Sexy talks on radio

The msm reported that Mediacorp Radio has been fined $5000 when DJs Glenn Ong and Mark van Cuylenburg talked about sex in the morning. To be precise, it was done between 7am and 8am. What they discussed was whether men and women should make noise during sex and whether noisy men turned women off. A few hours just after bed, they may be reliving their encounters and needing some affirmation that they are doing the right things. And it is good sex education for school children on their way to schools. They will have heightened awareness of what sex is all about and would have a lot of questions to ask their sex education teachers. Mediacorp should take the opportunity to have a radio channel devoted to sexy talks since it is so popular and they have enthusiatic DJs to anchor the programme. It will be a really hot and steamy channel. And more money will roll in from the advertisers. From the hotels in Geylang as well.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hard Facts of Reality

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The S'pore Authorities, who have to take action for the most inane complaints from many hung-up sexual neurotics in the community, have no choice but to ACT on those complaints.

These are the same people who support the anti-gay laws in S'pore, for they believe it sets a "bad lifestyle example" to their kids, or worse still that "homosexuality is CONTAGIOUS".

I accept the fact that people are free to hold whatever ridiculous, outrageous and BULLSHIT ideas they choose. However, when they go to the govt and complain, and then DEMAND action, that is another issue all together.

Those morning radio assholes (I think they are fucking assholes) may not be my cup of tea, but they are simply having fun (as dumb as it would be) and they are HARM-LESS. No one will get "corrupted", and only the most uptight people would find such silly banter as "offensive", simply because it may have slipped their TINY MINDS that their MOTHERFUCKING FATHERS and their CUM CATCHING MOTHERS could have grunted and groaned, and made all sorts of guttural noises, with some gutter language because they were so emotionally moved by the spirit of the moment. For e.g. "Oh fuck my wet cunt hard, fuck me fuck me, bite my tits, slap my arse! Oh Oh Oh OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh!"

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Here's more bullshit, and an embarrassment to the sexually-fun people of this confused nation:
No Sex Please on A380

A great way to fly? Without fucking? Pay all that money for a first class fare, get boozed up, and probably horny...

Alamak lah! Uniquely Singapore lah!!