Battle for the right to live here

The battle to live in this little paradise has started. At the higher end, the talented level, Singaporeans will have to compete with foreign talents for every inch of turf they want to step on. And they are going to lose. For the foreign talents are going to beat our local talents till their nose bleed. So the only alternative is to look for a jobs overseas, pack up the family and go. At the lower end, the softie Singaporeans are going to compete with the hungry and toughter foreign workers. And they will be bashed against the wall. No fight. The hawkers in food courts are being replaced gradually. The mei meis in spas, health centres and Geylang are also being evicted by more willing and aggressive foreigners. Soon, very soon, the new owners of Singapore will be all new citizens, not born locally. We cannnot compete. And sadly, that is a fact. The good news is that Singapore will prosper to greater height by the foreign talents, the new Singaporeans. And we may see Singaporean maids and workers overseas. Possible?


Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon...stop the histrionics! The economic pie is big enough for everyone.

Show proof that MAJORITY of S'poreans are NOT thriving now...! We are just greedy and kiasu. By nature, we are 'complain king', 'kao pei kao bu' about everything. In reality, life's actually pretty good...admit it!

Blogter said...


Red Bean may have a point that the future might get tougher for Singaporeans if they're having to compete with billions and billions of people from China and India. Wouldn't you say?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi blogter, welcome to the blog.

it is not the economic pie that i am concern about. we must not forget that we are owners of this island. it is our home. we shall only share it with others without compromising on our own interests. we do not want to become a minority in our own home and one day be driven out of it as well.

even today, the newcomers and some shortsighted locals are already saying that if singaporeans don't like it here, get lost. now they are saying it. tomorrow they will throw you out.

no sensible person would want to create a situation when he can be thrown out of his own home. but singaporeans, being silly in nature, will.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners have always lived amongst our midst...and assimilated. Likewise, we also adapt to them. It's mutual. And so are the benefits.

Like I say, the possibility that S'poreans become the Minority in future are, unfortunately too far-fetched for me...right now. Can't see too far into a future that could be irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Well if you think you cannot compete with the hungry China Chinese and Indians then give up your space and let them take over. Soon there will not be any blue blood Singaporeans left, they will all be either dead or kicked out of the island. If you cannot contribute you are a waste of space and better quit and make room for those who can contribute to the success of our little red dot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

govt for what and for who?

if singaporeans cannot feel they are now a minority, take a ride on the mrt, visit lucky plaza, golden mile or little india on weekend. it is a shocking experience, i assure you.

you are not going to see the true statistics. we are already a minority. and at the rate we are going, it is going to be worst.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> We cannnot compete. And sadly, that is a fact. <

When redbean claims something is a "fact" it usually isn't.

"We" might not be able to compete, the the individual "I" most certainly can.

And who says the only way to "winnning" is by competition? This "fight until one winner emerges" is another silly idea which is widespread, and sadly perpetuated by journalists like redbean.

The more productive people there are in the society, the more everyone benefits, and the main beneficiaries are the one's at the bottom.