The danger of racial strife

The riotings in France and in Malaysia can happen here anytime. What happened in Malaysia was beyond the control of the early leaders of the Malay Peninsula. What happened in France and Britain, were from policies arising from a guilt mindset. After ravishing the wealth of the colonised people, the Brits and French felt guilty and needed to redeem themselves by importing immigrants from their ex colonies. Do we have to voluntarily create more problems for the future? The problems that we are creating will be enormous as our locals could become a minority. In big countries, the immigrants will take a long time to grow to a significant number. Our small population makes us very vulnerable. Why are we asking for it?


Anonymous said...

it all boils down to maintenance(high). the economic equation and the continuation of powers dictate expansion. otherwise, THEY will be in trouble and they will ensure YOU too be in trouble if you don't comply.

Anonymous said...

street revoke or resolution through civility, both have one thing in common and that is - a discontented people. but the chances of a real change often comes from an honest and rightful expression. if that's denied, people will be forced to resolve their problems in a worse kind of violence - suicide under modern transportation etc.

the quiet killings of the latter the average persons can never fully account for is no less violent. and no one can really access the severity of social discontent unless we come out to show ourselves.

sometimes, it is better to see 'violence' than to hide VIOLENCE!