Ridiculous kampong mentality

One of the key reasons why Malaysia took Singapore to court over the Pedra Branca claim is that Singapore is trying to change the status quo by reclaiming more land around it. So, this is a justified reason, like the same reason they objected when Singapore reclaimed land in Tuas and the northeastern islands? These are our domestic matters. We do what we like within our own national territories. This is interference in our domestic affairs. Why can't we claim land within our national borders? Kampong headmen going gila!

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The Oriental Express said...

Malaysia is more obsessed with being kiasu. She has so much land which needs development, but yet she is worried her neighbour will acquire more lands!

With this kampong mentality, the leaders will always remain headmen at heart. How to progress?

Ironically, in life, the more kiasu we are, we will definitely "su" in the end.