Medisave wiped out in 3 months

17 year old Siti Aishah suffered from ovarian cancer. It took 3 months of treatment to wipe out the $30k which her father, driver Mohammad Abdullah, took to save in 40 years. Her total hospital bill, despite govt subsidies, came to $41k in just one month. And her ordeal is just beginning. She will need medical care, medicine, treatment and hospitalisation probably for her whole life. Another half a million or more! According to KKH's chief medical social worker Sylvia Mun, only 'a 3 day ward stay for something as minor as asthma can be a financial disaster' to low income families. Middle income families are not spared either. Serious or chronic illnesses would wipe them out as well. At the rate we are going, Singaporeans will be in deep financial debt because of hospitalisation. What is a little $30k in the Medisave going to do when one is settled with hefty hospital bills? And with mean testing, only the truly down and out will qualify for govt subsidies while the so called more able, probably anyone earning $2k pm and above will have to pay a big chunk of their hospital bills. There is no escape. As long as hospital and medical cost are running away, the fate of Singaporeans are sealed. The Health Minister has been working and working hard. What is the result? What we really need is a philantrophic organisation and a few selfless people in the medical profession to start an alternative hospital to serve the people at the lowest cost possible. Something like Sheng Siong versus NTUC Fairprice. Prove to the the govt that cost can be brought down and there are people who will not be crazy about making millions and millions at the expense of the people and the sick.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should start an organisation like the old NKF and get another Durai to run it. For so many years that organisation was prised as the way to run a charity. Why not do the same??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Don't be such a fucking cry-baby lah redbean.

It is FORTUNATE she had the money there to SAVE HER LIFE.

If S'pore moves to "Universal Healthcare" taxes will jump to ridiculous levels.

You want to live? The you have to be productive or be supported VOLUNTARILY by someone who is productive.

The only alternative is to live off the backs of others, using the state to CONFISCATE from the productive people to fund the LAZY MOTHERFUCKERS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the daddy got some money, saved over 40 years. now no money. the $30k did save her life for a while. but it is not over. she will still have to carry on with her treatment, not sure for how long.

who is going to save her life now?

are you saying, tough luck?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Not at all. It is the stuff people make in their mind which is "good" or "bad".

But as far as you are concerned, it is always doom and gloom.

There is always HOPE. And even if one maybe beaten by the odds, one still can be thankful for a good life itself.

It is obvious her dad loves her enough to save that money, diligently over a long time. And on a driver's pay, that's a very difficult path. A person who is loved that way is indeed fortunate, and blessed. A person wo gives out that kind of love is truly fortunate too.

This dad is willing to look after his daughter, no matter what, and one might conclude that here is a man; a REAL man; of faith and of hope, and a huge heart for his kid.

Since I'm a judgemental bastard—compare a guy like Abdullah to your average Singaporean "welfare junkie" who expects the govt to do everything—look after their kids, provide free everything from cradle to grave— short of wiping their welfare-junkie arses.

And as to you, you are too blind to see such things redbean. All you do is moan and groan about "how bad things are", and how "hopeless" it is for someone who has run out of dough. But you've missed the father's love COMPLETELY. And that speaks VOLUMES on how you view the world, the pre-suppositions you have in your mind, etc.; and the fact that you asked "are you saying tough luck?" provides an insight into your obvious lack of faith, and contempt for the human race.

Well, what can I say? It's your brain. You choose whatever things to think about, and how you are to judge them!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you got it all wrong matilah.

many singaporeans do not want a meddling motherfucker govt to tell them what to do. return the money to the people and let them manage themselves and their own lives the way they want it.

who is asking for charity on an individual basis? the charity is for the down trodden and from the public coffers that have been hoarded for a tomorrow that never comes while the people are suffering today.

that is real shitty.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> many singaporeans do not want a meddling motherfucker govt to tell them what to do. <

Many? Perhaps. However the evidence suggests otherwise.

MOST S'poreans want their govt because 80% of the citizens live in PUBLIC housing, controlled by govt, and tied to The Ballot.

So, whether or not you think I am wrong, or right... it doesn't matter. The people get the govt they deserve! And if you walk around, you will be thankful that many of these LOSERS aren't voting.

Although I dislike the PAP, the alternative is a bunch of morons.. who will be stealing from the productive, that is for sure!

> the charity is for the down trodden and from the public coffers that have been hoarded for a tomorrow that never comes while the people are suffering today. <

Exactly. That is why CHARITY must ALWAYS remain in PRIVATE HANDS, entirely by voluntary cooperation. But... it seems no one trust the private sector, and prefers to trust the govt. In the end, who turns out to be the "con man"?

Dumb, fucking sheeple!

Once you handover money to the govt, it is GONE (including your CPF)—aka "sunk" cost.