine, complain and play the "world-owes-me-a-living" victim who conveniently blame the govt so that they don't have to take responsibility for their useless, unproductive lives.

Losers are a WASTE of oxygen

Anonymous said...

By them they will upgrade the designation of 'taxi drivers' lah! Like bus drivers, that automatically became 'bus captains, gardeners that became landscape technicians, toilet cleaners that became healthcare specialist.

Hahahaha. Only in red dot!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Need a fancy-sounding job title?

Ask, and the internet shall provide ;-)

Bullshit Job Title Generator

Anonymous said...

What can be more fanciful sounding than 'Minister Mentor' or 'Emeritus Minister'?

No where in the world can we find them in Government. Only in red dot!

Anonymous said...

How about;
Minister without Portfolio
Minister in the Prime Minister's Office

Anonymous said...

3.59 that one to create positions for reward lar like in malaysia. Cause not enough ministry to go around and the cabinet is too large

Anonymous said...

Matilar is sober today. Probably found his two tiny marble so he is balanced mentally!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> They could be earning millions and millions in rupiahs, rupees and pesos.

Good luck on that. There's a capital flight from emerging markets. As the Yellen Fed "tapers", there is not so much money printing going on now to sustain paying back debt with inflated dollars, or keeping interest rates so low that people who save money are saving themselves BROKE.

So motherfuckers are puling out their "foreign investments" from emerging markets (like Asia) and paying down debt before interest rates rise to intolerable levels.

You'll find that labour markets in Asia will probably soften as a result -- less jobs, and less money for those jobs.

Anyway, we all have to do whatever it is to EARN A LIVING. No money, no talk, you die, your pasal.

You never have to be ashamed of your job, as long as it is legal work. You don't owe anyone an explanation on what it is you need to do to live....and I'm talking about "living", not mere marginal survival.

There are mean people will tear you down and destroy their dreams, and cannot wait to kick you when you are down and genuinely trying to pull yourself up. These toxic cunts want you to accompany them on their journey into misery, depression, victimhood and eventually self-destruction, because if you are getting on with your improving life, you're -- in the process -- proving them WRONG and invalidating their rejection of personal responsibility, entitlement mentality, blaming the government, blaming the competition they lost to (aka "foreign talent"), and sorry-assed LOSER attitude.

So to those who are trying, chin up, all the best to you.

To the losers, keep on doing what you are doing..increase the levels of toxicity in your beliefs and action. Eventually you will wipe yourselves out, and I for one will be fucking cheering :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To those beaten, but now on the come-back trail, good on you!

Please remember:

"Living well is the BEST revenge"

Every fucking waste-of-oxygen LOSER needs to have vengeance leveled upon them for being such toxic cunts, intent on infecting people -- who have had some "bad luck" but are trying to do better -- with their deadly negative attitude.

Anonymous said...

What does the Minister without Portfolio do anyway?

Since they are based in the PM's office, I suppose they are the equivalent of the ancient Chinese eunuchs, whose job is unzipping the emperor's or crown prince's trousers when they want to pee.

You see, the crown prince is so busy nowadays coping with so many opposition MPs, he has little time even to unzip his pants to ease himself.

That indication of how busy he will be if more opposition MPs gets into Parliament was what I heard at a rally in town some years ago.

With the loss of Aljunied GRC and Punggol East, that prophecy has come true and more Ministers without Portfolio must be appointed to lend him a hand.

Anonymous said...

Nmatilar, I am impressed

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans cannot compete with the FTs in the job market, then they deserve to drive taxis and other low job. Well least the FTs will have the Singaporeans to drive them around.

"亡国奴"日子不远LO! CHAK BA TAN SI! said...

Frankly, there is some significant empirical truths in this.

From observations since about 10 years ago, many middle-age PMEs somehow "lost" their rice bowls suddenly and mostly all, if not all, NEVER manage to get "proper" jobs after that.

Many can be seen in many heartland neighbourhoods waiting at void deck every late afternoon for their morning shift taxi partners to hand over the cabs to them for the graveyard shift.

It is a hard life. Compared to 10 years ago, many are not only much older. They looked "downtrodden" and "resigned" to the fate of staying at the rock bottom of society till their last breath. Many are seen walking with "slow motion pace". Obviously their health and QI "suck" from the countless hours of sitting in a very small confined space. The increasingly "difficult and hazardous" road conditons, frequent nasty foreign passengers and what have yew ....... life "sucks" BIG TIME for many of them.


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"YEW 知道什么在等YEW吗?"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@756 & 832:

Need to correct yew on this:

No, the PAP, specifically Lee Kuan Yew did not lie. He specifically said that Singaporeans need a spur from competition because they were not hard drivin' and strivin'.

Also they knew EXACTLY what was going to happen:

1. People will not be happy about massive immigration
2. Increased competition will mean some people will lose their jobs
3. There'll be increased upward price pressure on "scarce goods" like real estate.