Wildlife will attack when hungry


Pic from Yahoo News showing a hornbill eating a pet song bird from a cage. The owner, typical unthinking Singaporeans, think everything is safe in Singapore. Wildlife also very safe, very nice.

'Others were more sympathetic, asking the public not to blame the hornbill as it was just looking for food to survive. (Wait till the wildlife break into your homes and look for food when they are hungry)

One Facebook user urged Singaporeans to stop criticising the videographer, saying it was the bird owner’s responsibility to keep their pets safe.

“It is important that people understand hornbills can do this,” wrote the user.

“That’s the law of nature, in the estate I lived in, hornbills typically pick young chicks off their nest, if one were to intervene, the hornbill may go hungry and die of starvation,” a second comment read.

“We basically destroyed their house the place where they can find food. Now they seem to be desperate. Still say they have plenty of food? Think again,” another said.

In densely populated Singapore, hornbills live wild and free and have made headlines in recent years, according to the National Parks Board.'


The above is quoted from an article in Yahoo News. Wildlife were welcome into this dense little habitat called home by many Singaporeans. They fed them, love them, talked affectionately about them, want to hug them, want to bring them home. Even cut down trees to build more homes for them.  But they never thought about the consequences when there are too many of them and when they are hungry. People living near wildlife please don't take your safety for granted, your possession would be taken from you by the wildlife when they are hungry.

The imbeciles still want to bring in more wildlife, unlimited wildlife to be neighbours of little caged birds that are used to the safety of four walls. They think the walls are strong and wildlife are unable to break in. When they are not around, especially away working, their homes and possessions are at the mercy of wildlife that are lurking around the corners or living next door.

Stupidity has no cure and will never be cured. You die your business.


Resident Veron Tan told CNA she saw the otters at about 4pm, adding that they ate about "80 to 90 per cent" of the fish living in a pond. They also swam in the condominium's pool, she said.

"Twelve otters terrorised my condo today. They ate up pretty much most of the fish we had. Depressing. We feed the fish every weekend," said Ms Tan. CNA


Anonymous said...

Woah, be very scared and afraid what an animal wildlife can do to it's own kind, can't imagine what a human wildlife will do to its own species when their livelihoods r threatened...most probably rob, steal, kill, rape, cheat, lie, scam, or even pretend pretend to be nice then slaughter u bit by bit or...dunno wat will do ...

Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB.

The name Singaporeans are called when they obtained the first independent and are Smart, Rugged and Resilience.

Now we are been called as Sinkies. For being Foolish, Soft and Pampered.

They had very soft spots for the beans of other countries which they think are not so fortunate as us.

Thinking that they deserved our upmost help in what ever we could.

But for our very own. You die your business as you are deemed to be useless in not been as capable as me.

But actually, most Sinkies are just half tank full of shits.

This is been ingrained in us since independence by our Great Ah Kong that you must be able to stand on your own or you are uselsess and be eaten up by others.

Not everyone has the same capabilities as those elites who had a leg up in their connections.

Thus, this cruel mantra permerated up to even today.

When you are down as Sinkies, then you are just useless.

That's why Sinkies will go all out to help others except their own.

Only those old Pioneers like TCB and the few had still some hearts for their own fellow citizens.

Sinkies will for names sakes and prestige prograted that we must welcome the Wildlifes in our midst and must be open minded.

They could as most as already entrenched in their secure good lives and also their connections.

They never leave a thought of their poorer and less capable fellow citizens who might find that it would be burden battles to survive in these competitive environment

Even our MOM kept cajoling you must change and uograde or else we also cannot do much.

Do they think that everyone can just simply upgrade and change a long time held occupation like changing a condom?

These are the cruel harsh realities of living in Sinkiekand and have an results oriented and materialistic Garmen.

Anonymous said...

Obviously those that support the action of the predator are fake animal lovers. Are the prey not animals too? The song bird and the fishes are not animals?

KT2 said...

I think a prime minister of a country should be on a two-term basis with 4 years each. He can leave office after end of 1st term depending on his performance. And the people should have their say on whether he should continue another term or be removed. Voting or referendum by the peoples, be held to select a pm.

Anonymous said...

Heng quit. Putu excited?

Virgo49 said...

Mr KT2

Wah, your forecast even more accurate.

Gold fish Eye Heng dont even last half a term.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Goldfish eaten by wildlife too?

Anonymous said...

No lah, he still alive mah only step aside (aka resign from Dui Pui Am ~ a puppet role), he made a narrow escape from the Hornbill but will meet again in the next erection before he show hand like Georgie, he might be hubris by then.

Anonymous said...

India is watching . .

Virgo49 said...

Had a feeling that something is going on not right.

India might be getting impatient to have her people on TOP.


Virgo49 said...

Like Anwar pressuring Mad Hater.

Better conduct Mata Hari and have sodomy plans line up?

Sodomy or soto mee in Sinkiekand?

Should be putu or kutu mayam.

More apt.


Anonymous said...

Last 3 PMs are all tall guys - LKY, GCT, Loong. So the next PM should be a tall guy. This rules out the short ones like Chan, Desmond, Lawrence, etc !

Anonymous said...

Cotton Chan for PM????? God help us !!!! He is like a school boy still in short pants. How can he stand alongside the true leaders of Foreign countries? Beside the leaders of other countries Chan will be mistaken for the teaboy.

Virgo49 said...

Tall guy Putu Mayam Cherry lah.

Have to cut short to please the ahem ahem or else, hammer you then you know.

SSO said...

With Heng Swee Kiat stepping aside to nurture his own wounds, in the interests of Singapore, who will be selected to nurture Singapore in the interests of himself or herself?

Virgo49 said...

Just saw CNN another shooting in the works?

Congrats UAssA.

Kill your own more.

What's a beautiful Sight!


Virgo49 said...


One dead five wounded.

Too small figures. Pls make them 100 times the figure.

Biden eyes shots no stamina to speak

Karma works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

Goldfish read about the 80 to 90% of fishes in a pond eaten by otters and is afraid.

Jokes aside, I think it has more to do with his falling grades. As the aspiring seat warmer, he should be standing in the next election, but if he cannot guarantee a good result or even a win, that is going to be the mother of all shocks. That is a risk he cannot take with his heart not in top shape.

Further, was he under pressure for the above reasons to exit gracefully, as they call it, so that they can take it from there, rather than wait until after the next GE when he is voted out?

Anonymous said...

If Putu Mayam becomes seat warner, better take out most of your money from DBS and POSB, otherwise you may never know when it will move to India to help prop up their failing banks.

Now, the world's biggest Indian vaccine manufacturer is also in dire financial straits and asking the Indian Government for aid, to the tune of about US$400 million, (if I remember correctly). With exports curbed, they are financially squeezed by the Modi Government and need bailing out as well.

Will it work and does the Modi Government have that kind of money to spare?

Virgo49 said...

Another simple Screw Up of 370M channelled wrongly to JSS payouts

Don't resign also cannot

Better before too much stress that can immobilise him.